Laughter is the Best Medicine


I started daily vlogging. Go subscribe to my daily vlogging channel. Link is in the description. Just go subscribe after you watch this amazing video. Because it’s awesome, seriously though subscribe to Jelly Vlogs. Jelly, don’t show her face. Sorry Jesus Christ. HEY GUYS WELCOME WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL. TODAY OH YES TODAY WE ARE Wait…We? Hello?…..YAYYYY We are doing a yoga challenge. Uh…This is great… Oh and this is Sanna by the way. Say hello Sanna Hi… She’s been my girlfriend for more than two years. And it’s finally that time in the relationship where we’re gonna do yoga together. So…Let’s get started Also make sure you subscribe to Sanna because uh, she deserves it Before we can actually start with yoga we have to get into the zen mode How we’re gonna do that is we’re gonna sit down with our feet against each other. No, that’s not true you gotta do it like this Jelly. And now we have to put our fingers up, close our eyes and do…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Now we’re in the zen mode. We’re ready for..Yoga.. We looked up some pictures on google And um…Let’s just get started. Stop explaining things…let’s just get started. Okay so. We’re gonna try to do this pose Uh huh. You guys can see it down there. Yup. Are we gonna do the kissing part as well? Ewe, what do you think? We’ve only been together two years we’re not ready for that. Oh, you’re right. Like this? Oh, but you need to go back a bit. I can’t, I can’t. Yes you can. I need some space….Ah…Ah.. Push your back in. Like…Umph..What do you think I am? A fucking spaghetti roll or something? Alright here we go. What is this……And now we kiss. Kiss me…Never Kiss me…NEVER KISSAnd now I can look up her shirt guys. Wait, wait, wait, wait wait. Let’s try again. Now I just need to get ready. God damn it. Are we doing it? No, your feet need to be on my ass Oh yeah. YES YES. NOW KISS ME We’re to short. We’re to short. Welp, we got close. I don’t know how close we got. We succeeded that one by at least eighty percent. THIS ONE we’re gonna do now. Oh no. I’m gonna stretch my legs and this is not gonna feel great. First I think we need to We’re so not good at this Jelly There’s a fly It feels like i’m giving birth to a dwarf. And now we let go of each other. What do you mean let go of each other? AHHH AHH AHHH. We’re doing it No we’re not. AHH I thought we did pretty great. It’s really tough. It’s really tough. It looks so easy on the pictures. So I personally think we deserve sixty percent for that one. What do you mean sixty? Six out of ten? Yeah…Kay. We had the right shape..We had the right body shape. No we didn’t. We just couldn’t stretch our legs. I mean..Can’t help that. What the? No Yeah, we’re doing this..The next one is no. Right, so next up we’re gonna look like two flamingos upside down. I’m gonna hit my head on the thing. Okay, wait,wait,wait. Let’s come a little bit more my way. Alright, wait. I think we need to go all the way down first. Like, touch your toes. Touch your toes with your hand. I’m stuck…Give me your hands. My back.. I think i’m pretty much doing it. But you are failing a lot. Jelly Kay, the next one we’re gonna try is this one. Looks pretty easy….Can I be on top? NO. I would die. Alright, just drop yourself Just drop yourself. WEEE Jelly, you’re not strong. HEEEY. We’re doing it. YAY. Stretch your arms. AYYYYEE. JELLY LET ME GO. I DON’T WANNA DIE I DON’T WANNA DIE I DON’T WANNA DIE. Stretch your legs. I DON’T WANT TO I DON’T WANT TO ANYMORE. JELLLYYY Let me down. Ow Ow Ow Kay, Should we go onto the next one Jelly? Yes. I’m already laying on the floor. I fell like i’m just gonna stay here for now. Oh yeah yeah, You just have to do the same as you just did because we’re doing this one. But whats the difference? I lay on my back. AHHH AHHH AHHH WE’RE DOING IT OH NO. Jelly I don’t feel safe. Don’t worry. I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe. All the blood is moving to my head. UHHHHH We have one more and this is what we’re gonna do I’m gonna be chillaxing and you’re gonna be working. Alright, so pretty much the same thing but this time your feet are gonna be in my hands. Put em’ down. Put your other foot down. You got it you got it. I got you. AHHHHHHHHHH. Now we stretch, now we stretch. NO JELLY. NO WE CAN’T DO IT STOP IT PUT ME DOWN Jelly put me down PUT ME DOWN…SMILE INTO THE CAMERA AHHHHH. STOP IT STOP IT. Let me go So guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it. Click on the like button Right, that’s what they’re supposed to do? If we hit ten thousand likes i’ll make another video with Sanna next week. And uh, the chicken says thank you as well. GOODBYE.


  1. Jelly sanna and leah ashe you guys are the best and everyone all three Youtubers should get 10000000000000000000 subscribers

  2. I think jelly is stuck of that bag 🛄 last josh accidentally push you jelly because the theme of it is "THE FLOOR IS LAVA"

  3. Jelly: I Can Look Up Your Shirt

    Sanna: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Jelly: God Dang It

    ME: Thinking He Wanted to see her boobs 🤣🤣

  4. I used to do that this where sanna was on top of jelly but I called it monkey and and I did it with my ant but one day I did it and I had gum in my mouth and I was laughing a lot so my gum fell into my ants mouth and I used to do front flips and something else

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