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Women In Comedy | Season 1 | BLESS THE HARTS

We were both at
“Saturday Night Live,” and we went through
the sketch comedy at a specific time where it was
definitely more male-dominated. It’s always been the norm,
and there’s just so much more vocalization going on, that
I feel like people are kind of being more conscious of
the things that are probably more intrinsic to women. This is my grand baby, y’all. My grand baby! She came out of a womb
that came out of my womb. It’s cool that we have
three generations of women at the forefront of the show. It’s great when there’s
movement in that direction and female relationships are
really interesting, especially in families. You know, I’m not
going to look at you, if you’re going to
give me the look. I’m giving you this look. No, I’m going
to close my eyes. This look is going to keep
on looking until you look. CHRISTOPHER MILLER: Well,
it’s really exciting to have Emily be the
first female showrunner of a Fox animated show. That perspective is one thing
that’s missing on that lineup. It’s nice to watch
the world catch up. KRISTEN WIIG: There should
be many more shows like this, and hopefully there will be. [music playing]

11 thoughts on “Women In Comedy | Season 1 | BLESS THE HARTS

  1. This show looks like it was made using bitmojis, and also it’s “women” message is just stereotypic I’m not against what they are saying but they’re kind of bragging about it

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