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Witness The Roots of the LA Crack Epidemic

This little dot, has massive implications. This little dot, in the middle of south central
LA, affected the course of the nation. This was one of the first arrests of a crack
user in 1981. So what does this dot have to do with you? A lot more, than you might think. As early as 1981, reports of the alleged crack
epidemic, began surfacing in Los Angeles. Crack rock was cheaper, purer and easier to
get than traditional cocaine. And it took lower income areas by storm. TV Anchor: A drug so pure and so strong, it
might just as well be called: Crack of doom. By 1983, the epidemic had taken hold of the city, turning communities into war zones. And soon, crack became a national crisis. Reagan: Today there is a new epidemic, smokable
cocaine. smokable cocaine. Otherwise known as crack. It is an uncontrolled fire. Reagan’s anti-drug abuse act imposed harsher sentences on crack than traditional cocaine use leading to a decades long debate that the law was unfairly targeting minorities and and lower income neighborhoods who couldn’t afford the more expensive cocaine powder. Incarcerations in LA skyrocketed. By 1995 the California department of corrections
increased its black and latino inmates from 21,476 to 88,376. This led to broken families, an overblown foster care system, increased violence, and a growing skid row that crippled the nation. That’s until a long overdue correction was made. In 2010, Obama put an end to Reagan’s anti-drug
abuse act. While many feel it was too little, too late, it was a step towards correcting a racially skewed prison system. But was it enough? Now there are recent debates about a return
to Reagan era laws. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

36 thoughts on “Witness The Roots of the LA Crack Epidemic

  1. There are only 2 groups that profit from crack, the cartels and the private prison complex….if there is anything crippling the US its the fact that so many of its citizens cant work because of minor drug crimes, Obama went in the right direction, but with the likes of Jeff Sessions I doubt it will end well for these people…

  2. UPROXX, you forgot to mention a very important reason why crack had a harsher sentencing…black local, state, and country leaders were pushing for it to try and keep minority communities safer.

  3. War on drugs lol what war more like a massacre of most Americans probably more than 50% have used some type of illicit substance and yet you think as the government that you might take control of it one day lol good luck with that cause it's so far gone and blown out of control that you will never gain control over the drugs and the affect it has on our citizens and our communities it's just something that will continue to go on and probably continue to get worse before it ever gets better

  4. Yeah the Drug War is a failure. It’s like prohibition: you have to legalize it. At least then, you can regulate it.

  5. To all you idiots blaming the govt for bad decisions by black drug dealers.. let me ask you this , if the govt drops a bag full of guns in my back yard, is it their fault if I grab the guns and start shooting people??? NO IT'S NOT. STOP BLAMING THE GOVT BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS STARTED SELLING DRUGS.

  6. black people have been blaming others for their own dumb decisions for decades now. Jews have been persecuted much longer and they are doing well in America.

  7. Government profits off of all this shit. From drug making, drug deals, rival drug dealers killing eachother, arrests/incarcerations, hell even the Rehab clinics. It's the same way we have an opioid epidemic mostly because of big pharmacies. It's the crack epidemic all over again but with revised attempts for government to "lay low." Anything is legal just as long as the government can profit off of it to put more money in their pockets.

  8. Deaf to color. You lose any credibility once mentioning race. Everybody has woes, but crack is colorblind. Stop wasting people's time mentioning race. Capiche, faggot?

  9. The federal government should focus on border security national defense let states decide about drug use and marriage all that stuff

  10. I met a Marine who told me he helped the US Government rip off drug Lords in Nicaragua! 
    That is where all the cocaine came from! It was very very deliberate! America is the scum of the earth!

  11. Who cares if the sentencing was higher for crack and more poor folks were incarcerated? A CRIME IS A CRIME!!! If it wasnt made of cocaine or some form of coke byproduct, it would have just been some other ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE and,…. THE LAW IS THE LAW!!!!!
    Whats this POOR ME crap about it being racially motivated…. FOLKS OF ALL COLORS KNEW THE LAW

  12. Failure of Journalism. Telling you what you want to hear. For something like 'the Truth', look elsewhere.

  13. It was a failure if it were really A-war on drugs, however it became an effective tool To eliminate generations of black people and place them into 13th amendment ( Exception)confirmed slavery.💯

  14. Reagan administration, and the CIA put crack cocaine in the black communites to incarcate their men and sabotage them as hole. In 1980, LESS than two percent of the public viewed drugs as the most important issue facing the nation. Crack cocaine market replaced the manufacturing jobs in their community on purpose. Hence why Reagan sent those jobs oversees. War on Drugs was an attempt to wipe out the black race

  15. Do you mean the crack the CIA brought to los angelos? Then they write laws to lock up the community they brought it to? God bless america…..

  16. Obviously, and it looks like its unanimous here in the comments, the "war on drugs" was a complete fkng loss from the start on the feds side. I mean, they should just admit defeat and take a big fat 'L' on this one.

  17. I thought this was going to show that LA was a target for drug distribution. I have heard MANY reports over the years that crack hit the streets in the hands of the police

  18. We as Americans should have never let any kind of drug's come into our country or community's period! But that shows our "WEAKNESS" as a American.

    In other words we as Americans can be easy taken over by" MAN" or "MACHINE " for we're "WEAK" not " STRONG" as we say we are!. We're SHEEP being laid to SLAUGHTER"!. Our young generation will be our down" FALL" because they can be easy influenced to do "DUMB" and" STUPID"! Things.
    We have no control over our kid's or people's!.

    I can easy influence you just by coming up with a new "FAD" or a new "DRUG", or it can be "Music" that's how drugs came to AMERICA!. Our WEAKNESS!, Our Downfall!😠😭😞

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