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YO MAMA! Star Wars Jokes

(farting) (explosion) (lasers blasting) – Yo mama. – [Narrator] Yo mama so ugly, when Darth Vader looked
at her birth certificate he said, – Bitch. (robotic breathing) – I am not you’re father. (flies buzzing) (squishing foot steps) (farts) (coughing) Just give me a second. (coughing) (labored breathing) – [Narrator] Yo mama so fat, Jabba the Hutt said, – Da-Ha-Ha-Ha-Amn go bizo yo mama co-co chica. (high pitched laughing) Jabba la good good. (intense music) – [Narrator] You sa mama so dumb dumb, she thinks that Jar Jar
comes with pickles pickles. – Ooh, muy muy I love you. (jar smashing) Oh me so so sorry. – You ruined the franchise! – [Narrator] Yo mama so hairy, the only language she speaks is Wookie. (growling) (growling) (growling) Yo mama so stupid she thought light sabers had less calories. – Hey, no, hey lady! Lady, don’t you put that in your mouth. No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no, no! (blasting) Oh! Ugh. Ew. I’m not gonna be held
responsible for this. (sighing) Master Yoda, thank God I found you. I’ve searched the entire galaxy for one thing. Your best yo mama joke. (humming) – Okay. (suspenseful music) So old yo mama is, babysit me, she once did. Change my diaper, she still does. – Yoda! Oh no! (melodic music) (humming) – [Narrator] Yo mama so stupid, Kylo Ren couldn’t force read her mind. – Tell me where they are. Wait, (grunting) no. There’s nothing… There’s nothing here. There’s nothing here! (yelling in a high-pitched
voice) Why is this so hard? (crying) I’ll never be like you grandpa! (crying) Get out of my way Stormtrooper! (sobbing) – [Narrator] Yo mama so fat, Darth Vader (Imperial March) couldn’t even force-choke her. – No! – [Narrator] Yo mama so stupid, she spent the whole day
saying ‘am not’ to R2… D2. (robotic beeping) – Am not. (robotic beeping) Am not. (robotic beeping) Nuh-uh, you’re the dummy. (robotic beeping) Uh, those are just beeps and boops. (robotic beeping) I don’t even know what you’re saying. Boop, beep, beep, boop, boop. (robotic beeping) (rock version of Imperial March)

100 thoughts on “YO MAMA! Star Wars Jokes

  1. Yo Mama: Ey boi, mind if I copy some of ya homework?
    Robot Chicken: Yeh sure, just dont make it look noticeable that you copied
    Yo Mama: Yeh
    Yo Mama:

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  3. Hi I'm from ETTV also huge supporter subscribed to you . can you subscribe to my channel also I got a joke for
    Star wars yo mama so ugly when Kylo ren announced to his army that she was staying she was that ugly fin ran to
    Join the rebels

  4. Yo mama so fat when she played saints row IV zinyak couldn't abduct her

    Yo mama so ugly she was Johnny Gat and kinzies sidekick for killing devel

  5. Your mama's so fat… she needs to use the Sarlacc for a toilet!

    Your mama's so fat… that writers had to create the EXPANDED Universe just to describe her.

    Your mama's so ugly… when Han Solo was thawed out, he wasn't blind from the carbonite….it's 'cause he saw yo' momma! (Not my joke, but a friend's)

    Your mama's so nasty… her midi-chlorians are actually just a full-body yeast infection. (Same as above)

    Your mama's so fat… even Yoda said, "Lift that out of the swamp, I will not try" (Ditto)

    Your mama's so fat… when she bent over in front of Palpatine he said, "I can't un-foresee that!" (This one too)

    Your mama's so fat… that when she falls, every Jedi feels a disturbance in the Force.

    Your mama's so fat… that when she went to the Mos Eisley cantina, they told her "Hey, we don't serve banthas here!"

    Your mama's so nasty… she killed three sarlaccs from indigestion.

    Your mama's so ugly… she can make baby rancors cry.

    Your mama's so fat… she needs to use wampas as tampons. (Not mine. Found it some time ago on a forum)

    Your mama's so fat… the Old Republic referred to ther backside as "The Unknown Regions".

    Your mama's so fat… the Yuuzhan Vong thought she was Zonama Sekot's elder sibling.

    Your mama's so fat… the garbage compactors in the Death Star broke down when trying to crush her.

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