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YO MAMA! Bible Jokes

(thunderclap) (thunderclap) (thunderclap) (electronic music) – Yo mama! (electronic music) Yo mama so old, she sat next to Moses in third grade. – Let my Trapper Keeper go! (tongue vibrating) (thunderclap) – [Blond Man] Yo mama so old, she was a waitress at the last supper. (religious chanting) – Would you like to order
a nice wine with that? – Nah, I got it. (whooshing, twinkly music) (organ music) – [Blond Man] Yo mama so fat, she had to be baptized at Sea World! What I’m trying to say
is, your mother’s a whale. A whale of a good time, yeah! Yo mama so old, her first cruise was on Noah’s Ark. – Oh, we’ve got two of every animal, my family’s an exception, but you, you gotta go. (scream) (thunderclap) (bubbles) (electrical crackling) (thunderclap) (organ music) – [Blond Man] Yo mama so ugly, when God said, – Let there be light! (fingers snap) – [Blond Man] He shouted– – Oh Me, never mind! (fingers snap) (whooshing) Is she still there? Yaah! (ominous music) – [Blond Man] Yo mama so old, her first Christmas was
the first Christmas. (triumphant orchestral music) (sheep bleating) (crashing) Yo mama so fat, when she died, she broke
the stairway to heaven. (cracking) (booming) (whistling) A lotta paperwork thanks
to your fat dead mom! Yo mama so damn old, she still owes Jesus five bucks. (harp music) Yeah, with interest,
I think it’s more like five billion dollars! (eyes moving) Yeah, good luck with
that, you stupid bitch. Yo mama so damn ugly, when the devil saw her, he
started going to church. (organ music) – God, it’s me, the devil. Yeah, sorry about all that stuff I did. I feel like just a real asshole. So just please, please take me back. Come on God, we used
to be buddies, oh God! Oh she’s here, oh, I’m
sorry, a thousand times, just take me back, come on man, stop being a dick! – [Blond Man] Yo mama so old, she pre-ordered the Bible. – Pre-order the DLC
and you get five Johns, and if you act now, I’ll
throw in two Corinthians, with a behind the scenes of
Mark, now with 100% more Moses. – I didn’t agree to this. (high-pitched tap) (eyes blinking) (lively electronic music)

100 thoughts on “YO MAMA! Bible Jokes

  1. It's been 2 YEARS….People are still fighting about this disrespecting god. Please, everyone just stop.

    I may be atheist but that does not make me a bad person, so dont make of fun of them.

    Christians believe in god, that does not make them a bad person.

    Dont make fun of them.

    Look, what I'm trying to say is that these are jokes, nothing more, nothing else.

    This guy making fun of the bible shouldn't offend you. You believe God gives forgiveness always, RIGHT Christians?

    But all in all, Please stop fighting. It's been 2 years. It's not gonna make people agree with you, its gonna start more war.

  2. All the christians that don't agree with this ,then don't watch it and move on, ain't nobody coming to your church to disrespect you, so don't come here telling these people what to do, they have the right to "disrespect" whatever they want in peace

  3. You should make another one just to piss off the angry Christians. It'll probably get them to think about taking jokes ; the very same thing most of them accuse Atheists those of other Religions and what not cannot do.

  4. im gonna say this is funny but god don't joke around. respect our father in heaven and the bible.

  5. This is blasphemy! The bible is supposed to be taken seriously not joked about other religions like paganism could be joked but not the bible
    God doesn't look like that, why do they keep showing God as some ugly old looking white man, God isn't white or have a race, jesus doesnt look like that or act like that, jesus wasn't white, he was brown an Israelite an middle eastern jewish man, moses and the other israelites wasn't white they were brown, the devil doesnt look like that, angels don't look like that, they don't have wings or have golden ring above their heads, noah wasn't white if was either black or brown, there is no staireway to heaven
    But funny video tho

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