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Wine Tasting – Chilean Pinot Noir (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

[Spot Lights] [Awful Music] [Awful Music] [Awful Music] Errrrr [Awful Music] The Rev Jim Jones: With a degree of dignity. [Jazzy Music]
Phil: Right fellas this will be the first tasting of the night. [Jazzy Music]
Man 1: [Sniff] I’m getting hints of [Sniff] black forest fruits and a [Sniff] [Jazzy Music]
A wonderful smell of musky full-strength shag tobacco [Jazzy Music] [Sip and Gulp] [Hum of Enjoyment] [Jazzy Music]
Out-of-date fennel [Sniff] and that taste you get when you lick fresh pencil shavings. [Jazzy Music]
Man 2: [Sip] Hmm I do see what you mean but I’m getting strong dried-up blood on a hot- [Jazzy Music]
-pavement in the middle of July and a
hint of some [Sniff] damp armpits on the tube- [Jazzy Music]
-maybe? I don’t know what about you Gary? [Jazzy Music]
Gary: [Sniff] Definitely getting the armpits in my mouth but I’m tasting slightly overcooked heroin in a long ago- [Jazzy Music]
-abandoned 2002 Honda Civic. [Sniff] [Jazzy Music]
A diesel 2002 Honda Civic but I like it. I like it a lot. [End of Music]
Man 1: Yes so do I! What is it Phil? A Chilean Pinot Noir perhaps? Or something a- [Police Sirens] [Gun Shots] [Police Sirens]
-little more classic? An Etna Rosso? [Police Sirens]
Phil: Nah mate. It’s a bottle of Buckfast I nicked from the offy. [Police Sirens]
Man 2: Oh good year? Phil: No. I’ve had a shit year mate.
[Police Sirens Fading] Next we have a spirit! the classic- Ant-ey Fraz-ey Man 1: I’ve getting hints of, um, blindness and definitely, uh-
[Dog Barking] a return of the voices in my head telling me to kill. What about you? Man 2: Yes, yes I see what you mean but I’m getting a strong kick of internal organ failure as well. Gary your thoughts? [Sip] Gary: I’m getting hints of [Vomit] Despair
[Body Hits the Ground] [Footsteps] Phil: I call his shoes [Jazzy Music]

8 thoughts on “Wine Tasting – Chilean Pinot Noir (Animated British Comedy Sketch)

  1. Lol this vid was quite interesting. You should have more subs for all the damn hard work you put in. I actually just posted my first animation and was wondering if you could check it out and give some feedback? Maybe you'll even like it and consider being a subscriber and who knows… in the future we could even collab 😉

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