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WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1)

The Arena: WoW Classic Funniest Moments (May 2019) Wait.. Oh… Oh Cause i’ve ressin.. I might die Okay Ready? You’re such a badass Azmon I know ahahahhahaha YES! ahahhahahahahaha oh man I knew it was gonna work owned so unbelievably hard dude blue weapon (in classic wow) okay okay guys.. so nobody needs this none of us actually need this so we should all greed Asmon? wha-what? greed on what on the blackfang? Asmon?,, What? Asmon? ASMON? hit greed okay so i’m gonna take this to the guild bank. WHAT THE FF

100 thoughts on “WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1)

  1. anyone know the music lpaying during the 9:50 clip? I recognize it from somewhere else, I dont think its from WoW

  2. swifty you ok? seems you are told old for this game now. got your memory all in knots hahaha. cant wait to get back on horde and violate you at will like the good ole darkspear days. Guys are lucky they didnt let many old horde players that owned you and the other so called alliance leet on, cause you would all rage quit (again).

  3. I'm convinced Swifty is actually just a dumbass that got lucky with his fame. Like actual, honest to god, well below average intelligence.

  4. esfand is such an annoying fat tub of crap. dude sits on live streams shoveling troughs of cold cereal into his fat piehole, milk dribbling down his neckbeard, and doesnt even have the courtesy to do that shit off cam. wouldnt matter so much that hes eating but hes a fucking disgusting pig to everyone when hes doing it.

    and 9:03 esfand, its not world first in beta you fat tub of biscuit gravy.

  5. Could we really change equipment in combat in classic?? I remember not being able to or else I'd just keep swapping trinkets.

  6. I've never seen a video with such little effort. Clips are cut off mid-way, the best parts of clips aren't even shown, and the ending is absolutely horrendous. Tf happened to this video.

  7. i like how swifty claims we could swap gear in combat, when we couldnt (besides weaps ofc). just shows how much he's forgotten over the years

  8. At first, I felt somewhat vindicated as a die-hard horde player because it seemed like most alliance streamers were totally insufferable. Now, I realize that virtually every streamer is totally insufferable regardless of faction.

  9. 13:15 THIS is why Vanilla was good. THIS! You feel left out of some content? Get good or gtfo. I hate this retail mentality of "if you paid your subscription, you can have all the content, no effort"

  10. Triggering watching Swifty be wrong about so many things in Vanilla, werent you a demigod back then? Age getting to ya bud?

  11. retail has been fucked for years. the dmg numbers way to high, the life total, way to high.
    the economy has been fucked for years. numbers way to high.
    blizzard employees been way to high. lets go mobile. ;D
    the amount of removed content way to high.
    its like their not even trying.

    just look at diablo. last 16 seasons. their answer has been. number aaint high enough. 150% 300% 600% 1200% 2400% 4800% 9600% 19200% buff that set bonus ! push that GR 20 to 30 to 40 to 130 etc.

    they have more success launching classic wow, warcraft 3 remake.
    mark my word Diablo 2 remake is arround the corner.

  12. i'm gonna play diablo this games too hard, LMAO that guy >.< grow a pair bro!
    Do that many people not remember how hard it actually was? I mean not that hard but not as easy as shit as it is now a days lol

  13. The dipshit that just gave you a silver XD Holy shit these streamers are all megalomania-assholes xD hahahaha

  14. lol @ the lvl 30 world allaince classic wow warlock.
    NO thats not an acomplishment with 90% of the playerbase not invited to the beta.
    second NO thats not an acompishment cuz its lvl 30, not 60.
    thats the same as the first lvl 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…… on classic launch.
    who are these retarded streamers?

  15. All these guys forgetting weapon trainers were a thing. Was hillarious when people were freaking out during the stress test xD

  16. Sometimes I wonder how swifty got such a rep.. he seams to know so little about classic heh, I know its been eyars but cmon.

  17. All he ever wanted was to spam frostbolt in Tirisfal Glades. Screw retail for removing the fun of frostbolt spamming! Viva la frostboltolution!

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