Laughter is the Best Medicine


[MUSIC PLAYING] -Yo mama. Yo mama so fat, when I
pictured her in my head, she broke my neck. -So, how did you
break your neck again? -Oh, just thinking
about some fat mom. Uh oh. No, no, no, no, no. It’s happening again! Yo mama so ugly, she
turned Medusa to stone. -Get in the ca– -Yo mama so stupid, she
sold her car for gas money. Hey, dummy. That’s an electric car. Yo mama so old, which she
farts, dust comes out. Oh god, it stings my nostrils. Yo mama so fat, half of her
is in a parallel universe. -Damn girl. Come over here, huh? -Yo mama so ugly, one direction
went the other direction. -‘Course I prefer boys, but ew. What an ugly lady. -Yo mama so stupid,
she stays up all night trying to catch some sleep. You’d– You’d– You’d think
she’d pass out, but no. No. Yo mama so poor, she chases
after the garbage truck with a shopping list. -Scram, lady. This is my garbage. -Yo mama so fat, people jog
around her for exercise. [FARTING] Oh god, I can taste it! Yo mama so ugly, she
made an onion cry. -Oh! Put her away, man! She’s touching me
with the same hand she uses to touch her skin tags! [SCREAMING] -Yo mama’s so stupid when she
heard it was chilly outside, she ran and got a bowl. -You know what
killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age. Cool. -Yo mama’s so hairy she
shaves with a weed whacker! -Oh come on man,
this is just racist! -What are you doing
using my weed whacker! -Yo mama’s so fat
when she walked by the TV you missed
the entire show. -Jessie! It’s time to cook. -Yeah, fat stacks yo! -Your mama’s so ugly which
she joined an ugly contest they said, “Sorry,
no professionals.” Yo mama’s so stupid she put
two quarters in her ears and thought she was
listening to Fifty Cent. -Your mom’s is dumb. -Yo mama’s so short you can
see her legs on her driver’s license photo. -How do you even
freaking drive this car? -Yo mama’s so fat even
Kirby can’t eat her! -OK. He’s pink and he does
a lot of sucking. Pretty gay. -Don’t you talk
shit about Kirby! I don’t care if he’s pink,
he’s freaking badass. Yo mama’s so ugly Slender
Man runs from her. She’s also the reason
he has no eyes. Yo mama’s so stupid
she returned a donut because it had a hole in it. Like, holy shit you’re stupid! [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “YO MAMA JOKES – BEST OF VOLUME 3 (Part 1)

  1. yo mama so short she's Scorpi's size,also they have one thing they both have in there ID,THEY USE AN IPAD IS A COMPUTER BECUSE THERE LEGS ARE TOO SHORT TO GET ON THE COUCH FOR GOD SAKES

  2. yo mama and Snoof(Mixels) are so stupidly dumb,they thought the iPod,WAS FOR PEAS, then after they went to the Medix Hospital(yep the Medix are also from Mixels) becuse they thought the peas where dead!The only things that are dead around here are the brains of yo mama and Snoof(Mixels),that is right I called em retarts,SO WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, JERKS,yes you to Krog(also Mixels).

  3. Yo mama so stupid when I said that michael jackson was a star she went outside and try to look for it in the sky

  4. What's the reason why does other person looks like you but looks like the Mexican version you should delete him no one likes him

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