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Wie wird man Bad Boys los? | Dragony Aunts | S01E04 | Comedy Central Deutschland

I really love the bad boys this member has Shakespeare it’s me esteemed yet bankrupt romance novelist Krista Rasmussen and me Mariah Carey’s Muse candy world and today we’re answering your questions about love [Music] please welcome my arch-nemesis cuz Meena Papa thank you so much hello so we hear you’ve got a question about eleven dating so I kind of have like a boy dilemma I really love the bad boys that treat me kind of badly even though I would love to like boys that treat me like a princess you can definitely help Katharina okay lucky must’ve had some good experiences with good boys right tell us about them at the beginning they’re cute they’re nice but then they start saying you did a beautiful why don’t you like being told your beauty there we go because I feel like that’s a cliche thing that old guys say it’s actually not what a lot of guys say a lot of girls would kill for a guy to say that to them a lot of guys say to me you know back off you know stop following me we do all deserve to be treated well except candy you can totally get a good guy and like train him to do that and bad stuff you know what I mean I want to do a bit of roleplay can we get Gabe and Gabe come on Gabe Gabe come in here neither nice boy Gabe smells like puppies and marshmallows and love letters now let’s turn gave in to a bad boy [Music] lovely what’s your favorite pastime gave that boy game I like to cross the road when it’s red mmm what do you like to eat Gabe I might eat dessert first hmm so you see what we’re saying you get your hands on one of these gorgeous good boys that is really into you and then once you’re committed start introducing these little things question is would you do these type of things for a girl if you liked her oh oh how me a piece of Gabe so how do you feel now after doing up at a roleplay how do you feel I actually feel like you helped me a lot oh my god thank you so very much thank you so much you’re beautiful and you deserve better than some Jake that’s not gonna text you back thank you my quite another case closed we’re gonna answer your questions about love Marcus from father Shem says how do you know when you’re in love a severe burning sensation when you pee since I married my wife I’ve thought about her more as a friend what can I do to get the butterflies back in my stomach again says Steve from Cardiff simple eat a caterpillar if L can t eat Claudia from Eckel says I don’t think I’ll ever love someone as much as I love my pet salamander Arthur should I just give up on man mmm-hmm fuck men who makes you more happy or salamander or a Matt you know who’s there for you when you come home you’re Solomon sound manner your showers at you in the morning there’s salamander who wears her white shirt your oversized white shirt in the morning it was real sexy and it’s hanging off his shoulder he’s like good morning you want some coffee Thanks let me sleep over you’re selling that your salamanders it’s your salamander for the win I said you’d like to welcome Tim Renko hi Tim thank you okay so Tim we heard that you have a romantic request I would like to be more romantic for my girlfriend someone caught a live ambulance this is an emergency what do you think is a little tiny romantic gesture to do for her the problem is is all the other nice ones you think of like cooking dinner something if I did I would probably burn the house down I mean there’s always a take away you could do what I do and lie and say that I made the fares another case closed mmm I love me some love I think to be really romantic you need to look really romantic okay so Tim now that you look like a real Romeo do you feel more romantic I feel like a hipsters would drink Shakespeare in Love oh no my cups this live but having Shakespeare I think we need to come up with something else okay Tim it doesn’t always have to be these grand gestures sometimes romance is about being like you know what I might want to watch this but you want to watch that we’re gonna watch that you know prioritizing her above you that is so romantic sometimes what’s the smallest thing hello usually you say hi what have we learned about love today Krista I’m not sure let’s find out [Music] wake up bitch is just about marrying a really rich guy we’ll come be you know it’s like that scene and call me by your name you know the one with that leg lift their love like when a guy pays your feel [Music] surprise bitch he’s cheating on you who goes tandem on a bike with you an Amsterdam but then you crash in it’s a really hilarious story you’re salamander [Music] you

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