Laughter is the Best Medicine


– Audrey is about to go to an oral surgeon to have her wisdom teeth taken out. – No. – She’s really excited about this. – No. – Haven’t been able to sleep for days. – I don’t wanna go. – So excited. It’s like going to Disneyland. – I’m too nervous. I’m so nervous. I don’t wanna go. – She’s getting a little nervous because she has to have an IV put in her. That’s it right? – My arm. – Are you scared about the actual surgery? – Surgery? – You won’t even know you had surgery. You’ll wake up and be like, what? – I’ma wake up and have. – So we’re going to find out if Audrey is, how she reacts after her surgery, whether she is going to
be, which is the three. Sleepy, sad or very talkative,
and I’m guessing sleepy. – She thinks she’ll be sleepy. – I don’t know. The only good thing about this is that I could eat mashed potatoes. – She loves mashed potatoes. – I’m so excited to eat. We’re driving to the oral surgeon. I could not be more nervous. I’m nervous for the IV. – [Woman in Stripes] It was fast? Aww, why are you sad? – [Woman in Stripes]
It doesn’t hurt though? Aww, don’t cry sweetie. (crying) It did happen really fast, huh? – You what? Your makeup? What’s wrong? – Huh? – You’re a crybaby? You are. You’re crying, I know. Was the IV scary? No. – [Woman in Stripes] It went good? Yeah, it went good. – [Woman in Stripes] You didn’t know? Did you know you went to sleep? Yeah? Could you feel it? – [Woman in Stripes] You can’t talk? – [Woman in Stripes] You could
hear them talk sometimes? You were awake during it? You were asleep and you
could hear them talk? (laughs) Okay. What’s wrong? – Your makeup? It’s running. – Oh. (laughs) (crying) – [Woman in Stripes] It’s okay, honey. Here. Do you want me to wipe it for you? Okay. Here, let me get you a tissue. He cleaned it and then put the IV in? And that took a little while, huh? – [Woman in Stripes] It’s okay. It’s okay. Breathe, just breathe. That’s okay. (mumbles) (both laughing) I don’t know what you said, I’m sorry. You can lay back and rest. – Oh, (crying) – [Woman in Stripes]
Well, it’s over with, huh? That’s good. Do you still want mashed potatoes? (laughing) Do you want mashed potatoes? – [Woman in Stripes] I
don’t know what you said. – [Woman in Stripes] It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Yeah. I think you were so stressed
and worried about that and it wasn’t as bad as you thought. – [Woman in Stripes] You just
can’t get worked up over ’em. But now you know, huh. – [Woman in Stripes] I don’t
know why you’re crying either. (both laughs) – [Woman] Do you feel you’re ready to go. – [Woman in Stripes] Can you go? Okay. It wasn’t that bad. (laughs) (crying) – [Woman in Stripes] Why are you crying? – [Woman in Stripes] Yeah, and they put the heart monitor thing on. – The doctor walked in, maybe. – [Woman in Stripes] The doctor walked in? – [Woman in Stripes] Ah, okay, yeah. – [Woman in Stripes] Oh, if
you were gonna go to the rodeo. (crying) – [Woman in Stripes] oh, yeah. – [Woman in Stripes] Yup. – [Woman in Stripes] Yeah,
I think you fell asleep too. – [Woman in Stripes] I saw
you in the waiting room. They brought you to another room where they wait for you to
come out of your anesthesia. They walked you there. – Oh. – [Woman in Stripes] And
you just don’t remember it. (laughs) – [Woman in Stripes]
You are the crying type. Do you want a frosty? – No. – [Woman in Stripes] You don’t want one? Are you sure? – Yes. – [Woman in Stripes] We’ll get one now. – [Woman in Stripes] Do
you want mashed potatoes? – [Woman in Stripes] No mashed potatoes? – [Woman in Stripes] No pain, huh? – [Woman in Stripes] Yeah. – [Woman in Stripes] She
helped you to the car. You don’t remember her
helping you to the car? – [Woman in Stripes] She has brown hair. – [Woman in Stripes] But
do you remember that? You remember her walking you to the car. – [Woman in Stripes] You
know you couldn’t get here by yourself. – No. – [Woman in Stripes]
What do you want to do? (crying) – [Woman in Stripes]
(laughs) you’re just crying and you don’t know why, huh? – [Woman in Stripes] It’s okay. – [Woman in Stripes] Yeah. – [Woman in Stripes] I
think they probably put a stitch in, yes. – [Woman in Stripes] I don’t know. I didn’t ask ’em but you’ll go back in and they’ll take care of them. – [Woman in Stripes] Probably. – [Woman in Stripes] In a couple weeks. – [Woman in Stripes] It’ll be okay. – [Woman in Stripes] Then it’s okay if they fall out on their own. – [Woman in Stripes] If stitches fall out, that would be embarrassing? (both laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] Let me
help you out of the car, okay? – Let’s go out of the car. Jordan. (laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] a thumbnail. – Hi (crying). – Hi. (crying) – [Woman] She’s sad. – [Woman] Aww. – [Woman in Stripes] She’s just a crybaby. She’s not sad. – [Woman] Happy. (laughs) – [Woman] Aww. – [Woman] You’re okay. (both laughing) – Yeah, it’ll be a good blog. – [Woman in Stripes] It’s
good honey, it’s good. – (laughs) That’s your smile. – Yeah. – [Woman in Stripes] It’s a good smile. (laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] It’s
a good school picture. Wow.
– Oh. – [Woman in Stripes] I
helped you out of the car and into the house. – [Woman in Stripes] Yeah, you would’ve. (laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] You
want to see how you can walk? Do you wanna try to get up and stand? – Do you need help?
– Okay, you can– – By yourself, okay.
– Okay. – By myself. – Okay.
– Okay. (crying) – Whoa. (all laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] Maybe you
shouldn’t walk by yourself. – [Woman] Yeah. – [Woman in Stripes]
Where do you want to go? – [Woman in Stripes] Where are you going? – [Woman in Stripes] To dad? – You may have to be quiet. (laughs) Don’t, scared me. (laughs) – [Woman in Stripes] No. (crying) – [Woman] (laughs) Okay. – [Woman in Stripes] Do you
want me to make you some? – [Woman in Stripes] It might be good to have something in your belly. Do you want some mashed potatoes? – [Woman in Stripes] It
won’t hurt your stitches. Do you want me to go to the store and get your medicine
and maybe a smoothie? – [Woman in Stripes] No
you can’t go to the store. (laughs) Do you want to go to the store? Why? What do you want to get? Why do you want to go to the store? – I don’t know. – [Woman in Stripes] You just want to go – Just to go.
– to the store? I’m just gonna go get your medicine. – [Woman in Stripes]
You wanna do something. Do you wanna watch a movie? – Your head hurts.
– Should we lie down? – I think.
– And watch. – And lie down.
– Why don’t you rest and talk to Jordan and
I’ll be right back, okay? – Okay. – [Woman] What’s your favorite game? – [Woman] What? – [Woman] a hard one? – [Woman] 20 questions (laughs). – [Woman] Hard questions. – [Woman] It’s a hard question. – [Woman] Oh, that’s
a hard question, okay. (laughs) – [Woman] Oh, Wizard 101 is a fun one. (crying) (laughs) We could play that after. (laughs) (crying) – [Woman] You have a membership. – [Woman] Yeah. (laughs) – [Woman] Oh, that’s so sad. – [Woman] Do you like Just Dance? – [Woman] Especially with Shaylie? Yeah, she’s fun to play Just Dance with. – [Woman] Yeah. So do you want to do an
intro to say like, hi guys. (laughs) – [Woman] Oh my goodness. (laughs) – [Woman] You are funny. – [Woman] Yeah. – [Woman] (laughs) Okay. – [Woman] I know. (laughs) – [Woman] What’s your favorite song? (humming) ♪ Come on, come on ♪ ♪ Turn the radio on ♪ – [Woman] That cheap thrills. (humming) Oh. ♪ Momma said that it was okay ♪ That one too? Yeah, it’s a good song. – So, it’s the next day after my surgery and I re-watched some of the footage that what happened
yesterday and apparently, I was not where I thought
I was going to react like to the surgery. I thought I was going to be super tired but I am the very sad person. Like I cried
– Crybaby. – so much for no reason. – Yep, she kept repeating things and saying the same things over and over and crying over the littlest things. It was kind of– – I cried over Wizard 101 and ToonTown. It’s like, I love those games so much and I wasn’t trying, I
wasn’t being dramatic at all. I wasn’t acting at all,
it was really how I was. Thanks for watching today’s video. Be sure to give a thumbs up. Also leave a comment down below if you ever had your
wisdom teeth taken out or if your think you’re gonna have you’re gonna have your
wisdom teeth taken out. And we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye.
– Bye. (happy music)

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