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Working Man 1: Trusty Tractor – Gus Johnson Comedy

I’m a working man All I need is wide-open fresh air and my trusty tractor Every few hours, People ask me “Hey, why are you working so hard?” I always tell them the same exact thing: “I got some hard work to do.” Working hard is probably the hardest thing I do on a regular basis I don’t get it why some folks are working not as hard as I did It’s not carpet science, people At the end of the day, working hard is what I do Working hard is what I do at the beginning and middle of the day, too Because I’m a working man I don’t take naps I don’t eat rice and working hard is what I do

100 thoughts on “Working Man 1: Trusty Tractor – Gus Johnson Comedy

  1. This is the kind of man every company needs.

    Working Man, you're a shining example of what you are! Keep it up!

  2. Ever use just this transcript to have a conversation with someone? NO?? You're missing something valuable…

  3. The deer blood on the tractor's bucket is a nice detail that suggests operational negligence of the tractor. It really completes the video

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