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Why Does My Hip Snap, Crack, or Pop? What to Do About it. Harmful?

all right ready hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist Brad hanok physical therapy together beyond the most famous physical therapist on the internet and we're joined today again Brad oh you forgot your last slide well in our opinion of course yeah today we're joined by Bonaparte or bonehead as Brad calls them though and we're going to talk about why does your hip pop snap crack make those noises right snap crackle pop just like this cereal right sure so there's we're going to start off with you know why it does that and they're going to show you with some ways to stop it especially the most common thing that it normally is sure and that we're going to talk about what is least likely causing it and the first one is what we call we'll go from least likely the most likely sure the least likely is called femoral impingement femoral acetabular impingement sure I come out full ba mouthful so let's look at this here we got the full hip and we just took off the femur in the ball and now we're going to look at the socket yeah basically you have a ball in a socket here you have the hip with the ball and here you have the socket on the pelvis with fimiliar femoral femoral acetabular syndrome I'm right or impingement yeah I really have my mouthful we don't speech therapist yeah with that generally what's happening is one of these bones is misshapen either the socket is misshapen a little bit or the balls misshapen so it doesn't it doesn't fit real smooth and doesn't run real smooth and because of that eventually if you're especially you're an athlete it starts to give you troubles it starts to pinch on the labrum or it starts to just starts to get inflamed so there's not much you can do about it and in your hip you don't have a SKU sticking out like that that's a good point Brad so what was that noise oh we're okay alright so that one's least likely if you do have it surgery's about the only thing that's going to take care of it the second thing that is probably most likely is if you're old is if you have arthritis in their brain likely over 60 right and there's a little covering on this bone here that hyaline cartilage that can start to wear down and things just aren't as smooth as they are so it's making that rice krispy crackle crackle another less likely thing is that there's a little ring ring of too shuh here called the labrum that helps hold the ball in and sometimes that gets torn and you would it would probably be the resultant of an injury or some type of a trauma trauma yeah so the most likely thing that you're having is what we call a snapping syndrome or dancers hip and in that case Brad you have the ligament by the way yes I do oh good I didn't see it on yourself in that case one of the ligaments and you know muscles become narrow up and they become ligaments and then they attach to bone one of the ligaments tendons Bob ligament muscles become tendons oh oh you're right muscles weaken tendons I'm having a great day here today the tendon starts to snap over the bone so that's what one part of the bone let's look at that here's just a model all this the greater trochanter this is part of the hip this big bony partner is knob and there's a lot of like tendons connected to there and this is just an example so if move the hip back and pop so when it goes back again it may just snap over the top over the credit okay yeah and it's just a model it's not exactly what's going on in there generally what happens Brad as you start it when you start in the hip in the bent position and bring it down that's when it snaps so if your hip is up and then you straighten it and snaps and it just it's irritating it can be even some pain with it sure so what we're going to do is we're going to cut away and we're going to show you the three stretches you can do and also what you can do is as far as foam rolling for that foam rolling ya know quickly before we do that though Brad one thing that quite often is found is that if a person has one leg longer than the other that that side they often have this snapping hip syndrome on there so you actually may want to correct that by putting a lift in the opposite side right so that's something to keep in mind and we have a video a video and then I'll link that up right here so you can take a look at that if you want to figure out whether or not you have one leg longer and if it is what longer on that side on the side that you're having to snapping then again you may want to put something in the left shoe to help you know even your right yeah all right well cut away and we'll do the sighs okay the first stretch were to be doing is of the hip flexors and that's real simple you I just use you throw a pillow on the floor Brad and I I'm going to go ahead and stretch this muscle right here I'm keeping good posture mm-hmm and I'm going to go and lean forward like this and that really stretches that hip flexor yeah the good posture I tell people think about there's a rope right here pulling on your belt yep and that's you know this is a really if you got this much flexibility you're doing pretty good and I stretch it every morning sure and you can you know even it out by doing the other side to it good about 30 seconds to a minute yep you can go longer if you want yeah there's a long time right so yeah okay so then we're going to jump into the piriformis muscle so I'm stretching this side and all I'm going to do is bring my knee up and to the opposite shoulder okay and that stretches that piriformis muscle that's a little tight you know that Kristin you're going to feel it right in there yeah I do feel it right you guys good I don't usually stretch that one so far stretch stretch Bob all right then we're going to stretch the IT band that's the one that often is the culprit in this syndrome sir I'm going to cross over my leg cross the ankle over the knee okay and now I'm going to actually pull this one up and believe it or not that's stretching this IT band right now I call it the figure four stretch there are some other IT IT band stretches yeah there's a lot of them out there this is the one I like we will have if we don't have a video on that we should make one Bob I yes right he bin I know we've done it yeah so somewhere all right guys all right Brad is going to show the foam roller now how you can go ahead and use that six inch foam roller you only need one about 18 inches long you don't need the big long one and we're going to work the same three muscles hip flexor that's the one where you put your hands on your pocket it's right under your palm their best to do it on a carpeted floor you can even use a hardwood floor would be okay and I'm going to do the right side so I'm going to lean a little bit to the right and remember to avoid the furniture there yeah a package whatever you want to call yeah yep we'll take care of that business Bob there we go that feels good too you don't have a foam roller we would highly to get one right I mean these are fantastic there's six inch diameter usually as best they have different density some are soft I would get the firmer one it depends on how sensitive you are but if you're pretty active usually the firmer one is better and different contours they have no true yeah we'll have like now I'm doing that piriformis it's like you're sitting on it like this but I'm going to do the right side so I'm going to tilt over here and get right in that muscle part of your buttocks and you'll feel it in the piriformis is easy a little more tender and it's like a Terran isn't it Brad yep but I got one hand here adjusting the amount of weight works well and you're also using the other leg to just ammonium – yeah right here – here this one's kind of just hanging out and now the IT band which is on the side this one to watch for your mic there look the mic yeah hope you can hear me and then we're going this way all the way on your side and this one a lot of weight on this elbow and on this foot you can see I can adjust the pressure so it's not too painful because this will get kind of aggressive yeah yeah I got it now and we're going to do that for about 30 seconds on each one as well all right and then for a bonus seeing how you're here I like to do the backs got nothing to do with what we're talking about but it sure does that is a ground yeah I do that one twice a day it's a bonus yeah all right all right and remember Brad we can fix just about anything except a broken power we're working on it Brad yeah be careful and subscribe and yeah we gotta get some classes on that maybe we're some continuing IDI I'm going on cool yeah anyways we'll talk about it later thanks

26 thoughts on “Why Does My Hip Snap, Crack, or Pop? What to Do About it. Harmful?

  1. If I lay on my stomach and curl one leg up because that's how I sleep most of the time lol. And if I sling my arm over n twist my hip it pop's

  2. Oftentimes I experience a lot more pain the day after I foam roll these muscles, even to the extent that I’m limping. Is this normal from rolling? Am I simply going too hard on them? Any tips on this? Thank you guys so much for your videos! So helpful

  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t experience any pain whatsoever. It actually feels relieving. I can pop my groins, outer hips, hamstrings, lower back, and even my ankles. It’s kind of like cracking your knuckles. I’ve been doing it for years but I’ve recently been doing it a lot more.

  4. Thanks. I tried the three i found on the one leg that keeps popping it hurt when i stretched it …it felt very tight

  5. When im lying down and lift my leg up it snaps but theres no pain and sometimes if I stretch my leg a certain way while sitting down it will snap. I'm 23.

  6. My left hip pops on the inside of my hips in my groin area. Is this the same thing? My hip does not pop on the outside. I am 22. Sit ups make my hip pop and it is painful.

  7. I also suffer from a anterior pelvic tilt and haven't been able to heal it and I want to know if that's contributing to my snapping hip

  8. I have a hip that snaps when I extend my hip from walking and everyonce in a while it hurts, usually around my trochanter and near my glutes. I dont know what to do, im only 16 can you help pleasee?😢😢 I think its external hip syndrome

  9. I used to get snapping hip alot when I cycled. I now walk mostly but on Rocky uneven ground no problem. On pavement the other day going downhill it flared up and walking became painful. I went home and applied a hydrocollator. (Moist heat) then foam rollered the IT Band. Now ok. I do all the stretches but mostly the foam rolling gives quick relief.

  10. Whats if my hip poped just once but feels diffrent since that?
    It feels like its a lot looser and not that stable then the other hipp.

    If i do squats i feel that left and right diffrent muscels get trained.
    Its like i cant hit the right muscels on the side of the "popped" hip i also feel it in the lower and upper back, shoulder and neck?
    But no pain just drives me crazy sometimes.

  11. Can a glute imbalance also lead to snapping hip? I have this issue with my right hip and I mostly notice it when doing squats, wondering if I have a muscle imbalance back there – glutes or hamstrings maybe?

  12. I have hip snapping due to dysplasia which I got diagnosed with a couple months ago when I turned 18, it can get really painful and I have to get surgery to correct it. Thank you for posting these exercises I’ll try them out 👍

  13. Cassy! I have been having lower back problems since I was 12 years old ( ). I tried all the moves I knew of to try and pop my back but nothing worked! I love your videos and I came across this one and it felt amazing. The cobra look-back actually popped my lower back! Thank you so much!

  14. Hey bob and brad or anybody really I was playing soccer yesterday and I wasn’t fully warmed up well I went to make a pass and as soon as I do I hear and feel something pop in near my waist/ hip. I can’t lift my right leg up without a lot of pain and if I try to jog or even walk normally it’s a terrible pain. How long will this injury last

  15. My pubic bone also pops to the left side when I squeeze my legs had driven me literally insane for 18 years.

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