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19 thoughts on “»World of tanks blitz -Funny Moments and fails EP1 (2019)

  1. Hey man, I just messaged you on Facebook, wanted to say, this video was epic, was just wondering if you would like to work together, I have been searching for someone to edit some lolz videos for me, as I'm not great at editing lol

  2. Hey I saw your Steam discussion and subbed to you hope to do the same cause I’m currently doing Smasher’s Funniest Complications Episodes so far I did a platoon video with some memes so anyway which server do you play?

  3. Hi there. It’s me Argo. I Just became a subscriber. Good luck on your project. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance 😉


  4. there is some known audio problems which i will fix in the next episode of Wot B funny moments

    Other than that , feel free to comment what else should I improve in it

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