Laughter is the Best Medicine


[MUSIC PLAYING] -Yo mama. -Yo mama’s so fat that she
needs cheat codes for Wii Fit. -Yo mama’s so fat, when
she dies in Call of Duty the player gets a five
person kill streak. -Care package ready
for direction. Show us where you want it. -Yo mama’s so fat, when she sat
on the iPod, she made the iPad. -Yo mama’s so fat, every
time she turns around it’s her birthday. So just stand behind
her, you don’t have to give her any presents. -I’m a frickin’ genius! -Yo mama’s so fat, last time
she saw 90210 was on a scale. The original cast members
now live in her pants. -Yo mama’s so fat, she occupies
Wall Street all by herself. -The stock market is crashing! -Yo mama’s so fat, she had
to be baptized at Sea World. What I’m trying to
say is your mother’s a whale– whale of
a good time, yeah! -Yo mama’s so fat, she’s
a map on Call of Duty. [COMBAT FIRE] -Yo mama’s so fat,
Dracula sucked her blood. He got diabetes! -One, two, type 2 diabetes. Ha ha ha– wait,
that’s not funny. -Yo mama’s so fat, she’s on
both sides of the family. And the reunions take
place on her ass. -Yo mama’s so fat,
she wears two watches. One for each time zone she’s in. She’s now a national landmark. Congratulations. -Yo mama’s so fat, she
doesn’t need internet. She’s already worldwide. That’s a huge bench. -Yo mama’s so fat, this
sorting hat assigned her to the House– of Pancakes. -Yo mama’s so fat, when
she made a PS3 account, the entire network crashed. [DISHES BREAKING] -Come on! I just want to play
some Battlefield 3! -Yo mama’s so fat, when she
climbed into a monster truck, it became a low rider. -Yo dog, we heard how
much you like donuts, so we put a donut
inside of your donut. show -Yo mama’s so fat, when
she asked for a water bed, they put a blanket over
the Atlantic Ocean. Who makes blankets that big? This joke is
totally unrealistic. -Yo mama’s so fat, I took a
picture of her last Christmas, and it’s still printing. I’m gonna owe Kinko’s
like $1 million. -Yo mama’s so fat,
when she died she broke the stairway to heaven. [COLLAPSING STAIRS] [CRASH] -A lot of paperwork, thanks
to your fat, dead mom. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “YO MAMA SO FAT JOKES – VOLUME 1

  1. Yo mama so fat, when she was playing on an infinite Minecraft world, she created the flat world

  2. Yo mama so fat when she burps its heard world wide also she's the reason people hear random trumpet like noises in the air

  3. I will spell carrot with my eyes closed

    Attempt #1: careow
    Attempt #2: carro
    Attempt #3: carrot


    Because: Extreme

    Attempt #1: becaudj
    Attempt #2: becaud
    Attempt #3: because


  4. your mama is so ugly and fat yo mama is so fat and ugly and more yo mama is so old 😏 and yo mama is so Hot 😇🖒

  5. Yo Mama soo fat, everyone thought she was Godzilla.

    Yo Mama soo fat that when she farts, she caused the Earth to have a farting warning EVERYWHERE.

    Like if you think these are good

  6. Yo mama SO SO SO SO SO SO SO DAMN FAT and fire Proof she goes into space then she took a bath IN THE SUN!!!!

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