Laughter is the Best Medicine

Wisdom Of Age Review Inspirational quotes about Life and Success   Motivational Sayings for all ages

I spent 30 minutes looking over and
reading this fine little book called wisdom of age like Jeff Rubin and it’s
it’s fascinating every page is fun to read informative you realize that it
doesn’t matter whether you’re six years old or a hundred and six years old
there’s wisdom in every age and that is captured in this book I can’t wait to
read it with my grandkids and share it with folks of all ages Jeff has done an
amazing job and putting this together and I love it and I encourage folks to
give it a shot I also would like to just say a word about Jeff who I have known
for over 30 years Jeff is a friend and a colleague and he
has always been an activist and a community organizer and passionate about
this work and that passion comes through in every page in this book he’s
committed to helping people understand Aging in a way that I don’t think is out
there and I think it’s necessary so this fills a real need and I encourage
everyone to give it a try and give it a read Thanks

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