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Why Hogwarts Has the Darkest School Introduction | Um, Actually

(upbeat electronic music) – From Radagast to Rad Mobile, nerds like a lot of things, but there’s something
they love above all else and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually… (upbeat theme music) (woosh) – Joining us today we have Ken Napzok. – My entire nerd life
have built to this moment, I’m excited to be here. – [Trapp] Great, determined and stern. We also have Emma Fyffe. – Hello, it’s great to be back. You know, this yellow couch, I just couldn’t stay away. I just felt like, it’s just,
I just really feel home here. It’s very 70s decor. – [Trapp] Yeah.
– I’m feeling the vibe. – [Trapp] Yeah, it’s nice, and warm. – Yeah. – [Trapp] And destiny draws you back. And Michelle Nguyen Bradley. – Hello, I’m not sure why I’m here, but I’m excited to talk about nerd stuff. – Great, well that’s why you’re here. You got it.
– [Ken] That’s it. – [Emma] Nailed it. – [Trapp] Well, Emma’s played before. – I have. – [Trapp] But the other
two of you have not. The rules are very simple. I’ll explain for you and
any new viewers at home. These are statements, these
are false, incorrect statements about the things that you know and love. It’s up to you to find the
thing that’s wrong with it, buzz in and correct me. All your corrections must
be proceeded by the phrase, “Um, actually…” if you don’t say that I won’t give you the point
and it will break my heart. And you can interrupt me at any point. You don’t need to wait
’til the question is over like a polite individual,
you can just jump right in. – There’s no polite sportsmanship
in nerd competition. – [Trapp] No. It’s just
like, hey, hey, shut up! Shut up, you said something wrong. (Michelle laughs)
– Exactly. – [Trapp] That’s what we’re doing here. – [Michelle] Let’s do it. – Do it!
– How’re you feeling, how’s everyone feeling? – [Emma] Great! So ready. (laughs) – I am more nervous than I thought, because you’ve put like
a detonator in my hand. (everyone laughs)
– Yes. – One of these does explode. One of these does make something explode. – I’m afraid of breaking it. – Yeah. You’re like pressing it, and the lights not going on, it’s like, what the
hell, and like meanwhile, like miles away. – [Emma] It’s like when you watch, like, Jeopardy contestants, and you can see they’re trying to buzz it, and the buzzer is just not working. – I’ll see that sometimes
when people are playing, cause like, you know, like,
I’ll see someone buzz in and the light will go,
but I’ll also see someone just like a half-second too late, – [Emma] Yes. (laughing)
– and be like what the hell, why isn’t it doing anything? It’s a real bummer when you can see that, like, both people know it. – [Emma] They know, no! – It’s like, sorry.
– That’s how it goes. – Well, we’ll go ahead,
we’ll jump right in, we’ll do our first question here. This first one is about Harry Potter. Thestrals are skeletal
horses with bat-like wings. Of course, not every wizard realizes this, since Thestrals are
only visible to wizards who have witnessed death. They are often considered
omens of misfortune, which is among the many reasons
they are generally kept away from the Hogwarts students.
(bell chimes) – Um, actually!
– Yes, Michelle. (laughs) – They’re not kept away
from the Hogwarts students. They are, um, actually,
how many times to say that, they are um actually used
to transport them from, I believe it the end of
the train to the school. – That’s correct. – [Ken] Wow, yeah. – [Trapp] Yes, that’s
a point for Michelle. Dabs all the way. (laughing) – I’ve already learned something, the show is value to my life now, I’ve learned things.
– [Michelle] I knew one thing, I’m super excited.
– We’ll have some fun, but it’s also educational.
– [Emma] Yes. – That feels like a real
harsh way to welcome students into the new school. – [Emma] Right, right, it’s like– – You be like, hey, just reminder, you’ve seen death in your life. – [Emma] Exactly, it’s
like, harsh reminder, your mom is dead, and
you saw her get murdered! – Yeah! – Is it about witnessing the death, or just like have a death in your life? – No, no, no, you have to have seen death.
– Someone has have to have died in your arms then you get to- – Right, exactly.
– See someone die. – So like, yep.
– And then every school year from then on out,
– [Emma] Exactly. – It’s like hey, before
you get to focusing on your studies, you know, if you’re like, hey, new year, new me, I’m just gonna like
crack potions this year. It’s like, just a reminder, here’s a frickin’ scary horse monster, and people you love have died. That’s all, great, cool,
enjoy your school year. Well, that’s a point for Michelle. – Good job.
– Good job. – The next one’s a wrestling question. – Oh. – [Trapp] The New Day are know for their rather unique style. The trio often wears
unicorn-themed clothing, including unicorn horns on their head. They performed the “Fusion Dance” from Dragonball Z during a match. The have a trombone named
Francesca II: Turbo. They even have a real cereal based on them called Booty-O’s and a book titled “The Book of Booty: Shake
It. Love It. Never Be It.” (Bell chime)
– Ken. – Um, actually, I feel
I have to answer this because I’m a wrestling fan, but I think, oh my gosh, um actually, I think it’s just Francesca
II, is the trombone, no. – Incorrect, no. – God.
– Yeah. – [Mike] They have both.
– They have both. (laughing) – Um, actually,
– Emma. – they did perform the “Fusion
Dance” from Dragonball Z, but it was not during a match. – Incorrect.
(Emma laughs) – Um, actually,
(bell chimes) there’s not 3 of them,
there’s only 2 of them? – No, nope, nope, nope.
– No, there’s definitely three of them.
(Emma hums) – I will say, I will say, Emma, you were getting close.
– Okay. – ‘Cause the Fusion is the two people. (bell chimes)
– Oh! – [Trapp] Ken.
– Um, actually, – that’s not the actual
dance they performed, it’s another one from Dragonball Z. Called the, give me a
dance, from Drangonball Z! – There aren’t any.
– There’s so many dances in Drangonball Z, tell me the other ones! – Um, actually, it wasn’t
exactly the Fusion Dance from Dragonball Z because that’s
only done with two people, and there’s three of them. – Well, okay, so here’s the thing. – We’re gonna make it
really difficult for you. – I guess you have kind of
stumbled into the correct, which is that they did not
perform the Fusion Dance at all. So you know what I’m gonna go
ahead and give you the point. I was thinking if anyone has
any more, I was trying to, would anyone be able to like,
– [Emma] More detail. – Give us more detail, but I’m seeing a lot of
grimacing faces on the couch. It’s like, I don’t think we will. So I’m gonna go ahead,
I’ll give you the point, so they didn’t perform. – Um, actually, I don’t think
this was a wrestling question I think it’s a Dragonball Z question. (everyone laughs) And I’m gonna file a
complaint with the office. – You know what, that’s actually, that’s a very fair
criticism of this question. So they didn’t perform the Fusion Dance, but Sheamus and Cesaro did–
– Perform the Fusion Dance. – And A New Day did, at one point, pop out of a giant box of Booty O’s dressed in Dragonball Saiyan armor, but we’ve conflated those multiple– – Into the one thing
– Into being one big thing. – That’s what happens though, I feel like that is a lot of the source of all nerd strife is just like multiple things becoming a single entity. – Crossover events, yeah. – Yeah, just crossover events. – Crossover events are a problem. – Also wrestling is wild y’all, like what. (laughing) – I have not been keeping up. – Well great, I will give that point, that points gonna go to Emma. – Narrowly squeaked by. – I gave you that answer to. – I gotta get on the board here. – Gotta stop muttering to myself. – [Trapp] There’s still
plenty more questions, plenty more questions today. This next question is about
the movie, Pacific Rim. Piloting a Jaeger by
yourself can be fatal. As scientist Newton Geiszler
explains “Jaegers are so large they need two brains to move around, like a dinosaur.” To achieve this two pilots
share a neural link, called Drift, which allows
them to jointly control the robot together. (bell chime) – [Trapp] Ken very slowly buzzed in but was beaten by Michelle. – Oh my answer’s not great.
Um, actually the theory does not revolve around
dinosaurs having 2 brains cause that doesn’t make any sense. I feel like the dinosaur part
is not part of this at all. – You know, you’re kind
of close enough that I’ll maybe give it to you. It is a line that is said in the movie, but at that point he is
talking about the Kaiju and not the Jaegers. – Oh. – You sort of backed your way
into it but you are correct in that he is not describing Jaegers work in that particular moment. – Yeah, and I knew all that so. – Totally knew it. – I’m getting now. We can think yourselves into the right answer. – You can absolutely just sort of – Props to Michelle and
Emma cause now I’m in. – [Trapp] You can totally
machete bushwack your way into, a thing, it’s like I don’t
know what’s through here but I think this is the way to go. – Yes.
– Perfect. – This is a very stupid thing from me, which is as I was watching this movie this was the moment
that took me out of it. And even in the moment I was
like this shouldn’t effect me as much as it does but there
was a moment in the movie where he was like ‘Ah, I
see they have two brains, a brain in their head and
a brain in there posterior just like dinosaurs.” And I
was watching that going like “That’s not true of dinosaurs! That’s not how dinosaurs work!” – So he was saying in the movie that dinosaurs have 2 brains. – Correct, he was saying
that Kaiju have 2 brains just the way dinosaurs do. – It’s a butt brain. – It’s a butt brain. – For a while this was a theory about specifically Stegosaurus, – Oh. people thought that
Stegosaurus was so large and there was this like
big like hip pocket that for a while people were like, “Oh they must have 2 brains, that’s why there’s this cavity in here. That’s how they managed
to move their body.” It lasted for a while
before people were like no that’s dumb. That doesn’t make any sense. – I just love that they’re like, you know what most living creatures have a central nervous system. (laughing) – Like that you have nervous
that go all through every area of your body. In the case of
dinosaurs’ tails and butts included that controls everything. But they’re like naw, dinosaurs
they gotta have a whole separate brain just for their butt. – Dinosaurs do all their
thinking in their second brain if you know what I mean. Well point for Michelle there. – Big league, big lead. – Dang. – This question is a fan question. – Oh. – [Trapp] So this was submitted by a fan. This comes from Yurikana. Thank you Yurikana for this question. And this is about the Fate/stay series. The “Servants” who fight
on behalf of contestants in the Holy Grail Wars are manifestations of legendary figures like
King Arthur and Gilgamesh. However, some less expected
figures appears as well, like Christopher Columbus,
Buddha, Abigail Williams, Alexander Hamilton, Nikola
Tesla, Helena Blavatsky (bell chime) – Um, actually I don’t think
Alexander Hamilton shows up in the Fate/stay series. – That is correct.
(laughs) You’re saying that like it’s ludicrous but also all these other ones are true. – Listen, but the thing
is the Fate/stay series is bonkers all those other
ones are absolutely true but Alexander Hamilton before
“Hamilton” the musical. – No, one gave a – He was no famous enough
for the Japanese to put him in the Fate/stay Night series. It’s just logic.
– [Trapp] Ludicrous. – Know what I mean? That’s just science. – Hey you know what that’s
fair. I appreciated the logic. Is the series still going on? – Oh yeah. – And it will never end.
– Oh, they never end. – Do you expect that Hamilton
will make an appearance now in a post “Hamilton” world. – I think if “Hamilton” does a world tour. (laughing) – [Emma] Then, like if
Lin-Manuel Miranda is like you know what listen I’ma put all my money into the asian market. Then Alexander Hamilton
will be the main character. – [Trapp] I’m huge in Japan. – Serving in the next Fate series. – [Michelle] The next faze of Hamilton. – It’s bonkers. It’s like tournaments and all of these
manifestations, as you say, of historical figures. – And swords.
– And swords. – Um, actually it was based
off a video game first. The very first thing that
happened, the video game. There’s like a dating sim game, and then it got turned into an Anime, and then went backwards into more games, and then split of into little side areas. There’s even a spin-off
where they just cook. (laughs)
And I’ve seen it. – Wait, when you say “they” do you mean the historical
manifestations or like the– – The humanoid versions. – I thought wrestling was weird, but this is taking the cake.
(laughs) – [Trapp] This is something else. That’s what I’m saying, this is all, everything’s really weird.
Everything’s weird as hell. – Well, point for Emma for that one, and thank you again,
Yurikana for that question. (chimes) We’ll just bring us to our first
Shiny Question of the game, Shiny Questions, like shiny Pokemon, are worth the same amount,
they’re just a little different and a little bit rarer. Cool, so this is a game called, Order Up, where we want you to put
things in a specific order. In this case, it is arranging
spaceships in order of size. So whoever gets the most correct will the get the point for this one. All right, go ahead and flip these over, let’s take a look at these. (tense concentation music) – [Ken] All right.
– [Trapp] Cool. – So I decided to go with
the Cylon Raider first, the Attacker, then the
Unitetd Planet Starcruiser, then the Buy n Large Axiom City Ship, then the Executor Super Star Destroyer, and then the Borg Cube, is how I went. – [Trapp] All right.
– Yeah. – Emma, let’s see what you got. – So my answers are
surprisingly similar to Ken’s. – [Trapp] Okay.
– I promise, I did not cheat, but I think the only
thing we have switched is I have the Attacker first
and then the Cylon Raider, then the Planet Starship,
then the City Ship, then the Executor Class Star Destroyer, and then the Borg Assimilation Cube. – [Trapp] Very good, and then Michelle, let’s see what you got. – The word “cube” sounded
really small to me. (laughs) – I mean, she’s not wrong there. – [Michelle] Attacker, I
did Planet Starcruiser next, ’cause I was like it’s
probably like UFO sized, like standard. Cylon Raider– – Standard? You know,
the standard UFO size, we’re all familiar with. – It’s got a small little
trunk, but enough for like when you’re getting around.
– Yeah, totally. – [Trapp] You can drive
your friends around. (laughs)
– [Michelle] Cylon Raider, because it had wings,
and I thought the wings would make it bigger than the other thing. – Yeah, we’re going by bird rules. – Bird rules. – Executor Class Star Destroyer. There’s like a lot of windows, so I thought maybe there’s like
a lot of people in (laughs) – There is a lot of windows.
– There’s a lot of windows. – Vader loves staring out windows. (laughs) – I’m sick of having
the only corner office. – There are a lot of shots of Darth Vader just staring
out a window, to be fair. – And then the Buy n Large Axiom City, because it has the word “large” in it, I thought this one is the biggest one. – All of your logic is tracking. – [Trapp] Great, well,
looking at this I think Michelle, you got two correct. Emma, I think you got one correct . – Woo hoo! – [Trapp] And Ken, I think
you also got two correct. – [Emma] What?
– Three? Okay, got three. Great, and then, so our
Cylon Radier’s the smallest. – [Emma] Aw man!
– [Trapp] Then the attacker. Then your standard, average sized. – [Emma] That’s what I
got, was the standard UFO. – [Trapp] Your Borg Cube. The Buy n Large Axiom ship is from Wall-e, and then your ginormous Star Destroyer. – I’ve grossly underestimated the Borg, and I’d like to apologize
(laughs) to the Borg right now. – An admiral job all around, but that point’s gonna go to Ken. – Yes, finally.
– Yeah, there you go. (cheers)
(chimes) – And that’s it for this
episode of Um, Actually… Um, actually, it’s not. There’s way more of this
episode over on Dropout. Go to and start
your free trial today. I’ll be right here. Well, I’ll be over there. I mean, I’ll be in both places at once, because this is just… There’s more… (exhales) Technology– (woosh)
– I’m gonna give you a name of a creature or a monster
from folklore or mythology, it’ll be up to you to draw it
to the best of your ability. I won’t be judging the
quality of the drawing, but how accurate it is. Your monster is Kasa-obake.

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  9. Um Actually, thestrals are not the first introduction to Hogwarts because the first-year students take small boats over the lake with Hagrid and do not ride the carriages until their second year. Also, I do not believe Harry saw his mom die (in the books at least) but can see the thestrals first in his 5th year after seeing Cedric die at the end of the previous year.

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  12. Um, actually, thestrals can only be seen by wizards who have seen death AND PROCESSED what that means to them i.e their grief or other emotions concerning it
    Harry witnessed his mother's death as an infant but couldn't see thestrals until he witnessed Cedric Diggory's death
    Um actually, jaegers from Pacific Rim HAVE been piloted successfully by single pilots without dying but it isn't recommended, so the second pilot shares the strain
    Attacker, cylon raider, c-57 united planet starcruiser, Buy N Large Axiom city ship, Borg Cube, Executor

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    It is currently unknowable with perfect certainty one way or the other. However It is incredibly unlikely that any dinosaur developed a second brain entirely for their tail, and that theory was effectively killed… I want to say in the late 90s.
    On the reverse side however, It is probably not out of the question that they had more neural tissues form in there lower spine area. Neural tissues have been found in odd places (by human standards) in a number of animals, and the lower spine isn't even that odd a place for them to be.
    The fun thing about this is that at 10s-of-millions of years to decompose and neural tissues being remarkably fragile and unlikely to calcify or leave fossil evidence, it is not something that is able to be stated with perfect authority one way or t'other. With a system based on observation, you can't prove something doesn't exist, only that it has not been observed to exist (which is not the same thing).

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    HArry witnessed his parents dying but was too young to understand it yet he couldn’t see the thestrals until he was 15

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  30. Fun fact: it was once a theory that dinosaurs had two brains. Reptiles like dinosaurs have extra space around where the base of the spine meets the pelvis so the strain of keeping their tails upright is cushioned from damaging their spine. A paleontologist misread this as a second, brain-like nerve bundle at the base of their spines because they were so large nerve signals would take to long to move from their heads to their rear halves. If you grew up in the fifties or sixties, you probably heard this. It's like the thing about people only using 10% of their brains; it's clearly wrong but persistent.

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