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World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

The NATO summit. It’s the annual meeting of the
world’s most powerful alliance. Sort of like if the Avengers
were extremely concerned about steel tariffs. And yesterday, the meeting
got off to a rocky start. President Trump had
a testy exchange with the president of France. He called out Canada for not
pulling its weight financially. And he demanded that Germany stop pronouncing
their “W”s like “V”s. “You’re make ‘Wienerschnitzel’
sound way less funny like that. It’s ‘wiener,’ not ‘viener.'” So Trump spent all day causing
chaos at the NATO summit. Right? And then, later that day,
it lead to something that nobody has seen before– a bunch of world leaders
caught on camera laughing at America’s president behind his back. Breaking overnight. A video that might just
drive the president crazy. It appears to show the Canadian
prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the French president,
Emmanuel Macron, and British prime minister
Boris Johnson laughing at how the president
conducted himself yesterday. Watch this. Man. -(laughter)
-That… that video… That video is amazing
for two reasons. One– it is crazy
that we were able to hear a private conversation
between major world leaders. Like, did they not know
this was happening? And two– that
when world leaders get together, they are gossipy bitches
just like the rest of us. -(laughter)
-Like… (applause and cheering) ‘Cause, like… I thought… I thought after meetings with Trump,
world leaders would be like, (British accent):
“Okay, we need to go back and draw up a new treaty.” Instead, they’re out there like,
“What was he wearing?” And the French guy is like,
“Oh, so he can’t speak English. “I mean, I don’t speak English, but he really can’t
speak English!” Yeah, it turns out
NATO is so catty, they should get Andy Cohen
to host it. That’s what they should do. And while most people thought
this video of world leaders trashing Trump
was hilarious, there was, uh, one person
who did not find it funny. We got the president leaving
a testy NATO summit. Leaders appear to be mocking him
behind the scenes, and that was the last straw. The president responding
right in front of the cameras. Take a look. (camera shutters clicking) The president was scheduled
to have a press conference before he left, but during
that bilateral meeting, after he was asked about
this video that’s going viral of Trudeau that we played for
you, the president said: Well, I don’t think I’m going to have
the press conference now. I think after
my bilateral meetings, I’ll just get on the plane
and head back home. Yeah. In response
to what happened, Trump called Trudeau “two-faced” and announced that he
was leaving the summit early. And you know what,
you know what, to be fair, Trump’s not wrong–
Justin Trudeau is two-faced. He’s got a white one
and a brown one. -(laughter, groaning)
-And… as for him going home,
as for Trump going home early, guys… I think they hurt his feelings. (laughter) Yeah. It’s like… it’s
like Trump was at a sleepover, and all the other kids
turned on him. You know? And now
he’s just there like, “Mom, I know it’s a day early, but can you come pick me up
from NATO?” (laughter) And look, man, I know a lot
of people don’t like Trump, but I don’t care
who you are, man, every single one of us
knows this feeling. Huh? Finding out
all the cool kids at school are laughing at you? Hmm? And then you run home
all the way, crying. And you know
when you’re a kid and you cry, you run with your arms dangling
by your sides. (sobbing loudly) (continues sobbing) And for Trump,
the most hurtful thing is probably the fact
that Boris Johnson joined in. That’s a shitty thing.
That’s shitty, Boris. -(cheering, applause)
-That’s a shitty move, Boris. That’s your friend! You know who Boris is?
Boris is that one kid you think is your real friend,
and then you see him over there trying to fit in
with everyone else, telling them
your deepest secrets. “Oh, and also, Donald told me
he pees the bed.” (like Trump): I told you that
in confidence, Boris! So shitty. So President… President Trump
was clearly hurt by what happened, and he decided
to head home early. But before he left,
before he left, he tried to get back
at all these other dudes by making some new friends. NEWSMAN:
From the Merkel meeting, President Trump has got lunch
with a select group of NATO nations–
what President Trump calls the “two percenters.” That’s a group
of eight other nations that are spending two percent
of their GDP on defense. They include Bulgaria, Greece, Britain, Estonia, Romania,
Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Okay, this is
just embarrassing now. Trump’s rolling with Romania,
Lithuania and Latvia because of what happened? It’s almost like
the popular kids dropped him, and now he’s eating lunch
at the loser table. And they’re
probably really nice. They’re like,
“Don’t be sad, Donald. “You can have some
of my horse tongue. It’s boiled and pickled.” (like Trump):
Get away. So look, man, clearly NATO did
not go well for Donald Trump. And I’ll be honest,
I don’t blame The Donald for flying home early. Mr. President,
you shouldn’t be in a place where people are gonna laugh
at you behind your back. You get on Air Force One,
and you fly straight back home, where we promise that we
will laugh at you to your face. (laughter, cheering, applause)

100 thoughts on “World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

  1. Funny thing is NATO doesn't contribute to anything, America pays most of everything in NATO, of course a bunch of pissed of leaders would talk about trump. Cuz trump put them in there place. Countries against to the terms of the price an not fulfilling the agreement. As a example 5 people share a apartment 1k is the bill, 4/5 people pay 25$ =100$ together an agreed 200$ an that one person is stuck paying the 900$. That one person is the u.s.a while the rest are a bunch of tards not agreeing to the terms.

  2. Why are Americans feeding their families and working give a crap about some old nasty European Beta Males that probably hump each other behind closed doors?? It's incredible that the pathetic liberal mind thinks this is news.. It's like a bunch of losers trying to create anything to make themselves fool good about living in a chaotic minded, perverted unhappy/crappy situation.. This is why people are waking up and realizing Liberalism is a Mental Sickness, Democrat dirty politicians continue to put old filthy rich White plantation owners in the fake media to attempt ro control minorities like they always have.. It's the same devils game over and over.. Thank Goodness People are Awakening to this same Government Control agenda full of Hollywood Wealthy Perverts and pedophile politicians!!!👏👏😡😎✊

  3. Shame on them..they owe us..President Trump put them in their place anyway and they got embarrassed or was probably a little teed. Trump is above that and you guys suck too. Trump told them they owe us money. And need to pay up. So shut up! And take up for who's right and thats not this show. No respect or you forget your American . NATO did go well regardless of them laughing off their own embarrassment with Donald their boss giving them funds $$monies that they needed and wanted even though they try and ignore being behind countries like France and Canada . Im proud of Trump. Not of this stupid show..what have you done to help the avg.american lately, and how is being unpatriotic helping anyone. Lining up with the stupid do nothing Democrats but lie and they are all guilty of what they accuse and we aren't all blind, death,or dumb..get a clue. Yeal,right you know just don't care ,no honor for truth and Nationalism, ..
    Heres to this show and speaker🤨 or🤔 host 👎👎👎

  4. As a German I am insulted when you talk about how we pronounce certain letters. I don't find this funny. Why did you not concentrate about what Trudeau said to Macron, Boris Johnson, etc.

  5. Trump never learned to "adult," and this summit is a perfect example of his childishness. After that summit in 2017 where he shoved Montenegro's PM out of the way, I'm not at all surprised by the way Trump is viewed by the rest of the world.

  6. I'm shitting my pants laughing at this. Funniest thing I've ever seen! Trump sitting on the curb like a kid with a skinned knee. Mom, I want to come home. LMAOOOO

  7. Mashallah that's awesome
    No surprise all politicians are two faced hello making it try to work doesn't always go well or is real?!

  8. I can’t help but think about how President Obama would have handled this situation with so much more class and maturity. Of course he never would be the butt of these jokes because he has so much more class and maturity

  9. The loser table? The new friends? WTF are you talking about man? I really would like to know why Trevor thinks the countries which pay 2% of their GDP to NATO are losers??? Let aside the new friends statement, which factually is not true.

  10. splinter south africa
    He tries to be funny does it matter when guppies talk about the president pay up children if you have shit who are you going to phone Trump of course.

  11. splinter south africa
    He tries to be funny does it matter when guppies talk about the president pay up children if you have shit who are you going to phone Trump of course.

  12. First the Europeans are pissed Trump is making them pay their fair share in NATO, unlike Trevor Noah’s hero sneaky Obama. Trevor is a pompous ass, ignorant pos.

  13. I kind of feel bad for Trump; then I remember all the kids he has been separated from their parents, and I don’t anymore. I hope one day to see him in jail.

  14. They didn’t actually say anything. They didn’t make fun, but it was I guess implied, and certainly inferred by anyone waiting for something to attack the president on.

    Screw The main stream media, and Canada, you’re ok, but next time elect a man as your P.M.

  15. This entire skit is just that…. At skit. “It’s just crazy we get to hear a real conversation between world leaders!” Exactly. You would never be able to, nor did it happen.

  16. this bit has 2 of the same jokes as SNL's cold opener this week. Kids in the lunch room laughing at Trump, and Trudeau's 2-Face joke.

  17. I understand this is comedy… But how is a 95% unintelligible conversation called (and titled) 'talking shit' about someone???

  18. He really needed to see it captured on video to believe the entire world talks trash behind his back? I can't think of many things that would be more obvious.

  19. Going to the losers table…who are you to judge other countries from eastern europe? You don`t even know where these are on a map…the only loser here it`s you who is talking bull***t

  20. I blame You Trevor you purposely help makeTrump look bad. You kept putting out fake news for the world to see. You mocked Trump displayed him as a fool instead of acknowledging his accomplishments. You hate America Trevor with your SOUTH AFRICAN self.

  21. every one of those Ball lickers would love to have the #'s TRUMP has low unemployment high GDP outstanding job market.

  22. this is all because of the constant disrespect from the Fake News media now everybody thinks they can talk shit . cut off aid to all those mother fuckers.

  23. That's what two-faced cowards do, talk behind your back then act like your friends to your face. Look at their countries compared to the US and you can see why they don't have the balls to say that to his face. Just a bunch of clowns just like trevor noah, sit at a table and read stupid shit other people wrote and mock a man that's done more in a week than noah will ever do in a lifetime. Guess that makes him feel like he has some worth. What a little man you are. lol !

  24. Wow!
    No wonder Liberals are so uninformed and full of hate. Look at the number of views on this video and then listen to Trevor's summary of the Nato summit – "Clearly Nato did not go well for Donald Trump", which is an outright lie, yet many get their news from here and would believe him

    All that was on Trump's agenda for the summit was accomplished – Increased Nato defense spending, a more collective approach to squash Russia's aggression, plans for the next G7 summit, got concessions from Turkey to stop their aggression against Baltic states, trade negotiations, and more. Yet Trevor says it didn't go well for Trump cos of a gossip video at the end? Wow!

    If only Trevor told his audience the truth they would be more informed, but he can't and has to keep lying to them to keep them angry and voting Democrat for as long as possible. SMH

  25. Trump is such a fucking snowflake. He shouldn't have taken a job like that if he can't take people poking fun at him.

  26. Trump is the biggest baby ever to hold such a high position. I heard he sucked his thumb all the way home on air force one. 😂

  27. Trevor Noah, even when others are acting without any class, you still make Trump the fool? I'm no Trump fan, but Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are the fools in this story. And by the way, Trudeau and Macron are not cool kids. They are even bigger ignorants than Trump.

  28. People talk shit about USA the real problem actually Trump is a problem to the sistem they create after Ww2 basically word is a piggy banks for them. A new colonialism.

  29. Lol… I didn't expect the ending to be like that. They might have hurt his feelings but the way he reacted seems unprofessional of him. He should've separated his personal and professional feelings and not let it interfer with him acting as a president (common sense 100) Shouldnt the president act lead by example and rise above it all? Or take this incident as a wake up call to stop learn what he needs to work on to get people's respect.

  30. a group of libtards who are hated by their countrymen…Rutte premier of Holland is facing a vote of no confidence…he just sold out the Dutch people's pensions to the ECB

  31. I don't get what exactly you morons are on about, I've been trying to find this supposed "mocking" or "making fun" of trump and as far as I can tell you people are lying.

  32. A lot of what they said was unintelligible. But it seems that Trudeau mostly spoke about Trump's reasons for being late. Does this qualify as "thrashing"? I know, it isn't nice to talk behind people's back and if they had some criticism to express, they should have told him to his face and possibly in a constructive way. On the other side I do not know if Trump would have accepted the criticism, even if it had been constructive.

  33. I like you very much Trevor but i think that this video clip was a bit cheap even stressful. You made me feel that you could actually be a bully yourself and that made me sad because I think you are a nice person and you do have top of the range humour. I hope you wont continue to follow that road you are better than that or at least be fair. ❤

  34. Not one of them has ever done anything for their country!!! Trump on the other hand is getting rid of leeches like them,,,

  35. Trump got dogged so hard overseas, he had to come home. I don't know if he can keep track of other events happening at the same time. I will not be any better here, there is an Impeachment going on her. AND there are people straight up in his face clowning/ critizing him.

  36. I don't get it!
    You are laughing at your own President being mocked by ingrates?
    Your president represents your country and you allow this?
    What kind of idiots are you?
    These leaders are ingrates. Yes! Ingrates! Like the host of this show.
    Did you forget how many americans lives was in the beaches of Normandy to liberate France?
    Did you forget that the whole of Europe was purchased by the blood of the Americans and you allow this?

  37. I used to like watching Trevor for his humorous and hilarious jokes. But now he is becoming male version of Wendy Williams who is the gossip queen.

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