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Woman Fart Humor

put a camera in in ladies toilets and and that's a two-way mirror and now what we've done is we've put speakers in the middle two cubicles so it'll sound like this people in those toilets just say just say something to each other pretend think you're in there just press that button little Mary goes do you need toilet paper on your side Oh someone's crushing chalkboards something else here can you give you through can you go out give me some paper towels or something all right hang on a second I don't remember eating that please will you give me some paper there is it I'm not gonna sit here all day all right hand me anything please use your panties I'm not wearing any panties together I've slashed my tights whoa

45 thoughts on “Woman Fart Humor

  1. I laughed so hard I almost passed out lol! You cant find this type of tv humor anymore. If u cant laugh at this then you need a soul.

  2. stupid snooty lady was too dignified to have a giggle over something 'beneath her'. i bet she has the raunchiest farts

  3. Hahahaha, I thought it was too immature for me, but then when she said into the microphone just after the first fart "I don't remember eating that" – that's when I knew, it was just immature enough for me 😉
    Thanks for uploading!

  4. ja ja ja que divertido reir con este video! te invitamos a ver nuestro canal de YouTube para reir con los nuestros! ♥

  5. I can't stop laughing when this guy says "I've splash my thighs" at 2:32 and at 2:47 to 2:55,especially when he goes "ahhhhhhh…"

  6. THIS WAS FUNNY AS HELL!!! i just have a question: who were the two women who were the guests on his show??

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