Laughter is the Best Medicine

41 thoughts on “Why Teenagers Are God’s Revenge. Jeff Allen

  1. Are you kidding? That's your bad teenager? Ha! My middle son was 40 miles of bad mouth. He didn't use any of those milquetoast expressions. I can't tell you how many times we were called Communists, and occasionally Nazis–once even on the same day. He hated our guts and made it plain with every look and word.

    He moved out the day he finished high school, because he had to be free. Well, his attitude turned around right quick. A couple months later, he came home and lectured our youngest son about how to behave. He sounded like a crotchety old man!

  2. Clean comedy is overrated. A clean comic will never, ever be able to touch Chappelle, Oswald, or Silverman.

  3. OMG !!! JEFF ALLEN is totally the best comedian any one can relate to. He’s the God of laughter. I’ve never laughed so HARD.. Go Jeff.

  4. There is only Islam as the quran and hadith prove beyond doubt or question, accept this as you would the word of Allah and his prophet Muhammad PBUH. Declare your shahada and find peace in the beauty of Islam ~

  5. I said in front my own son and his mom..she said why don't you say anything to your own son…l said l believe in karma..wait till he has his son..and karma will do the rest…and l was so bad that l aks my own mom for forgiveness…right after my second son..

  6. Trolling kids by the elders, that's the best they can get 😉
    Also, is the best thing they can remember from their loved ones.

  7. How is this funny? There's no cursing, no vulgarity, no sex. Oh, this is what real comedy is. Love it.

  8. The best audience, they are laughing their guts out. I am envious, I should have been there. 🤗🤗🤗

  9. Aw man I gave my mom hell when I was a teenager 😂 she used to say “I hope one day you have a daughter who treats you the way you treat me!” Me: “Whatever.” eye roll

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