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20 thoughts on “Worst Way To Help Native Americans | Inside Jokes w/ Andrew Schulz #28

  1. weirdest schulz ever looked, especially on the beginning graphics… like a bad 90s rappers or a worse vanilla ice

  2. In Canada we call them First Nations. You will not see many First Nations people in Toronto. I challenge you to wander into Western Canada or even Northern Ontario where we have many reserves of First Nations people. Here you will truly see First Nations people and their communities.

  3. thought the mexican part was much much funnier and more original than the blanket thing. Everybody saw that coming from a mile away.

  4. The politically correct term for natives is aboriginal people. I call em intervenus Indians. They stink or whatever but the chicks fuck good.

  5. That's very accurate, I never seen a homeless mexican either because they work hard af where as when I was working next to United center in chicago we offered a homeless dude living in the alley we were fixing. We offered him a job and that black bum said "na I dont work".

  6. I only didn't like this because i am aboriginal first nations (canadian native) but it was somewhat funny 💀

  7. Damnit Andrew, I came for standup, not podcast interview stuff. Give us a show and not bits and pieces. Please

  8. “Smallpox snuggie” 😂 He should have used that. He should have done an inside joke on the clit joke 👀 a looooot of people got mad about that one 😬

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