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Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake

Jimmy Fallon hosts the most watched late-night show on television and in an industry where most games, stunts and celebrities are interchangeable, that says a lot about his likability. But Jimmy is not universally adored. A glance at the YouTube comments section shows that some people find him fake and specifically, they think that his laugh is fake. …students, he filled his mouth with artificial blood and he spun back around again he started spitting blood all over the classroom floor all over the students’ textbooks. His tongue was sticking out like a cobra. (Jimmy laughs) In this video, we’re going to explore the thing that might make Jimmy come across as fake to some people but oddly enough, that is also part of his biggest strength. Before we get into any of that though, let’s start with an obvious contributor to Jimmy’s charisma. He is a multi-talented jack-of-all-trades with skills in music, (Jimmy singing) impressions, (Jimmy doing an impression) …change, change. Bill Cosby? (Jimmy doing an impression) .and of course, comedy. (Jimmy singing) It might go without saying but people find talent attractive. What’s less obvious is that there’s something special about having many seemingly unrelated talents because when people find out that you have talents that don’t often go together, say, singing and stand-up comedy or football and ballroom dancing — it creates mystery and creates interest about what other amazing secrets you might be hiding but this effect only makes people more interested in you if you don’t run around telling everybody about what you’re good at right away. So, little tip number one — don’t be in a rush to reveal everything about you that’s interesting. For instance, I used to live in Brazil and Brazilians would often approach me speaking English because of the way that I looked. Sometimes I wouldn’t mention that I knew how to speak Portuguese and I would allow the conversation to go on in English for as long as they felt like talking. But when I did eventually break and speak Portuguese 20 minutes later, they were always more surprised and interested in me than if I had spoken Portuguese from the beginning. So if you have several cool talents, you might only want to reveal one early in an interaction. Just don’t be in a rush to tell people about all the ways in which are interesting — allow those things to come out organically overtime. After all, people who immediately tell you everything that’s great about them often just come across as insecure or maybe even arrogant but that’s just a side tip. The real question today is — why is it that some people love Jimmy while some think that he comes across as super fake? Well, it comes down to his positivity. Watch how easily he laughs at Anne Hathaway when she’s not even telling a joke. …and Kate Hudson went first and Jennifer Garner — two amazing ladies, funny, beautiful– Yeah, you don’t want to follow those guys. …and let me get to it — there’s a third one there that i did not know about. They’re telling stories about him (Jimmy giggles) it’s not so much a speech and I’m like– Anne is just setting the background of her story and Jimmy is already giggling. And then watch how quickly Jimmy can stop laughing once he started. …when I’ve seen the kids I was like, “Oh, man.” (Jimmy laughs) “It’s good. Look at this part,” and finally, my wife– The ease with which Jimmy laughs and then stops laughing can make it look like he’s controlling it — that he’s putting it on and that comes across as insincere. People despise insincerity because it almost always hides ulterior motives that are for their benefit. So we are constantly on the lookout for behaviors that look forced or controlled. Spontaneous laughter and then that quick turn off can, to some people, seem forced. I just don’t know how to thank you. It may take me a couple months (Jimmy laughs) to pay you for all you’ve done. You know Jimmy, (Jimmy laughs some more) here’s the deal– Now, I don’t actually think that Jimmy is faking it. I think that what some people are seeing is a holdover from his time on saturday night live when he was constantly having to hide laughter in order to move on with the skit. He was notorious for breaking character often the first person to have to fight back laughter before a joke was even told. Dave, Dave, Dave, David. Yeah? For your information guy– I can’t have children. So yes, my opinion is that almost all, if not all the time, Jimmy’s laugh is sincere even if it doesn’t look that way. He’s just the guy who laughs easily and he’s had to learn how to turn it off. And despite some of the negative comments, that is a very attractive trait as long, of course, as the laugh is genuine. Just watch the reactions of his guests to see. …being a person walking down the street and 10 is, for me, co-hosting the Oscars with James Franco. (Jimmy laughs) We walked by to go to the bathroom, we looked, and he’s watching Friday. He’s moving? Yeah, he’s watching– (Jimmy laughs) He was dying. (Jimmy laughs) I love that series so much, man. Jimmy, that’s why I’m here tonight. (Jimmy laughs) We shouldn’t be talking about religion. Here, I’ve got something for you. (Jimmy laughs) A pamphlet. It will just take five minutes of your time. (Jimmy laughs) You can see how it brightens people up when Jimmy bursts out laughing at their jokes and you’ve probably been there before where you’re not being especially funny but you happen to find someone who thinks that you’re hilarious. It feels great and you probably wanted that person to stick around just because of how funny they made you feel. Jimmy creates that same effect in all of his guests. Now, to be clear, I am not saying that Jimmy is forcing this and I’m not suggesting that you start fake laughing. I’m saying that if laughter doesn’t come easily to you, if you pride yourself on being a tough crowd, and only laughing at a select few brilliant jokes, you’d benefit socially from changing that but can you even do that of course is the question. Can you learn to find things funnier? Well, short answer — yes. Everything in life is a habit that’s kind of the philosophy of this channel and of course laughing is no exception. So here are some of the things that I have seen work and some that i have actually done myself. First off, you want to spend some time watching videos, doing things, whatever it is — I like videos, I’m a Youtube guy — watchin videos that make you laugh. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have specific videos that I will watch on Youtube repeatedly that make me laugh and put me in a good mood. Right now you’re looking at some of them and i will of course put links to those in the description but feel free to make your own humorous playlist. Secondly, recognize that laughing at someones joke is paying them a compliment. And if you’re uncomfortable with complimenting people, you will usually find it harder to laugh at their jokes. Part of you is holding back not wanting to give them that validation. If you want to counter, that you need to practice giving praise more and more effusively. Not surprisingly, this is something that Jimmy Fallon is very good at. Here he is talking about how Ryan Reynolds took a huge fan to the Deadpool premier. Just check out his enthusiasm. Here’s you with her and her brother. I love that you did that! I love that you did that. That’s awesome that you did that. Here, he’s freaking out about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s freestyling skills. (Lin-Manuel rapping) Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Michael Jordan with his tongue out! Oh my gosh, how do you do that? That sort of enthusiasm for other people’s achievements makes it easy to pay them this simple compliment of a laugh. And third, you’re gonna want to get in the habit of celebrating stupid little things. That could mean a short line at the grocery store or like traffic day or, in the case of Jimmy Fallon, a victory in some of the games that he plays on the show. Watch how eager he is to run over to his teammate and give them a huge hug just for winning a simple round of catchphrase. Who, what, where? (Teammate gets answer) Or watch how quickly Jimmy is to back up Terry Crews’s positivity and zest for life by joining in and dancing with him when he talks about how happy he is. By the way, Terry Crews is a great person to watch for this particular personality trait. …whole world, all the time, doing what I love which is amazing — you can feel the energy. I feel happy, I feel joy and that for you too. Anybody in the world is fine now. Yeah! Enthusiasm will make a huge difference. It makes life more vibrant, it’s going to make you laugh more, not to mention funnier, and more charismatic all around. I really might have to do more on this later if I’m not driving the point home enough here but hopefully you’re picking it up. Enthusiasm and energy are infectious and they translate to more laughter and happiness for everyone in the room but for now, let’s just move on to the fourth thing which is doing goofy things that you find personally amusing and as silly as it is, a goofy handshake reading that I have with an old friend almost always puts me in the mood of laughing whenever I’m with him. So set up little greetings, funny nicknames, anything that you find amusing or makes you chuckle with people in your life. And the more of these that you create, the easier to find it to laugh throughout your day and the better impressions that you’re going to make on everyone that you meet. Now of course, that positivity is huge but it’s not the only piece you need. If you want to consistently make a great first impression, there are four emotions that you need to hit in order and most people get the order completely backwards which is why they don’t always make a great first impression. If you want to know what those emotions are and more importantly, what order you need to hit them in go ahead and click the screen now. It’s going to take you to a different page where you can enter your email and access that video right now, so. Also, if you have not done so yet, make sure to subscribe to the channel. We make a new video every single week that’s going to help you master your charisma and your confidence and I think you’ll find that they have a huge positive impact on how you carry yourself through the world. So if you don’t want to miss a single video, go ahead, click the subscribe button now. Any suggestions that you have, please leave them in the comments. These feeds so much of what I do and yes, i’m going to watch the second presidential debate based on all your comments. I’ve not done so yet. I’m not promising a video on it but there’s enough good content between the second and the third debate which is later this week. I will do another video on the Trump versus Hillary feud which continues on. So, i hope that you guys have enjoyed this video and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake

  1. The issue is that Jimmy wants to always be the center of attention, that is why he acts this way.

  2. Jimmy Fallon's laugh is cute n funny. It's a real laugh believe me…It hurts n is extremely draining to pretend 2laugh..DO NOT WATCH HOW PRETEND CHARISMA/ LAUGING..IT will end socially bad 4 u..

  3. I don't think it's faked, and even if it is, whenever his guest makes a joke the audience laughs and so does he. It would be weird if he laughs because he notices the audience laugh, but they happen around the same time, showing that he's actually listening and taking in the joke instead of just laughing to break tension.

  4. Not hate him I he seems like a good person who laugh at my unfunny jokes and doesn't make fun of me
    But please stop it that fake laugh is too much

  5. Making a joke that doesn't land is honestly so devastating, I wish I had a jimmy fallon around at all times

  6. Anybody who can call somebody fake must live a miserable life because why are you concerned about other grown adults.

  7. He does look fake af when he smiles, however, he actually listens to his guests instead of butting in just like dick head Conan or whatever

  8. People need to give Jimmy a break; would you rather him not laugh at a joke and have awkward silence?

  9. He's laughs are fake but it like a talent he laugh at a bad joke and
    good joke exactly the same and I respect him for that (just think about people react to bad and good joke differently faking or not but Fallon laughs at them exactly the same)

  10. I hate him as a host,forgot which actor he interviewed but most of the time he don't do research who his guest is,boring ass host who entertains audience using games

  11. If you dont like Jimmy Fallon, Then watch Norm MacDonald's Youtube and Netflix talk show. He is the antiseptic to fake.

  12. Jimmy is not faking anything! He is full of life and joy and laughter and ppl like that will laugh all the time from anything! I wish more ppl like jimmy existed, positive, happy, kind and vrey talented and funny 🤣🔥🤘🏻 love you jimmy fallon

  13. I don't think he is fake, he just has a terrible natural laugh, so he has to put some extra into it, which comes off bad sometimes. I think he is a terrible host though personally

  14. I think he gets so much undeserved hate. Under almost every video from the show people are always complaining about him fake-laughing or talking too much during interviews. I think he is really funny!
    I am also happy that he seems like the only late night talkshow that won’t only talk about Trump.

  15. I think him "not being able to control" his laughter when performing a skit is fake. I have seen other comedians do it too (like it's their whole thing) and it gets a lot of laughs, so I think it is on purpose.

  16. It may not be fake per se but its definitely exaggerated. All the late night hosts do it. What the guest is saying may be slightly funny (sometimes) but rarely hysterical.

  17. This video is so bias, ofc he fake laughs. Why are you trying to say he doesnt . That's his job as a host, fake compliments. Fake laughs. It's obvious but it's also not a big deal…

  18. I don't agree with his politics, but I like Jimmy as a host. I've never seen him as anything but a great host. I've worked with the public, sometimes it has to be "faked" to make the other person feel good. That's a good host, IMO.

  19. I dont understand this video. Jimmy is a funny guy what's the matter with this? That is his business, but I think your business is to be unhappy.

  20. He also is a fan of EVERY SINGLE GUEST he has. Literally he says “I love that” like come on can’t have a tonight show every night and celeb lifestyle and binge watch every single Netflix show, hear every album, and watch EVERY movie and still fulfill that career. I think he’s too nice and agrees with EVERYBODY. Says yes to everything

  21. The tricky situation is where your friend is telling a story/making a joke/doing an impression in a mean-spirited way, you don't want to agree with their negative opinion about that person as it isn't how you feel, but you don't want to make your friend feel bad by not laughing as they are doing a comedy performance afterall. Knowing in that moment whether to speak up and disagree or laugh along can be difficult!

  22. Hes good in skits but not as talk show host!!! Plus hes now about of the deep fake media brainwashing programming agenda….they all are!!!

  23. It would be embarrassing if you approach a guy and talk to him in Japanese but he is actually Chinese. 😂😂

  24. It seems to me that Jimmy likes to laugh a whole lot and he's always having to rein in his laughter so he doesn't offend people, that's why he always covers his mouth up after he laughs.

  25. Could you ever do an analysis on Liza Koshy? She is the most extreme person I have ever seen and her personality is so cheerful, I'd be curious on what you'd say about her

  26. Every time I see Jimmy Fallon, I feel like he's actually really depressed. Idk why but I feel like he exaggerates his laughter to hide his sadness. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong but I feel this vibe very strongly. I don't think he is fake or pretending to like people.

  27. “Step 1: Don’t be in a rush to reveal everything about you that’s interesting, for example, when I used to live in Brazil…”

    Smooth asf

  28. All is about personality. There are some people who not laugh at all, speak slowly and profoundly and at The same time they are so charismatic and attractive …if they do otherwise they lose their likeability….

  29. I find Fallons laugh to be a joke killer due to when Im about to laugh at a guests story Fallons laugh immediately distracts me and stops the joke from registering

  30. I cannot fathom how this guy is in his forties, he acts like a college frat guy….lame and that sidekick he has higgins> loser

  31. As an LCSW who has taught at major universities, I think you definitely know what urtalking about, but your attempt to not alienate the subscriber base to make money, you e gone against your own curve. U recognize alienation is not a way to make your $$ so you find the positivity in him, but you sell out.

  32. It's definitely practiced fake. He has probably faked it so often that it has become a reflex.
    But if you compare his show with Conan or Graham Norton, it's obvious they're on a whole other tier then Jimmy.

  33. I would feel very uncomfortable, and he comes across fake to me… too over the top for me, I don't Ever watch him, but he IS soooo talented, impressive. He and Tom Cruise should have an enthusiasm face off battle.

  34. So is David Dobrik, but his fans don't care it's entertaining to watch. If you don't like it just don't watch it.

  35. when I was first just looking at fallons laugh, I was like wtf so weird. Then he asked me to watch the reactions of the guests and then I started laughing along with Jimmy even though it wasnt funny. Super weird.

  36. When someone is about to tell a story I giggle while there is no joke but in the end I laugh too hard. It happens so I don’t think he is faking it.

  37. I think I've figured out how he's able to stop laughing that quickly, you know that tic with the hands? Some people bite their lip to stop smiling, because pain confuses intense stimuli hence making you chill. He must hit those hands really hard, but it works!

  38. Consider that he is being a good host by keeping his laugh short, so that the guest can continue with their story.

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