Laughter is the Best Medicine

Will Smith’s Top 10 Rules For Success – Volume 2

– It takes such a
desperate, obsessive focus to excel on a level that
I want to make movies. You have to be able to
laugh at everything. He who says he can and
he who says he can’t are both usually right. – He’s an American actor,
producer, rapper, and songwriter. He’s been ranked as the most bankable movie star worldwide by Forbes. As of 2016, his films have grossed over $7.5 billion worldwide. He’s Will Smith and here’s my take on his Top 10 Rules for
Success, volume two. Rule number one is my personal favorite and I’d love to know which
one you guys liked the best. Also guys, as you’re watching if you hear something that
really resonates with you, please leave it down in the comments below and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired. Also, when you write it down, it’s much more likely to
lock in for yourself as well. Enjoy! (dramatic music) I realize that to have
the level of success that I want to have, it’s difficult to spread it out and do multiple things, in order to be world class. And I made a decision, I
want to be world class. It takes such a desperate, obsessive focus to excel on a level that
I want to make movies. I was, Star Wars, when I was young, I sat in the movie theater
and watched Star Wars and I just couldn’t believe that that movie made me feel like that, just floored and just
stunned by the creativity. And just, I’m realizing that in order to move people in that way, in order to touch people in that way, you really got to focus
with all of your fiber and all of your heart
and all your creativity. The concept of improving lives runs through the center of everything I do and then I realize that the way to improve lives is to continually improve yourself, right? So with that, every morning when I get out of the bed, I haven’t fixed everything
in the world yet. So there’s always something to do. And in this film I read
an interesting quote from the Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, he said that good people have to get
out of the bed every day and try to empty the ocean with a ladle. And I thought that was, I knew that was profound
and I paused for a second and I said all right, what the hell is a ladle, right? (audience laughing) Right? So that, I just I touched it on my iPad, is ladle, oh it’s like a big spoon, a big spoon, okay. It’s like a soup spoon, yeah. A soup spoon, I was like why a soup spoon? So trying to empty the
ocean with a soup spoon. As the mentality of how
you wake up every day to try to do good in the world. So for me I’m really driven
by continually trying to elevate my mind and elevate my spirit and care for my body and to be able to love as many people as effectively as possible
with this mystery of life that I’ve been given. For me, I never did anything for money. It was never about money. My experience has been when
people do things for money you make bad choices. Find what you love and then
you’ll learn how to make money doing what you love. When I changed careers, I was never changing
to something for money, I was changing to something I loved more. And that, to me that’s really the only way to keep the passion. If you have two choices, and one is playing the piano
and another one is bowling, and you can make more money bowling but you love playing the piano more, you got to play the piano. It’s like you’ll tear yourself apart if you’re not doing the thing
that you love most in life. And you know what it is right now. Right now, there’s something that you love more than everything. Whatever it is that you love crazy, has to be the thing that
you dedicate your life. You have to be able to be
vulnerable in front of anybody. You have to be comfortable looking silly, you have to be comfortable
making mistakes, and you have to break
the thing inside of you that doesn’t want people to see. Because as soon as you
allow people to see, all of a sudden you get access to things that you didn’t realize you had access to. For example, like a thing I used to do, is when I was probably 18 or 19 years old, I got in touch with those blocks, the camera hates emotional blocks. You put a camera in somebody’s face and they’re uncomfortable
about delivering emotion, it looks fake and you feel it. You’ll immediately know it’s not real. Especially, look at
the size of this screen and in a shot that whole
screen could be just your eyes. So it’s like, you can’t hide
discomfort, uncertainty. So you have to be able to get comfortable just being anything, anything that you have to be for the role, you have to be comfortable being it. (audience cheering and applauding) I got in probably two weeks into my preparation for the film and my father was diagnosed with cancer. So we just started talking about love, time, and death. And we, it was some of the most open and powerful conversations
that we’d ever had. And they gave him six weeks and he actually, he lived for four months. So about three months into the six weeks, I go to see him one day and he said, “Man, this is embarrassing.” And I said, “What, Daddy?” And he said, “Man, you tell everybody “you would be dead in six weeks. “Three months later you
still hanging around.” Laughing is the elixir. And that was another thing
that my father taught me. He was joking all the way up
’til the end like laughing. You have to be able to laugh at everything and for me the beautiful part is that’s my natural color on the spectrum. I naturally go to comedy. And when I’m looking at something I’m always trying to
find why that’s funny. And it’s been really really
helpful in this experience. And even just this point in my life, keep, remember to laugh,
remember to laugh. And spend time with people
that make you laugh, that is hugely important. As a child my parents always told me you could be whatever you want to be, you could do whatever you want to do, and that office, that position, the highest office on
the face of the earth, it was something I heard
my parents saying it, but I didn’t totally believe it. Yet I went out in the world and I carried myself
and I held my head high and I stood there and I
looked people in their eyes and I talked to people
as if I was deserving of everything that this
planet has to offer. (audience cheering and applauding) So I just, I really want to
say to children out there and to people who are watching, Confucius said one time, he who says he can and
he who says he can’t are both usually right. So I want to stand here before you and as I hold this award, I want to give love to my wife and I want you to keep in your heart just know that you can, know that you can. And the greatest thing in my career has been the constant commitment to putting something
in the world of value. – Mhmm. – Not putting something in the world that makes me look hot. – Mhmm. – You know?
– Yeah. – So I think as long
as you can stay focused on delivering your art
and delivering yourself and delivering your energy and delivering your ideas for the world to be better– If there was one concept that I would suggest to people to take a daily
confrontation with is fear. The problem with fear is that it lies. So fear tells you, “Hey. “If you say that to that girl “she’s going to know she has you. “And she’ll never really
be attracted to you “if she knows how much
you attracted to her. “Don’t say that, no. “How we get her is when
she walks by, ignore her.” (audience laughing) – Puppet on your shoulder. – Fear tells you dumb like that. (audience laughing) So for me the daily
confrontation with fear has become a real practice for me. Since about three years ago, I went skydiving in Dubai. And skydiving, skydiving is a really
interesting confront with fear. So I got to stand up, I got to stand up. (interviewer laughing) I got to stand up. So all your friends, what happens you go out– – Hold this.
– How you, oh sorry. Oh, I dropped my thing. So what happens is you
go out the night before and you take a drink with your friends and somebody says, “Yeah, we
should go skydiving tomorrow!” And you go, “Yeah, we’ll go skydiving!” And we’re “Yeah! Yeah!” And you’re, “Yeah!” And everybody goes, “Yeah!” And you go home, you’re by yourself, you’re like, “Mm.” (audience laughing) You’re like, “Well yeah, I
mean they was drunk too.” (audience laughing) So maybe they not, maybe, I mean we don’t have to go, we don’t have to do it. So then that night
you’re laying in your bed and you just keep, and you’re terrified. You keep imagining over and over again jumping out of an airplane. And you can’t figure out
why you would do that. And you’re laying there and you have the worst
night’s sleep of your life but you still have the hope
that your friends were drunk. So you wake up the next day and you go down where you say where you were going to
meet and everybody’s there. You’re like oh sh. Alright, alright. Cool cool cool cool cool cool. So you get in the van and you don’t know that your friends had the
same night that you had ’cause they’re pretended like they didn’t. They’re like, “Yeah man,
my uncle’s a Navy SEAL “and this is going to be great. “I’ve been looking forward to this.” And you’re like, “Oh my god, oh my god.” And your stomach is terrible. You can’t eat and everything but you don’t want to be the only punk who doesn’t jump out of this airplane. So you get there and then
you have the safety brief and you’re standing there and the guys will tell you, “Well if the chute doesn’t open “what’s going to happen is you do a–” Well why the hell, why, what could happen? That the shoot wouldn’t open? So you do a thing and what
you do is your first jump, you’re attached to a guy who is going, he’s going to walk you out. So you go and you get there and there’s an airplane
and nobody’s stopping. Everybody’s still going. So you get onto the airplane and you’re sitting there and it’s extra ’cause you’re sitting on some
dude’s lap, some stranger. (audience and interviewer laughing) You’re sitting on his lap and it’s all, you’re
trying to make small talk. “Yeah. man. (audience and interviewer laughing) “So you’d be jumping with
people all the time, huh?” So and then you just want to make sure, “You got kids, right? “You got people you need to see?” Just want to make sure he’s serious. So you get in there. So everything’s normal. So you fly and you go up, you go up, you go up, and you go up to 14,000 feet and you notice there’s a light, it’s red and it’s yellow and green. So right now the light’s red, so then you start thinking at some point the
light’s going to go green but you don’t know what’s going to happen. And you wait and it goes yellow and the light goes green and somebody opens the door and in that moment you realize you’ve never been in a freaking
airplane with the door open. (audience laughing) Terror, oh sorry I’m spitting. (imitating loud spitting) Oh sorry. Terror terror terror terror! So you go and then if you were smart, you sat in the back so you don’t go first. And then people start
going out of the airplane. And you go and the guy walks
you up to the end of the thing and you’re standing and
your toes are on the edge. And you’re looking out down to death. And they say, “On three.” And they say, “One, two!” And he pushes you on two because people grab on three. (audience and interviewer laughing) And you go– (imitating screaming) And you fall out of the airplane and in one second you realize that it’s the most blissful
experience of your life. You’re flying. It doesn’t feel like falling. It’s like that you’re actually are kind of held a little bit by the wind and then you start and you start falling, you’re falling, and you, there’s zero fear. You realize that the
point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear. It’s bliss! It’s bliss! And you’re flying. And you’re doing it and then 20 seconds,
25 seconds, 40 seconds. And you have enough time
to just kind of be like, ah, there’s that building
I saw that morning. Oh you can see the ocean! You start doing all of that and the lesson for me was why were you scared in
your bed the night before? Why did you, what do
you need that fear for? Just don’t go, why are
you scared in your bed 16 hours before you jump? Why are you scared in the car? Why could you not enjoy breakfast? What did you need that, the fear is, fear of what? You’re nowhere even near the airplane. Everything up to the stepping out, there’s actually no reason to be scared it only just ruins your day. You don’t have to jump
and then in that moment, all of a sudden where
you should be terrified is the most blissful
experience of your life. And God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life. I have to show up at work
with the right attitude and with the positive energy. And I actually had a
t-shirt made that said “Positive energy is a part
of your job description.” So the idea that I want to
show up with the right energy, I want to show up, we’re all here. Even now we’re all here, we’re trying to feed our families, we’re trying to have a good time. This is an important part of our lives, our time is all that we have. So to me it’s hugely important to deliver positive energy in a way because it’s viral. So if I come with positive energy, then someone else is going to
pick up on the positive energy. And you’re going to take
it home to your families. So for me it’s just hugely important to approach everything and
everybody at every turn with the most positive loving kindness that I can generate. (audience cheering) (upbeat hip hop music) – [Jimmy] They love you! – [Will] Wow! They love you, they love you!
– Wow! (audience cheering) – That’s got to feel good. – Yeah. – That’s got to feel good. Good to see you, man. – You too. Yeah, that was good. That was like, that was a really really
good introduction but I just, they seem excited. I just, I think I can do it better. (audience cheering) – You can do it better?
– Yeah. – No, they gave you, they love you. They gave you a standing ovation. That was fine, that was… – No no, I just think, they deserve a better entrance than that. They just, I’m sorry. Just one more, one more. – Want to do the intro again? – Yeah, just one more.
– Alright. – One more, okay. (upbeat jazz music) (audience laughing and cheering) – Our first guest this evening is one of the biggest stars on the planet. He’s a multiple Grammy Award winner and multiple Academy and
Golden Globe Award nominee. Next Friday you can see him alongside Margot Robbie and Jared Leto on one of the most anticipated
movies of the summer, Suicide Squad! Please welcome, the one, the only, Will Smith! (audience cheering) (playful music) That’s how you do it! That’s how!
– Yeah, yeah. – [Jimmy] That’s how you do it! – [Will] Yeah. – Will Smith, everybody! That’s him right there! That is how–
– Yeah. – You make an entrance!
– Yeah. – Right there, Will Smith! – Yeah! That was pretty good. It felt a little bit better. – [Jimmy] Yeah? – I felt a little bit
better about that one. – A little? That was fantastic. You came out in a hamster,
a human hamster ball. That was unbelievable, that was great. – I just, I just think they
deserve a little more than that. (audience laughing and cheering) – Seriously? That was fine. – No no, just listen. Everybody at home, what we’ve done. I was your first guest
ever on this show, man. – I know, yeah. I know, I know, I know. I remember that, yeah, of course. – Just one. – Want to do one more time? – One more, I got to, I
got to give it to ’em. – Oh, yeah yeah yeah. – I got to give it to ’em.
– Yeah yeah yeah, sure. (upbeat jazz music) (audience laughing and cheering) – Our first guest this evening is one of the biggest stars on the planet. He’s a multiple Grammy Award winner, multiple Academy, Golden
Globe Award nominee. Next Friday you can see him,
Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, one of the most anticipated
movies of the summer, Suicide Squad. Please welcome, the one, the only, Will Smith! (audience cheering) (upbeat disco music) – Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to know, what did
you think of this video? And in general, what do you
think of our volume two series? Leave it down in the comments below. I’d also love to know, what did you learn from
Will Smith in this video that had the biggest impact on you? Which clip was your favorite and what are you going to
take from this video today and immediately apply it to your life, or your business somehow. Leave it down in the comments below, I’m super curious to find out. Finally, I want to give a
quick shout out to Gourav Jr. Gourav, thank you so much for picking up a copy of
my book, Your One Word. It really really really
really means a lot to me. And I hope you’re enjoying the read. So thank you guys so much for watching, I believe in you, I hope you continue to
believe in yourself. And whatever your one word is, much love. I’ll see you soon. – The movies that I made while I was making The Fresh Prince, so I was the Fresh
Prince during the winter and then the summers were Bad Boys, Independence Day, Men in Black. So it was like, it really captured a time. So it’s very difficult. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to make people smile and cheer over that but I also am going to
boldly go to new creation. Even something like the decision, I had the two screenplays in front of me for the Independence Day
Two and for Suicide Squad. So I had to choose
between the two of those and even the choice of
going to Suicide Squad, nothing about the qualities of the movies but the choice of trying to go forward versus clinging and clawing backwards. So I do want to aggressively go forward and do new things and create and hopefully be able to
stumble upon a new heyday.

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