Laughter is the Best Medicine

Why I Don’t Have Kids: A Little Toilet Humor

All right, so it’s Tuesday and
I hope you all tune in tonight to watch “The Kids
Are All Right” on ABC, because they’re sponsoring
today’s segment of Why I Don’t Have Kids. [MUSIC PLAYING] Can you hear that music, Ninja? Oh my gosh. What’s up? Nothing. Focus. Never mind, focus. I just I got to kill them good. I’m ready. OK. All right, so
normally I show you pictures of why I
don’t have kids. Today I have videos. This is from Lynette in
Valley Stream, New York. This has what
happened when I left my daughter watching cartoons. [INAUDIBLE] What happened? Why you did that? Mi amore. No! No, no, no. My God. No, mi amore. Dios mio. I don’t speak Spanish,
but I’m pretty sure she’s saying why did I have kids? Ninja liked that one. All right, this is from Amy
in Weatherford, Oklahoma. My kid wanted to make waffles. What are you doing? Yeah. Do I like messes? No. No. I hope they like ants,
because that’s what. This is from Nikki in
Farmington Hills, Michigan. I got home from
work and found this. What? What are you doing? What are you doing? Be-be-be-be. That’s not cool, Ellie! I would make a joke, but
I don’t like toilet humor. So if your kid does something
you think I should see please send it to me, and don’t
miss “The Kids Are All Right,” season premiere
tonight at 8:30 on ABC.

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