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Why Do Your Knuckles Crack and Other Mysteries of the Body

MIKE FALZONE: Hey, what’s up? I’m Mike. OSCAR NUNEZ: And I’m Oscar. MIKE FALZONE: Who
you may recognize from a little show
called “The Office.” But he has a brand new
show called “Benched.” It premiered last week on USA. Do you want to tell us
about your character? OSCAR NUNEZ: What if I was
this serious the whole time? You would have to call me “sir.” MIKE FALZONE: OK. OSCAR NUNEZ: Ask me again how– MIKE FALZONE: Who’s your
character on the show, sir? OSCAR NUNEZ: Sir. MIKE FALZONE: Sir. OSCAR NUNEZ: I play a lawyer. It’s a comedy. Eliza Coupe is a
high-powered lawyer, and she has a fall from grace. It airs on Tuesdays on USA
Network at 10:30 at night. And we’re going
to be taking turns watching videos
about the human body. MIKE FALZONE: And we only
have 15 seconds to prove how much of that information
that we actually retained. You ready for this? OSCAR NUNEZ: No. MIKE FALZONE: Well
then, let’s do it. [THEME MUSIC] First up, we’re
going to find out what’s really going
on when this happens. [CRACKS KNUCKLES] Oh, yeah. OSCAR NUNEZ: Pretty disgusting. That’s good. MIKE FALZONE: Last
one hurt a lot. OSCAR NUNEZ: Behold,
everything you’ve ever wanted to know about
the fluid dynamics behind popping your joints. This comes to us from SciShow. -When you stretch
or bend a joint, those bones pull
away from each other. And that causes the
synovial membrane to stretch, which increases
the amount of space inside it, in turn,
lowering the pressure. And when the pressure
of a fluid drops, any gases trapped within
it become less soluble. And this means
they form bubbles. So that pop you hear is actually
the sound of a bubble forming. OSCAR NUNEZ: We’ve got about
15 seconds on the clock. Can you tell me
everything you remember from that video in three,
two, A, B, C, D, and go! [TIMER TICKS] MIKE FALZONE: You said three? OK. Here’s what happens. First of all, none of our joints
are held together by anything, you would think. It’s all magic and liquid. OSCAR NUNEZ: OK. I think you’re right. MIKE FALZONE: And
also, Chernobyl fluid is in the middle of them,
and that’s everything I got. OSCAR NUNEZ: Wow. That’s nothing. [BUZZER] OSCAR NUNEZ: You’re actually
giving dangerous information to the kids. MIKE FALZONE: All right, Mr.
High and Mighty Lawyer Man, are you hungry? OSCAR NUNEZ: Very much so. MIKE FALZONE: All right. But do you know why? OSCAR NUNEZ: Because
you guys said I couldn’t eat anything
until I did this perfectly. MIKE FALZONE: This
was posted back in May by BrainCraft, a PBS
Digital Studios channel, written and hosted
by Vanessa Hill. -When your body has a low
battery and needs more energy, hormones come from
your fat cells set in organs in the
gastrointestinal tract to tell your brain
it’s time for a snack. And the hypothalamus picks up
on these peripheral signals, and a bunch of
appetite-stimulating neurons travel out to tell other
areas of your brain that you’re really hungry. MIKE FALZONE: You
have 15 seconds to tell me everything you
just learned from that video. OSCAR NUNEZ: I
reject the premise, because this video was
about food amnesia. That’s how it started. And right there, it’s off topic. It was just supposed to be
about why I feel hungry. MIKE FALZONE: Yeah. OSCAR NUNEZ: Now, from
what I gathered, you– MIKE FALZONE: How
much time do we have? [BUZZER] MIKE FALZONE: And there it goes. OSCAR NUNEZ: Already? 15 seconds? That was 15 seconds? MIKE FALZONE: 15 seconds
is just 15 seconds. OSCAR NUNEZ: I’m
just ramping up! MIKE FALZONE: [LAUGHS] ALEX: Now, you know when
you’re in an elevator with a lot of people, and
then you’ve got to fart, and then it’s a lot louder than
you think it’s going to be? ALI: No. ALEX: Yeah, me neither. Everybody dreads the
silent but deadly fart. And it turns out
there’s actually a scientific reason why the
quiet ones are stinkier. -This gas is made of
mostly nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide– all
of which are odorless. The smelly portion accounts for
around only 1% of most farts. In the absence of the
other odorless gases, however, these farts are
concentrated with smell and generally quiet,
because there’s less volume. ALEX: Why do my silent
farts smell worse than my loud, biggie farts? ALI: The loud, biggie
farts are sometimes just from swallowed air, like when
you’re chewing gum, or eating, or whatever. Silent but deadly
farts come from, like, this little, like,
poop man who goes through your big intestine. And all the bacteria eats it
and releases this, like, sulfur. And the sulfur smell
is what comes out. [BUZZER] ALEX: Oh, time’s up! Oh, time’s up! No, no. No! Mm, mm. ALI: It’s on. I got it! Now it’s your turn. Everybody knows that coffee
makes you more alert, happier, better at life. But why? -Caffeine works by blocking
another chemical in your brain, called adenosine, from bonding
to receptors on your neurons. Adenosine keeps many
brain regions in check, including one called
the reticular activating system, which basically
amplifies brain activity. When adenosine is
blocked, this region goes into overdrive,
sending a wake-up call to the rest of your brain. ALI: Why is coffee so awesome? ALEX: Oh, easy. It blocks the
adenosine, and that’s the thing that makes
us tired and sleepy. And it says, you’re
not tired and sleepy. Bam, done. That’s it. Got it. ALI: All right. ALEX: What is that? We’ve got eight seconds? You want me to keep going? No, I don’t need to. ANNOUNCER: Stump Earnest. MIKE FALZONE: All
right, Ernesto. Today’s challenge comes
to us from James Gibson. Can you find a video of somebody
playing piano whilst juggling? EARNEST: Whilst I appreciate
your use of the Queen’s English, prepare
thyself for burnage. Dan Menendez is known as the
world’s fastest piano juggler. And he uploaded this performance
of Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody” back in 2011. [MUSIC FRANZ LISZT “HUNGARIAN
RHAPSODY”] EARNEST: James, my boy, to you
I say, away, you moldy rogue, away. Boom. MIKE FALZONE: Whoa. If you think that you
could bring down the king, go ahead and drop your
challenge in the comments with the hashtag #stumpearnest. You know, I’m really glad
that we watched those videos. I feel a lot smarter now. It’s like the knowledge
is burning and churning inside of my brain. OSCAR NUNEZ: You didn’t retain
anything at all, did you? MIKE FALZONE: Na– um, not
even a little bit of it. Now, play us out– MIKE AND OSCAR: Kid Ink. [MUSIC KID INK, “BODY LANGUAGE”] ALI: Oh, what? MIKE FALZONE: Ah. OSCAR NUNEZ: Whoa. ALI: Come on.

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