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Why I don’t smoke weed but love stoners – Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

Before, I had long hair and I played the guitar, which is like the uniform of stoners. And I know you won’t believe me ‘coz I look like
I am stoned all the time. ‘Coz I have this weird like… Eyes. Yeah. But I am not stoned. I don’t smoke up.
But nobody believes me. So I had long hair and all and after shows
the best thing about stoners is that they never outright call it weed, right? It is always understood. What we talkin’ about. Hmmm? So after shows I used to chill and people come up to me. And they are like, ‘Good show, man.’
I’m like, ‘Thanks’. Wanna… Wanna what? You wanna? Make out with you aggressively? Oh no, bro. You wanna? Weed. I don’t smoke. Oh, why you misleading me
with your guitar? I love hanging out with stoners. Because they’ll laugh
at anything I say. It’s the best place to
test out material. How many of you guys smoke up?
Give me a cheer. It’s fine. It’s a safe room.
Come on. Yeah. Sure, guys. Yeah? None of you do it? Cool. I love hanging out with stoners. Because… there are some
dedicated stoners. I don’t know… they… Their whole life has been like molded to help their
stoning habits. I’m like bro, why do you drive
a Deo when you like bikes? No, in the luggage
I can’t put weed. Wow. That’s some
insane dedication. Yeah, you have a job?
No, I don’t. So, anyway we go… And all stoners are the same. You go to a room there will be
five guys who are extremely bored. Bro, what do we do, man? I don’t know man.
Just nothing to do. Want to go out? Dude, I heard Rahul is getting
some stuff. Rahul is getting some stuff? Rahul always has stuff. And suddenly Rahul enters the room. And that is the only time
you will ever see any energy in stoners. Oh my God, Rahul is here! Bro, you got stuff? Yeah. From where? From Nainital. That means it’s amazing stuff. You won’t see a more peaceful argument than between two stoners. That who is going to
roll the joint. It’s the most peaceful
confrontation on the history of the planet. Bro, you roll. You roll, bro. I rolled yesterday. But, bro the way you roll! Fine, I’ll roll it. The way the dedicated
person rolls a joint… It’s beauty, guys. When a person who has been assigned the job of rolling a joint, zones in to rolling a joint. Nothing around him can affect him. He just starts cleaning. Like the TV could be playing. People coming. He does not care. A bus could explode behind him. He would not care. Aliens could come
and take over the world. He will not care. He keeps rolling. And I love going into his bubble.
And I’m like, ‘Hey, can you tell me
how you roll?’ Kenny, rolling is an art. Some people make roach out of newspaper
and all that shit. You know what’s the best roach? Tell me, master. It’s the skin of an alligator. Which I happen to have
in my pocket. And he will roll it. And he will give it to all of us. And the irony is that the way he cleans that weed is the way his mom wants
him to clean his room. Just that dedication if he had. It’s amazing. Yeah. But none of you smoke up so you won’t have related to this. You guys were laughing
at multiple places. You guys obviously don’t smoke up. I do. You do? See. You guys are proud, also. You guys have a degree, so… You guys finished your degree
so you can show off. Most stoners don’t know
where they are going, so… Yeah. You also smoke up? My mom’s come. Uh, I mean… I love going to prayer meetings.
Do you? Prayer meetings are the best, man!

100 thoughts on “Why I don’t smoke weed but love stoners – Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

  1. Kenny b
    O, u haven't been with stones then. U don't know how energetic they are after they get high. I've been with such a group of people for some years and all the unplanned enjoyments and tours have been with them. They never fell in any problem or anything. It would happen like this, someone rolled a joint, after 20 mins youtube shows mountains clean roads and snow, bass, that's it, everybody would pack up and leave within an hour, and we would return after a week or maybe longer. I loved them, but now everyone went on with life. And mind it, they are all doctors now.

  2. I’m ur new subscriber hahahaha. Some people find this video not funny at all….tat means they are still not high lol.

  3. Please make videos of college in india!!! You're so cute !!! Love you !!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  4. Have a look and see the most extreme weed smoking! 🌿
    Father of all bongs! 😎

  5. My girlfriend sends me a stand up about weed and just realized I heard Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath today. Life is beautiful. β˜ΊπŸ’Ÿ

  6. I clicked on this video thinking I would hate it, but I quite like it. I can see that a routine with the same title could be done HORRIBLY by another comedian…looking like that corny movie Half Baked. Im not sure a daytime audience of middle-aged Indian people is really the best group to understand getting a hookup from Raul, but whatever.

  7. Laughed at first time also when I didn't know what weed isπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚now back again to watch after trying weed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚now I can understand better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. and talking about stoners just made u famous bro…THOU it wasnt funny to me even if i smoked 2 joints bro

  9. Man you should observe the Stoners or New Learned People after their Consumption of Weed….. Its Much More Interesting….

  10. I dont know why but stoners here in kolkata have a very bad position in society..they are deprived.of any kinda respect even if they earned it, for suppose somebody got a decent job, and smokes some decent quality stuff after he got back from work…but once society gets to know about his habit, he will be tagged as "ganjeri" in society…

  11. Here i am who smokes weed but never look like stoner always in crisp short hair clean shaved just weed smoker in a dark corner

  12. intha educated nu nenachikittu irukavan laam intha comedy ku thaan siripaanunga , vadivelu gowndamani comedy laam avangaluku kevalam , summa 1000 pay pannitu siripe varala naalum siripaangunga avanunga periya educated puluthi aam , ithulaam comedy ah , vedanaya iruku , ippadi English la pesitu oru gap vitta athu comedy ah , neenga le ungalaye cheat pannikireenga da .

  13. i have become a huge fan of yours dude… I watch your videos the entire day. you keep saying "YOU GUYS ARE AN AMAZING AUDIENCE" but i would say you are amazingly amazing. Waiting for you to perform in Gurgaon, wont miss it … Thanks for making us laugh.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  14. Whoever this guy is, he's a stoner for sure and all his friends are stoners. People like him are stoned through out. He knows every bit of it. Lol if he doesn't smoke then I'm the PM of the country.

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