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William Hay – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims

I am currently on a plane flying from the UK to Munich in Germany where I am scheduled to interview this man I find it very interesting that this sort of information is is in the ancient scriptures of the Holy Quran and I have no way of knowing where they would come from but I think it is extremely interesting that they are there and that this work is going on to these discovers the meaning of some of the passages now allegedly at some point he was asked what do you think is the origin of the text in the Quran which apparently he’s supposed to have replied well I would think it must be the divine being now this is going to be interesting you you right the first thing I’d like you to do if you wouldn’t mind would be to tell the people watching what your name is please William W hey now are you the William W hi who appeared in the video I’m about to show you now yes that’s me and that was in Islamabad in 1984 all right let’s say well that was the answer to my next question when in the way of a saving on time can you tell me what were you told was the purpose of this event well the there were two events I met with Sheik Zindani in Jeddah in I believe it was 1983 and that was an invitation that have been extended because the we had heard that the Saudis were trying to do things that would make it easier for scientists to pursue their research in the Arab countries without interference from the mullahs and I was approached by the Geological Society of America to see whether I might be willing to participate in this and I guess I was the first American to be chosen to to go to Saudi Arabia so I was a little concerned about what this was about because I don’t know much about religion and my specialties are in geology and marine geology and and paleo oceanography and paleo climate and but I was visited by two gentlemen a mr. Hoffman and mr. Monsour who talked to me about visiting Sheik Zindani and I agreed to do it I and understood that this was a program that was going to help to make it easier for scientists in the in the Muslim world to do their work right okay um can you describe what happened upon your Robert the first event was Jeddah did you say that’s right could you describe what happened when you arrived at Jeddah well I arrived at Jeddah and was taken to a hotel the Meridian and then for about four days each day I would visit Sheikh was in Doni and we would have a discussion about different topics that he was interested in very very very pleasant man to talk to and so on and and he felt that there were certain passages in the Quran that were not readily explained except in terms of modern science okay so I was curious to learn about those and I had good conversations toward the end we settled on one topic that they wanted me to talk about which was about about internal waves in the ocean well this is a pretty esoteric topic and I was really curious as to how there could be anything in the Quran about it but actually there is knowledge of these that goes back a long long way the Vikings knew about them and so on wait I was asking whether Muhammad had ever been to sea or have been talking to sailors and I was assured that he had never even seen the sea and never talked to sailors and he was illiterate and would not have had any knowledge about these sorts of things so I said well you know if if if there were no possibility that he had ever heard any of this or this or this or this then I made the statement well then you could say it was information from a divine being but that would require a lot of proof yeah you would have to you have to be sure that none of these other things had happened and that what didn’t seem to be evidence that that one could exclude them from having happened so when you were saying so I noticed the thing with the the interview that’s being distributed and you’re saying that the information in the text presented to you was quite interesting and that it’s it’s good that they’re trying to work out the origins of this text and then the video cuts immediately to a no scene where you say it must be from the Divine Being now the accounts that I’ve got there’s one here which is a Quran which has got claims for scientific miracles in and you’re listed in the back and it says for that part and when he was asked about the source of the Quran he replied well I would think it must be the divine being so are you saying that that is a misrepresentation that’s a misrepresentation okay there’s no question about that if the meeting and now that was I think those quotes are all or the the video is from the meeting in Islamabad which was a year later which was a larger conference at the meeting in Jeddah we had a final session where it was filmed out on a boat and again the Sheikh went through his list of things and I explained all the the things that I thought might not be true yeah that things that Muhammad might have known and so on and so forth and he said but if we exclude all of those all of those then what is then what is the conclusion low then I said well then you conclude it could have come from a divine being yeah what came after that isn’t of course recorded and that is Mike probably I think I made a statement but I don’t think that’s what happened so effectively what he’d done was to say look at this information you’ve presented lots of various ways that he could Nonie through purely natural means and it said well what if he’d never did this what if this isn’t true what if this isn’t true painted a purely hypothetical situation and used well under those concision conditions it must have been from the divine being but I don’t think so that’s Rhinelander said the middle was cut able and then of course the fake yeah the fake question was presented and I realized this had gone on for about four days preparing me for this and and to get to the point where one would finally say those words that he wanted to hear so he was a very clever personable um let’s say so that was the follow-up visit to Islamabad and he said said to me earlier before we started recording that took place on a boat it was the in Jeddah Jeddah was the boat yeah right now the conference in Islamabad I think the video is from the conference in Islamabad there there were a number of people present it was a it was a meeting with several hundred people present conducted in the in the building of the Parliament building of Pakistan and at one point we had a panel discussion yeah and that’s what the the video is from and what I emphasized there was that it’s interesting that these things might be in a religious text but I didn’t know why they would be there and the biggest problem with them is interpretation because I think the Sheikh was reading into them all sorts of modern interpretations which weren’t necessarily original mm-hm and perhaps I should say that I think a problem in this whole area is that the meanings of the words while the words themselves are preserved in script the meanings of the words may not be the same today as they were in the year 700 that happens in all other languages I don’t why Arabic would be any different that meanings of words don’t change with time so I think that’s the probably the biggest problem in the whole thing yeah is that the words don’t mean the way the Sheikh is interpreting the words yeah which seems to be his unique way of interpreting the words is not the same as what the original words meant of course is a very sexy Jaycees on the Koran from different sanctuaries where these miracles had never told we’re not had these miracles described to us in advance of the scientific discovery but then when the scientific discoveries made people look back and say oh look what the Quran clearly said all along the most of them are things that I would think that if if God wanted someone to make a great revelation these are not the things I would have expected yet it loves because they’re all readily observed what specifically was was the one specific miracle claim that zindani wanted you to look at this is about internal waves in the ocean yeah and he interpreted it with a very modern interpretation I think if you know when I look at the English translation that what may have been intended was to talk about the glitter what we call glitter which is the the light that you see on the sea floor that’s formed by waves and then they focus into the light in a different way and what you see on the sea floor looks like something very different from what you see on the surface that’d be an alternative interpretation of what the words might mean yeah but I would think that anybody who had been to sea and the Arabs had an enormous thousand year history of of seamanship would have had a lot of knowledge about these sorts of things he gave an example to me earlier before we started filming about some one place where two seats and sees a meeting where people would have fished oh yes certainly in the Bosphorus yes and that’s where two seas meet the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara the waters flow out from the Black Sea and below the outflow is an inflow into the Black Sea and this has been known forever because when fishing boats go there the fishing boats would normally drift toward the Sea of Marmara with the out flowing water but when they lower the nets to the bottom the fishing boats are dragged backwards in the other direction toward the Black Sea yeah so I think everybody for a long time has realized that there are two sets of waters they’re wonderful owing out one flowing in and going in the opposite direction and any any fisherman would have certainly known that yeah and we what kind of oh we’re talking if they’ve been fishing for a very long time which it clearly had and you know this this could easily be available knowledge to someone couldn’t it oh it would have been it would have been common knowledge to those people and I think it would have gone to others there’s also a possibility I don’t know about the details but fishermen in the Straits of bab-el-mandeb probably experienced the same thing yeah there is an inflow at the surface into the Red Sea and an outflow at depth so the there would have been the same sort of thing very close to Jeddah yeah that would have been noticeable I think to any any fisherman who had used nets to get to the bottom yeah okay now in light of your previous questions and I’ll ask the nest next question somewhat in jest did you become a Muslim no okay and the the final questions really just to to clear up any accusations which I foresee coming my way when I’m at this video public the first thing I would like to ask you is are you being paid by anyone at all to do this video no no no in fact you bought my lunch thank you very much people by lota I’m not paying here have you been intimidated in any way to retract your original statement not by me or anyone no no no okay no freemasons though I need you know what okay and a lot to ask you what do you think was the real purpose of this event well as I say we thought it was to help make it easier for scientists to operate in the Muslim world yeah but clearly I think in retrospect it is to try to recruit people for the Muslim for Islam I hate to say it but under false pretenses yeah and that’s a really serious problem and finally at some point previously you mentioned an event with your hosts I think it was in Islamabad a meal after after the show could you tell me about that yes well we had a we had a one of the meals after one of the evenings in the conference and when the afternoons in the conference we had an evening meal and I was seated with a table these were all the all the the representatives from who were there except for the the Westerners were religious figures in the Muslim world and I was seated with one group they all seemed to know each other and and Pete Palmer who was with me he asked the question why are there no women here and we were given the interesting answer that well women can’t be here because women don’t belong in this religious group women have no soul and we were both rather stunned by that and then I guess in retrospect now we realized that that was a table of Taliban so was was a very very interesting experience and I know that’s not a not necessarily a very widely held view and in the Muslim world especially by women yeah but that was what we were told all right lovely thank you very much for doing this interview thank you thank you thank you very much thanks

25 thoughts on “William Hay – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims

  1. I was wondering why we don't see more of this sort of thing- interviewing the quote mined scientists and getting their words from their mouths. Thank you sir for making this a reality!

  2. Say,[O Muhammad],Shall we[believers]inform you of the greatest losers as to[their]deeds? [They are]those whose effort is lost in worldly life,while they think that they are doing well in work.Those are the ones who disbelieve in the verses of their Lord and in[their]meeting Him,so their deeds have become worthless;and We will not assign to them on the Day of Resurrection any importance That is their recompense-Hell-for what they denied and[because]they took My signs and My messengers in ridicule

  3. You apparently don't get the point with these videos. It's not that the scientists "retract their statements"(Disassociate themselves from quote mining) that's important, it's revealing how muslims produce such statements through deception and exploiting people's desire to not offend their hosts by saying what they really think about their host's superstition.

    As far as the content of these revelations you are talking about, I can assure you that they underwhelm all humans with an education.

  4. In the end, it's not the statements of scientists that matter either, even if they had meant every word *and* converted to Islam as a result of agreeing with you, it would just mean that they are ignorant about the history of science. The facts would simply not be on their side.

  5. Either way, the way muslims spew out thousands of claims about "scientific revelations" using the most inane forms of revisionist interpretation it would be a miracle if they didn't hit one or two topics that weren't known in the 7th century. The challenge for muslims in such cases however, is to demonstrate that their modern revisionist interpretation was what was intended by Mohammed, which of course they can't do. And all the tafsirs and related hadith will flat our contradict their claims.

  6. Are you authorized to grant me this permission? Or do you just have no personal objection ? Are you willing to assume legal responsibility should the makers of this video try to sue or DMCA me?

  7. These videos aren't about proving the Quran has errors. They are simply exposing a fraud named "This is the truth" in which scientists were tricked into saying "sound bites" which were then edited out to make it look like they were saying that the Quran had scientifically verifiable miracles in it.

    These scientists were NOT confirming the divine origin of the Quran, it was a deception on the part of Al Zindani.

    Does that clear it up?

  8. "Why didnt they deny it then, why don't they deny it now?"

    Watch the video and find out. They were put in a socially awkward situation where they were pretty much forced to lie to avoid offending their hosts(And maybe even endanger their own safety).

  9. "Ask them if Koran is wrong and if it contradicts with modern science, it doesnt…"

    Because the sun sets in a puddle on the earth, flying birds are suspended in nothing solely by the power of Allah, and humans are made of water, mud, coagulated blood and dust, depending on Mohammed's mood. Give me a break. The mere fact that these people didn't convert says it all.

  10. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to manipulate an unsuspecting individual into making a statement, and then quote mine them in order to support the "miraculous claims" regarding your holy book.

  11. It is good to expose any unwarranted editing
    And it is good for William Hay to be able to clarify his view.

    This conversation does have its own set of weak points.

  12. Thank you for going to the trouble of making this and the accompanying videos. I get so tired of trying to navigate through all the lies and disinformation on the internet, and particularly the distortions by religious apologists, so I greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear the truth from the horse's mouth.

  13. Yes, these Muslim apologists are lying their asses off. No wonder, though, since their whole worldview is a great nest of nonsense.

  14. Whoever that man is, he's just a joke. Let's assume he is what he represents himself to be, that old guy in his lies and absurdities he denies his own previous words confirming then, denying now, but actually revealing a dishonest scientist(!) and he goes as far as lying against a group of Muslims present there with the laughable words he claims to have heard from them that women have no souls. And these ignorant people quickly cling onto it as though it's the claim or fact by Islam and Quran. How can you be so desperate about grabbing onto any dumb lie just to assault Islam without even quoting and showing a reference from a source like Quran or hadith?
    For your own info, just as the Quran remained unaltered from the time it was revealed, every single word and verse in Quran have remained unaltered along with their 'meanings'. Each word and verse Quran had 1400 years ago is the same today and so are their meanings. Quran is the spine of Arabic language.
    Quran does not need this man's approvals or disapprovals to maintain its superiority. Quran will shine forever with its unmatched beauty!

  15. well, even as a Muslim, i thought why didn't the people who praise the Koran convert if they think that it is Divine.

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