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• From a sibling’s condition to a different
country, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit
about the most awkward bad jokes we’ve ever told. I’m Pringle and today I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by AsrielDreemurr129
Andiemations One time when Andiemations was 9 years old,
her and her family were having a pun war, and she was searching for jokes to tell. Andie found one that seemed cool and chose
to tell it. She said to her family, “How do you embarrass
a paleontologist? You give him a used tampon and ask what period
it came from!” Now, at the time she knew a lot of “adult
stuff” but didn’t know what tampons were for. Her grandparents lived with her at the time,
so everybody just stared at her like she was crazy. At that moment, she realized that she had
fucked up. Number 9 was submitted by VioletWyvern MKyleM
In high school, MKyleM had a science teacher who got teased by some girls about how shiny
his bald head was. As a science teacher he used that position
to explain scientifically that when humans get too smart, their hair begins to fall off. Then MKyleM cut in the conversation and said,
“Oh, so that’s why women never go bald.” The expressions on the girls’ faces were
priceless. They tried to get him back at P.E., but it
ended up as a fist fight. Number 8 was submitted by Rocky_ScoutGaming
Danger Dolan One day Dolan was walking down the corridor
of his school when he saw a bunch of the senior ‘cool’ kids loitering in the hall. Being the eavesdropper he was, Dolan decided
to lean against a wall and pretend to read a book. The seniors were just joking around and telling
Yo Mama jokes. One of the senior kids, Cid, told a joke that
he was familiar with. “What do Chinese billionaires always say?”
asked Cid. Dolan jumped into the little group and shouted the punchline, “Cha Ching!” The next thing he noticed was the group of
seniors staring at him, along with every single Asian kid that heard the punch-line. He was tattled on by one of the kids who heard
the joke and got sent to the conveniently Asian principal who called his parents to
pick him up for “inappropriate behavior.” Number 7 was submitted by AlisarAsh Nixxiom
One time Nixxiom was walking down the hall at school with his two friends – Tolop and
Grgak – and the subject of sociopaths came up. Tolop asked, “Can you tell if someone was
a sociopath?” Grgak replied with the logic of, “Everyone
is partially a sociopath.” Nixxiom, being the dumb dumb he was, replied
with over excessive laughter and the comment, “I didn’t choose the socio-path’, it chose
me.” Everyone within a five-person radius stopped
talking for a minute to soak in how absolutely stupid he was. Number 6 was submitted by Masked_WolfDragoness
Melissa After her humanities class one day, Melissa
asked her professor, Dr. Wolf, “Do you have wool clothing?” He went into detail about how he had a wool
sweater he once loaned out to someone, and how that someone returned it. After he had informed her it wasn’t very common
to find wool clothing in the region where they live, which is in the southern part of
the United States, Melissa said to him, “If you wore wool, you’d be a Wolf in sheep’s
clothing.” She was so embarrassed that she told him her
dad put her up to it, which he actually did. She apologized for her insolence and went
home. Number 5 was submitted by MJSchooley Emojie
Emojie was watching TV with his parents when a commercial for one of those things that
files dead skin off your feet came on. During it Emojie, for some reason, decided
it’d be a good idea to say, “Now that’s what I call a pedi-file!” Fortunately, his parents didn’t get mad; however,
he assured them he’d never make a joke like that again. He’s still wondering why he even said that
in the first place. Number 4 was submitted by KillDozer688 Dolan’s
Brother Not too long ago, Dolan’s brother’s mother
was holding a little get-together with some of her friends. As he was passing through the living room
from the kitchen to get himself a drink, he overheard some of the guests talking about
upper-class and lower-class, and one of them asked something along the lines of, “Is there
such a thing as a lower-class in America?” At this point, Dolan’s brother just blurted
out, “Sure there is, they’re called Canadians”. There was a complete hysterical uproar as
the entire room burst out laughing. It was only after this that his mother took
him aside and quietly told him that one of her guests was actually Canadian. Luckily for him, she’d left a few minutes
prior. He still feels bad about it though, since
he has a few Canadian friends. A lot of his mother’s friends still found
the “joke” hilarious to this day. Number 3 was submitted by MayMaeMei Legna
Legna was in a car with his friends, on their way back from a theme park. The drive back home was long so they began
to talk amongst themselves. He knew everyone in the car and got along
well with everyone. Well … there was one guy, Spinalpalm, that
Legna didn’t know too well. Spinalpalm was a friend of his friend’s sister. He tried to make friends with him by talking
to him, so Legna started talking about what they had seen at the theme park. He brought up the time they saw a little girl
run into her favorite character at the theme park and give them a big hug. That was a really cute thing they had seen,
so Legna blurted out, “That was so cute, I got diabetes”. Spinalpalm’s face went blank. “My sister has diabetes,” he angrily replied. The whole car was silent for the rest of the
way home. Number 2 was submitted by CynicalComic GhostToast
GhostToast was in an honors English class that only had 10 people in it. Earlier in the year, he mentioned eating people
as a good source of nutrition if it’s needed for survival. So he was already jokingly labeled as a cannibal. One day, they were having a discussion about
a book and a character who was in danger, and someone said, “They would have killed
him, and beat him up!”… not realizing the order in which they said it in. So in mockery, another student said, “Yeah! Cuz we just like to beat up dead bodies!” Without thinking, GhostToast said, “Of course! You gotta tenderize the meat!” The room went silent, aside from his laughter. Number 1 – What was the most awkward bad
joke that I ever told? Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet
Dolan subreddit for submitting their stories. We have another question for you: “What’s
the weirdest thing you do while you’re nervous?” Let us know in the reddit page linked below
and you might be featured in a future countdown.

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  1. What’s the weirdest thing you do while you’re nervous? Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown

  2. 4:01 hmm…seems innocent…


  3. On number five,where Emojie is used,is that Emojie's real voice? If so,that is a beautiful voice!!! (I AM NOT A LESBIAN! I SWEAR TO YOU!!!…Maybe…)

  4. DICK HOLD CANADIANS that’s very affenceive ☹️I’m sad and I was born in Canada I’m still in Canada

  5. 1:44 here's a good yo mama joke! Yo mama so damn fat that when she sat on the rainbow she made Skittles!

  6. The worst joke I told was…. what do you call me .a sad loser with no friendsYay

  7. I got some jokes
    When someone makes you mad say
    I’m mader then a gay with lock jaw on Valentine’s Day
    I got a little black in my family tree he’s still hanging there

  8. 5:37 GhostToast is toast. How does that make him a cannibal? Cuz only Humans can eat toast
    Toast can't eat humans

  9. 5:37 GhostToast is toast. How does that make him a cannibal?
    Cuz only Humans can eat toast
    Toast can't eat humans

  10. okay I call towel on the first bad joke if primal sender didn't know what tampon was used for how would she now how to use it corectly for a pun.

  11. Let me tell you a bad joke.

    You know what's funnier than




  12. das okay zargamba cause you're australian or at least i think you guys are cause you and dolan sound aussie so in turn its okay because you guys get joked about hella and goodluck dont fall out of your harness wink 4:07

  13. Number one, I was expecting him to say the Konomi code, because it's up up down down left right left right B A start…

  14. My friend sent a video to a discord server the video was a joke about 9/11 let's say that the people on that server didn't like it

  15. Is there even a lower class in America sure there is they r called Canadians u insulted vanoss u monster also bad thing to say

  16. This is more of a video of touchy f^cknuts and people with no sense of humor than bad jokes. I mean, c'mon. "Pedi-file"? That was FUNNY! Also… Cah-ching! FUNNY! Those Asians who overheard were born in the USA, right? That's how just about every Asian language sounds to us. It was lampooning a culture, not racist.

  17. I said the joke, "Why does Michael J. Fox make the best smoothies?" at Thanksgiving Dinner. The answer was, "He has the best ingredients."

  18. How not to make a bad joke:
    1) Don't be rasist
    2) Don't be sexist
    3) Don't be culturally insensitive
    4) Don't be insensitive in general
    5) Know your audiance
    6) There is a time and place for jokes. Make sure you know when that is.

  19. Here's a bad joke a girl at my school said " hey have u ever heard of a tan pond?" Get it? Yeah hahaha……

  20. I remember how when me and my parents were going to pull out of the parking space at the back of our house, but there was a car in the way. My dad joked about how we should just drive right through it, and I immediately shouted; "Yeah! Cuz we'll see how a Mercedes benz!" I still don't regret it.

  21. What do you call a sleeping sheep A SHEEP! get it? ( A sleep = a sheep) hahaha WOOL you laugh? Hahahaha. I guss you can say my jokes are PI-LOW

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