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Why Romantic Comedies Are Secretly Bad for You | After Hours

okay here we go in another ridiculous and unnervingly accurate take on modern womanhood just diary to the age of reason correct and that is the final rom-com synopsis don’t think we need to count points to know who won hey we should congratulations on being a middle-aged woman thank you would anyone else like some chamomile new category chick flicks are bullshit people get their panties in a twist over sex and violence in movies all the time but the real threat is love rom-coms are worse for us than faces of death they’re worse than even the most violent torture porn no they’re not ooh side-by-side comparison with torture porn just to be sure anyone have a this player okay first of all they’re all gorgeous right and they work those totally kick-ass jobs it’s like event planners where they own their own bakery or they’re on TV and they’re totally loving life until one of their friends says no your happiness isn’t real it’s all meaningless until you find love yeah because love is the whole point not just of the movies but of everything and of course they’re beautiful movies are about wish fulfillment who wants to watch a bunch of ugly people with crappy jobs torture each other I’m hoping all of us I’m with Katie on this one that is not a healthy love in those movies there’s nothing mutual about it those women aren’t in control of anything because love is about giving up control and giving in to something crazy and reckless like kissing in the rain without a jacket or my fair lady a hooker yes pretty woman is a perfect example or watch maid Manhattan or Sex in the City okay no fool me once the men do all the work in those movies they pay the compliments they give the gifts that you the broad sweeping romantic gestures the woman’s job is just to absorb it all in those romantic comedies love is something that men do it’s something that women just fall into they’re completely passive and they’re powerless to control their fate right every woman in a rom-com is a clumsy ship adrift who has no idea what she wants and is just sort of hoping that she’ll fall into someone breaks romantic comedies have taught us that if a woman is looking for love then she’s either desperate or hopeless and if she’s blindsided by love when she least expects it and that’s how we know it’s real which is totally the reverse of how things work in real life and to that I say 27 dresses leap year and my best friend’s wedding in those movies the woman chases the man around sometimes all around the world to pin him down and the stuff you’re talking about that happens in every other genre of movie horror action thriller they’ve all got romantic subplots too and they’re a hell of a lot more unhealthy event rom-coms do you really think after watching a bunch of people die that Sandra Bullock is in the right frame of mind to decide she’s in love with Keanu Reeves the lake house was an action speed please keep up or won’t explode huh wait a sec she watches someone die by bus in the lake house to that toy we should die to know that yeah we are not redirecting this conversation er we are but to meet Daman to me the one that I want to say in the beginning of speed they’re strangers and then by the end Sandra Bullock is ready to dress the protagonist wounds and and fall happily ever after in love with him in romantic comedies at least they’re equals they’re both bright capable people they’re trading witty barbs and it’s fun and you love and they spend the whole movie proving that they’re on equal footing rom-coms are fun because they show you what goes into real love see anything from say anything Oh God fart noise of disbelief rom-coms barely scratched the surface of real love I mean they never even touch on the dark weird stuff you got to do to keep a relationship going Michael no one in the world owns a laserdisc player I scratch that all up anyway I’m saying romantic comedies just focus on the very first part of the relationship all the hard works upfront then everything’s smooth sailing datings a nightmare finding someone normal is exhausting and then there’s the comical web of lies oh you’re only dating a girl so you can win a bet when she becomes prom queen oh he’s in a Coleman you’re pretending to be his fiancee but you’re secretly in love with his brother lying about who you are so you could trick emotionally Frye’s woman into sleeping with you oh well that sounds really grim yeah it is but the finish line in every case is just getting the two people to finally say I love you or let’s get married or let’s get big fat Greek marry not in love actually actually that movie is about how some relationships are really hard yeah but then they drown it out with all the other stuff so they can get a happy ending vibe you got a guy telling his best friend’s wife that he loves her using poster board cue cards a man gathers up an entire village to go propose to his housekeeper a woman he’s never even really spoken to before because she doesn’t speak English she learned for him that is not actually love in real life falling he loves the easy part people do it by accident all the time with terrible people it’s working on the relationship that’s the hard part yeah but movies about married couples that argue and try to work it out that’s a totally separate genre that relationship dynamic has no place in a romantic comedy and yet there in almost every single one there are the relationships that fall apart in the first 20 minutes of the film so the protagonist can move on there are the marriages that collapse before act 2 the relationship that goes up in flames at the beginning is often the truest in the whole movie they’ve got problems and stuff to work through but the moral is abandon those when they’re hard find someone who will stock you to the airport and outrun security instead because that always works out come on no one’s really taking those to heart if they were people would be getting divorced left and right we love origin stories but we hate being reminded of the work that comes afterwards I mean if love is eternal and conquers all then why would we settle for an imperfect one Wow Michael I think that’s the most cogent thing you’ve ever said yeah I’m a wise drunk although to be fair I got a lot of that from a placemat and some of its from this restraining order a chick has out on me Oh happy Valentine’s Day yo would be good is a romantic comedy that shows a couple that’s like really trying to work on it one of the leaves or one of them dies I had I really thought it through King Kong yeah think you just described King Kong is today Valentine’s Day I don’t know I got to go hey everybody thank you for supporting crack you’d like to subscribe to our Channel please do so now I don’t actually know one of these directions is a subscribe button in honor of the year ending I’d like to give you all a gift because it’s the giving season I’m flexing every Muslim like body you’re welcome

100 thoughts on “Why Romantic Comedies Are Secretly Bad for You | After Hours

  1. notice they did not mention "stupid crazy love"? That's because it is exactly what they described… a relationship that needs work or julie ann moore will sleep with kevin bacon

  2. Okay, I saw Legally Blonde on the "relationships that broke up at the beginning of the movie" part and I just have to mention something.
    1: Legally Blonde is not a romantic comedy.
    2: After Warner breaks up with Elle because she isn't approved of by his family, she works hard to get into Harvard Law and win him back, only to realize how terrible he really is.
    3:At the end of the movie, we find out that the guy Elle ends up with, Emmet, proposed to her after they had been dating for three years.
    4: The "yay, the main character is super happy" moment at the end was about Elle becoming valedictorian of her class.
    5:Warner was cheating on Elle with Vivian while the were still dating.

  3. becoz people don't wanna see what is actually happening in their real life on the screen… movies to to general folks are time away from bs of real life… becoz its fake..its their fantasy… they wanna have a guy sweep them away bt they also know its never going to happen in real life.. bt atlst they can enjoy it on screen…. everything is to get away from the hororrs of real life.

  4. Dan has hair! And did Michael just walked off the set of Rounders? Is Katie going to a Arcade Fire concert after this? And Soren doesn't age

  5. There is nobody normal, since normal actually seems to mean perfect. Keep your word, even when you don't feel like it. Agapé is commitment, not mere infatuation. Choose to act in love and love will follow, forgiving and overlooking the faults of the person you vowed your lifelong vows with.

  6. One of the big problems with Rom Coms is that it sends the message that you can make someone fall in love with you if you just keep at it and make the right kind of grand romantic gestures. But the truth is that love just doesn't work that way. Yes, it takes time and effort to make a relationship work, but love isn't something you can just make happen if you can figure out the right things to say or do. If the other person just doesn't feel that way about you, there's nothing you can do to change that.

  7. Why aren't girls ever the romantic ones? I mean we are the self-proclaimed experts in romance. Wouldn't the best way to show your guy how to be romantic be by example. Then again I'm single and socially awkward and know nothing about that stuff

  8. Why did nobody point out that the movies Dan listed as movies where a woman chases love, the actual love story is between the woman and the man she meets along the way, not the man she was chasing?

  9. is it bad that I love this episode because I actually found love in a way that wouldn't be out of place in a romantic comedy? And also because my first girlfriend is the only one I've ever been in a relationship with and we're still together, so….
    Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun 😛

  10. This show is so great. If you actually watch them in order there are so many small jokes and comments here and there that you might have missed otherwise. "Fool me once"

  11. Love the background stuff where Michael pours all the alcohol in his drink and winks at Soren when he later tries to drink some

  12. YES such an eloquent description of faces of death. The 12 people I've mention FOD to have no clue what it was 🙁

  13. Okay watch the last five years, it's not technically a rom com but it's a love story in form of a musical and it shows a relationship that falls apart

  14. These guys sometimes get their stuff backwards. Rom cams make women passive because society views women that way, not the other way around. Society sees women actively seeking love as desperate and the rom coms just represent that. They don't create that view they just perpetuate it.

  15. It's wish fulfillment. There's a lot of single ladies (and I guess even guys) who can't find love, or are unsatisfied by something. That's where the fantasy comes in. Having a handsome stranger catch you when you fall/catching a damsel and having her instantly attracted to you.

    Who doesn't want that? Love would be way easier if it worked that way

  16. I don't like how in rom coms a woman can only be happy when she has a boyfriend or husband. She needs a man to feel confident and without him she is worthless. And wanting to find love makes you a desperate monster who will die alone. These movies can portray any relationship with even one problem as terrible, even when most relationships have problems. And why are the women always working as a designer, or a journalist, or a chef, or a florist, I don't get that. And also why does a man pinning over a woman he knows nothing about and has talked to like twice considered love, and she automatically loves him back even tho in real life you'd probably just reject some rando confessing his love for you. And why are they all set in New York or Seattle or la.

  17. Why can you always tell the entire plot of a rom com from the trailer. Non of them have like a twist or an unexpected event, it's all just the same stuff reproduced again and again, getting shoved down our throats till we die. Wow that was real aggressive

  18. My gripe is how rom coms make it seem like creepy stalking is sweet and romantic. I actually liked Love Actually, but that cue card scene was beyond ridiculous. It was an insanely creepy and shitty thing to do. Especially since the guys were best friends. Plus, there was no way he’d know for sure that only Keira Knightly would answer the door. I highly doubt she would be charmed by any of that, unless she was a very troubled/disturbed narcissist.

  19. "Congratulations on being a middle aged woman."
    "Thank you!"

    He's so happy at that compliment.

  20. 1:38 I like how Soren referred to sex in the city and Micheal referenced back to when they talked about ninja turtles

  21. And if you've seen Speed 2 you know that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves' characters, Annie and Jack, broke up. She's with Jason Patric's character Alex Shaw in Speed 2. They're engaged by the end of that, so it's safe to say they stay together.

  22. Every time I'm surprised that they don't bring up the Graduate

    (whose ending subverts the run-past-airport-security-and-say-I-love-you thing by showing the characters afterwards)

  23. No, the women in the movies are in full control just like real life because they e got all the pussy. And guys are far mor biologically compelled to seek the woman and the woman basically has to exist. It mirrors real life.

    And it's TRUE, how fulfilling is being a rich executive if you don't have someone to share it with?

  24. Legally Blonde was a bad example. They didn't have problems in the beginning, he completely disregarded her as anything other than eye candy and then dumped her.

    Then the relationship she developed was based on friendship and mutual respect.

  25. No Wonder the Suicide Rate has Gone Up, You people have Deluted Yourselves into Thinking that your Douche Bag Significant other is a Good Person instead of Finding a Less Poisonous Relationship, There is a Saying that Goes " If it isn't Love it's a Sickness." True. The Second Greatest Trick the Devil ever Pulled was Teaching Evil People to Fake Empathy in order to Fit into Society. I Feel Sorry for the Girl on here I really Hope that is Not her Lines she is saying, She Must be in a Just Awful Relationship where she constantly Makes Excuses for her Pathetic Significant Other cause she doesn't Believe in Losing, Let the Piece of Shit Go Honey, You will be a Lot Happier. BTW alot of People are Narrcissist that are Incapable of Feeling Love, also Love only Happens when Both People Feel it for One Another at the same Time, otherwise it's just An Infatuation for another Person you Wish Loved You Back.

  26. This is why I hate romantic comedies. Almost all of them have a toxic and harmful view of love and romance. 50 First Dates is a well made movie with great acting, but none that changes the fact that it’s still about a man exploiting a woman’s mental illness for his own benefit. The way it ends is just disturbing because all I could think about is the hell that poor woman must’ve gone through while she was pregnant. The Ugly Truth and This Means War show that all men are competitive sex crazed douche bags and all women are nagging prudes who are obsessed with marriage. Sixteen Candles and Dead Poets Society romanticize attempted rape and stalking as long as it’s a dorky nice guy doing it to the popular girl. What’s also funny is when it’s the woman stalking for love like in Sleepless in Seattle, Dear Santa, and Wayne’s World she’s seen as crazy and selfish. Talk about double standards.

  27. When I was a little girl, my mom stopped taking me to movies because in rom/com or Disney movies when they got to happily ever after, the movie is over, and even at a young age I was mad because I just kept asking and then what happens?

  28. The most important thing about any Rom-Com is in, "Love Actually." Whenever whats-her-face (no, I don't care who she is) hears the knock on the door from posterboard dude (ditto) and gets up to answer it, watch her wine glass. As her jeans pass behind it, it temporarily forms a cartoon Batman head.
    Thank you, Apophenia.

  29. 5:01 1930s, 40s & 50s rom coms regularly did this- looking at a married/divorced couple going through problems that eventually get sorted; The Awful Truth, The Thin Man (well- no problems, but they are married), Blithe Spirit, Palm Beach Story (my favourite), His Girl Friday, Philadelphia Story, Mr & Mrs Smith, The Grass is Greener, Indiscreet etc etc. We just for some reason lost this around the mid 60s.

  30. I've seen every episode of this show and I still re-watch it on a regular basis this is truly one of the greatest shows to grace YouTube

  31. It greatly upsets me that Legally Blonde is used as a romantic comedy example. Like Elle and Warner weren't in a relationship that was hard and they gave up on, he was an asshole who was only with her because she was hot, and as soon as he wanted someone he didn't slap a sexist "dumb blonde" label on from the get go even though she was incredibly smart. The movie itself wasn't even a romantic comedy, it was about Elle's journey towards personal fulfillment and success. The romance that she ends up with happens is a result of a mutually beneficial friendship that blossoms over the course of at least a year

  32. why do these guys have to use this "language"? it´s supposed to be funny? it´s the same mainstream language they criticize in a way … fucks there credibility

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