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Why Hawkeye’s Wife In The Avengers Looks So Familiar

With the exception of Infinity War, Clint
Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye has been a mainstay of the Avengers gatherings, and the introduction
of his wife Laura in Age of Ultron proved that Earth’s mightiest heroes could have a
home life as well. If the kind, supportive Mrs. Barton looks
familiar, it’s probably because you’ve almost definitely seen Linda Cardellini in something
before. The actress has been active in Hollywood for
more than two decades and has racked up some impressive credits along the way. From roles in children’s favorites of the
late ’90s to peak TV appearances, here’s where you may have seen Cardellini before. TGIF After enjoying a breakout role in ABC’s kid-thriller
series Bone Chillers, Cardellini spent a great deal of her early career in the kid-centric
television circuit. She enjoyed cameo roles in TGIF shows like
Step by Step and Boy Meets World and also made appearances on 3rd Rock from the Sun
and the Clueless small screen series. Boy Meets World was significant for her because
it was the first role for which she was recognized out and about, albeit for all the wrong reasons. As she told The A.V. Club: “I was at my hometown carnival and about eight
kids ran up to me, they couldn’t have been older than 8 years old, and yelled, ‘Homewrecker!'” Hey, those Team Topanga fans can be intense. Good Burger Cardellini’s silver screen breakthrough came
by way of Nickelodeon’s Good Burger, a bizarre fast food film based on a regular sketch from
the TV network’s All That. In the movie, she appears as Heather, a young
woman in a mental institution whose history may or may not include breaking into a zoo
to “free the kangaroos” at the behest of space aliens. “I’m a psychopath.” “I’m Ed!” She’d later reunite with the film’s stars,
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, for an episode of their buddy comedy, Kenan & Kel. Strangeland Shortly after the advent of the AOL chatroom
came Strangeland, a feature-length PSA about the dangers of meeting strangers online. Although the technology is now outmoded, the
movie’s message is still as relevant today as it was back then, and Cardellini’s turn
as a girl who’s abducted after going to the fake party of a guy she met on the internet
still produces a lot of terror. Freaks and Geeks After earning several regular television spots
in series that didn’t last, Cardellini landed the central role of Lindsay Weir in NBC’s
Freaks and Geeks. The show featured her as an awkward high schooler
who decides to make friends with some of the less academically-inclined members of the
student population, much to her parents’ disappointment. Although it was cancelled after the first
season, it’s since become a cult favorite. “I love the show. I continue to love it, and I feel so lucky. How can you not be proud of that show?” It may not have offered her long-term job
security at the time, but the series does offer her one heck of a highlight reel as
the series continues to draw in new fans. Legally Blonde Cardellini’s appearance in this romantic comedy
taught us all about the unexpected legal importance of a solid hair care regimen. In Legally Blonde, Cardellini takes the stand
as the daughter of a murdered millionaire to testify against the client of Reese Witherspoon’s
Elle Woods. Cardellini’s role might’ve been small, but
it was hardly superfluous when it comes to the overarching plot of Elle Wood’s overnight
ascent to master litigator. “You, however, had time to hide the gun, didn’t
you, Chutney? After you shot your father?” “I didn’t MEAN to shoot him! I thought it was YOU walking through the door!” Scooby Doo Although the Scooby-Doo films didn’t quite
make her a household name, they did align her with some very popular teen stars of the
time, including Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Matthew Lillard. And her turn as Velma had some purposefully
provocative moments that are still worth discussing. Thanks to her thick glasses and unusual hair
in the first film, her face wasn’t exactly getting seared into audiences’ memories during
the movie. But after her big makeover scene in Scooby
Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, her true appearance became much less of a mystery for moviegoers. Brokeback Mountain Cardellini also had a brief role in Ang Lee’s
Brokeback Mountain as Cassie Cartwright, a small-town waitress who takes a shine to Heath
Ledger’s Ennis Del Mar, not knowing he’s still holding a candle for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Jack
Twist. Cardellini admitted that her interest in the
small role first stemmed from her admiration for the director and screenwriter. She told The A.V. Club: “I’m a huge Ang Lee fan and a huge Larry McMurtry
fan. That script is so beautiful. I remember spending 45 minutes auditioning
and thinking, ‘I may not get this part, but it doesn’t matter because I just spent 45
minutes getting directed by Ang Lee.’ When I got the part […] it was really a
gift and privilege.” ER Cardellini really got to show off her flare
for the dramatic with her long-standing role on NBC’s ER as Samantha Taggart, a nurse who
is both a recovering alcoholic and a single mother. She played the character for six seasons,
enduring everything from unstable exes to a hostage situation at the hospital to an
exploding ambulance. Although she was able to do other projects
during her five-season run on the show, she’s called the experience of being on the series
a “marathon” and didn’t commit to doing any regular TV work, other than voice roles in
animated series, for the better part of a decade afterward. Return One of Cardellini’s post-ER passion projects
was a small film called Return, which featured her in the lead as a war veteran returning
home to her family and finding that although she’s wanted nothing more than to be with
them again, she doesn’t recognize or feel recognized by her old world. The film was one of the first that would feature
Cardellini in every scene, and while it might not have been a box office smash, it was one
of several well-reviewed projects that would help earn the actress some serious indie cred. Mad Men Among the many prestige TV shows to take hold
of Hollywood in recent years, AMC’s Mad Men had to have the most buzzy cameo list of all,
Cardellini included. In the show’s sixth season, she debuted in
her recurring role as Sylvia Rosen, a neighbor to Jon Hamm’s Don Draper. She becomes his part-time lover and, eventually,
full-time obsession. Her appearance on the show reveals some staggering
details about his oft-mysterious past. For Cardellini, being a part of the awards
season favorite series meant that she’d have to keep a set secret, but that extra work
on the home front was worth it because she earned her first and only Emmy nomination
for her work in the show. Daddy’s Home As genre-bending as her screen career has
been, Cardellini does seem particularly at home in the comedy realm. It’s what made her a good fit for a guest
role on New Girl and why she was such a scene-stealer in Grandma’s Boy, and Daddy’s Home and its
sequel gave the actress another chance to play around with some other funny people for
a while, namely, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. In the movies, she stars as Sara, the mother
of two whose new spouse is an ideal step-father to her children, but whose first husband is
a mess who returns to stir up trouble and attempt to win back his family from the new
guy. Antics ensue. “Do over!” “That’s a do over!” Bloodline Cardellini’s real return to the small screen
scene came by way of Netflix’s Bloodline as Meg Rayburn, the youngest in a tumultuous
family who tries and often fails to broker peace between her siblings. She starred in the series for three seasons,
which gave her character plenty of room to arc into some dark places, and Cardellini
relished the opportunity. She initially joined the series because of
the talent that she’d get to work with on the show but found that working on another
series gave her the opportunity to stretch her creative legs in a way films cannot. As she told Elle Magazine: “I think there are great roles for women in
television because there is time to allow those characters to evolve.” Voice work In addition to having a diverse portfolio
of screen appearances, Cardellini is also a prolific voice actress. She started doing vocal work for video games
before earning a title role in the short-lived ABC animated series The Goode Family. She’d go on to do voice work for a number
of other cartoon shows, including Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Out There, Regular Show,
and Disney’s Gravity Falls. “I’m gonna [to] slipper!” Her familiar voice may make it difficult for
her to make prank calls, but the ability to act off-camera has definitely helped her pay
the bills over the years in between on-screen gigs! Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  2. Wrong character! She did not play an alcoholic on TV’s ER. That role was played by Maura Tierney. Cardellini played a feisty single mother and did an amazing job on the show. Anywho, I love Linda Cardellini and enjoy seeing her on screen.

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