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YOU ARE THE CREATOR | Warning: This might shake up your belief system! Morgan Freeman and Wayne Dyer

Let’s imagine for a few moments what our life would be like if we could access let’s say 20% of our brain’s capacity If you want to have something show up in your life The kind of person you would like to become manifest something new into your life something powerful, whatever it might be You obviously must first be able to imagine it Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention So what kind of attention do you place on your desires? Einstein’s most famous quote one of his most famous observations. He said imagination is more important than knowledge Knowledge is limited Imagination encircles the world Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere Make your future dream a present fact by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled That which you feel yourself to be you are and You are given that which you are. So assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your wish and your wish must be realized so live in the feeling of being the to be and that you shall be if this assumption about what you would like to become is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling the attainment of your ideal is Absolutely inevitable You must first assume the feeling of a wish fulfilled in all aspects of your life Don’t allow anybody elses opinions Don’t allow what it says on the internet. Don’t allow the research. Don’t allow what anybody out there tells you is possible or not possible for you if you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams and Endeavor to live the life, which you have imagined You will meet with a success unexpected in common hours it will chase after you if you can place into your Imagination what it is that you would like to attract and begin to feel it Start retraining your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind it responds to what it is that you suggest to it The subconscious mind moves your life 96 to 97 percent of everything that you do is done as a result of your subconscious mind And when your subconscious mind gets programmed it goes ahead and Respond to whatever it is. Your conscious mind has placed into it You are the creator this is the mystery This is the great secret known by the seers and prophets and mystics throughout the ages. This is the truth that you can never know intellectually Many of you as I have been as I am are where you are in your life Based upon what you believe and it’s not just what you think you believe on the surface It’s also your shadow beliefs that are holding you back from moving into the life that you believe You deserve What I know is if you’re not looking at the shadows if you’re not looking at what is Subconsciously running through the tape in your mind telling yourself. You’re not good enough. You’re not worthy enough. You’re not smart enough You’re not enough which is a tape that’s playing for a lot of people If you’re not conscious of that then you end up acting out of that Belief system and not out of what you know to be the truest or want to be the choice for yourself You are where you are today in part because of what you’ve been saying about yourself Words are like seeds when you speak something out. You give life to what you’re saying if you continue to say it Eventually that can become a reality you Are planting seeds when you talk at some point you’re going to eat that fruit. My challenge is make sure You’re planning the right kind of seeds if you want apples You have to sow apple seeds if you want oranges You can’t plant cactus seeds poison ivy seeds mushroom seeds You’re going to reap fruit from the exact seeds that you’ve been sowing in other words You can’t talk negative and expect to live a positive life You can’t talk defeat and expect to have victory you can’t talk lack You’re not enough can’t afford it Never get ahead and expect to have abundance if you have a poor mouth. You’re going to have a poor life And this is great when we’re saying things like I’m blessed I’m strong I will accomplish my dreams I’m coming out of there That’s not just being positive. You are prophesying victory Prophesy and success prophesy new levels and your life will move in the direction of your words But too many people go around prophesy on just the opposite. I never get any good brights. I’ll never get back in shape Business is slow. I’ll probably get laid off Flu season is here. I always get it. They don’t realize they are prophesy and defeat It’s just like they’re calling in bad breaks mediocrity lack You don’t become what you want because so much of wanting is about Living in the space of what you don’t have that’s why Jim Carrey’s story is so powerful Because he started to act as though he already had it. He would go up to Mulholland Drive He would drive away sing thinking. I already have those things I just haven’t accessed them as yet I believe Those things are going to come to me and I’m going to act like they are so I’m gonna move forward in my life in order to Draw that to myself in such a way that my actions are in alignment with what I say, I believe So if you start to think about that really why are you where you are in your life the choices that you have made? Have been because of what you believe to be true for yourself The time is now the time is now to express and for people to believe in themselves The time is now for it to be okay to be great People in this world shun people for being great for being a bright color for standing out but the time is now to be okay to be the greatest you You can talk yourself out of your destiny Negative words can keep you from becoming who you were created to be don’t fall into that trap Quit calling in defeat quit talking about how it’s not going to happen You should wipe down your Write down what you want to see happen in life Any areas that you’re struggling in where you need to improve write it down like it’s already done and then every day declare that decree Weed over it a couple of times out loud. It’s not enough to just think it something happens when we speak Do you have to puff aside your future? Those words will get down on the inside of you. They’ll not only change your outlook, but they will change who you are Your words will become your reality

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  1. This video is hands down my favorite. Everything said in this video is absolutely true. Be in the mindset of who you want to be and it is inevitable you will become that. I know this is true because I'm living it right now.

  2. Such motivational speaking , thanks for sharing . My life will never be the same again . All the things l dream off and pray for . It is done with efforts and determination.

  3. I love this video hands down…my question is how do you program your mind to be positive or lift your self or raise the energy if you are getting hit with Psychotronic weapons or REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING 24/7 attacking your thought and your brains
    I want to be a normal person so that I can lift and think and be free of these weapons just like everyone else but how do you become free from these kind of weapons ….Can someone help? Does anyone have an answer? Can you google Remote Neural Monitoring or Psychotronic Weapons and see if you can help Millions of people that are getting targeted every day 24/7 that have NO HELP….Can you explain how can I become free of pain and/or I don't have to get up every morning to these pain and suffering all day long…..I wait for your reply………

  4. "Assuming the feeling' is the one area where I have the most trouble. Trying my best to feel it as if it is already here. Any suggestions?

  5. The video was powerful but hell no! I will not take any advice from oprah, kanye or joel osteen. Those three filthy demons.

  6. I really needed to hear this, and I will do this , I'm tired of living in fear and defeat and not loving my self, thank you so much,I feel better already to know I gave the tools to make a Chang in my life,thank you.

  7. God exists but it not what you think of a man seating on a throne controlling everything. You're God and so 7 billion people on this earth. God is the all Energy that exists in this universe so God is Energy E=G

  8. If you have DREAMS – PROTECT THEM! Fuck I try to imagine who I was, what I wanted I my life …guess it’s too late—- I can’t imagine- don’t know if my time is done or what the f—- I cant be happy. Now I’m in MIAMI dammit—- shit I can’t be happy ///what the hell i want—- donnow. Sooo if you HAVE DREAMS PROTEC THEM !

  9. If any people's not visions he's say she's say I'm not believe but I'm say I believe I'm look I do that's all at night I'm. Look everywhere everything 💪👍🙏😊😀thank you

  10. Everything in this vid is PERFECT expect(!) the fact that god is the creator and not you. If you put this in your subconcious mind you will be happy; otherwise you must break

  11. Dear game players
    Lucy knows so much. And the laws of universe. In positive flow…..instead of reacting to games and fear. I am in this world but not of it
    Love and hugs Lucy. The Singapore hospital portal made possible.

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  20. I will pass high school, I will get an eight year college, I will be a famous scientist and MMA fighter, and I will go Japan!👏😭😭😭😨😦😆😆😆

  21. Those 3,479,368 views
    1 million is mine, i watch this video every day more than one time per day!!! ty for this video

  22. I have learned to daily CAST ALL CARES,
    Therefore, I am at peace regardless of what comes my way. ~RLKemp

  23. How do you act as if your wish has already become true? That is where I am stuck. If I want to act as if I have abundance, does that mean I need to spend my last dollars on lavish items? Please help me.

  24. a channeled message I received speaks to that as well:
    “I dare you today, my dear one,

    believe your wildest dream with

    all your human heart, imagine it

    fulfilled, envision it as if is your

    NOW and know with every fiber

    of your flesh and everlasting

    soul that you deserve your wish

    beyond the reasonable doubt” sth


    ᒪ♥ᐯε. ᒪ!ϘηΤ. HεαᖇΤ. #uvbnChanneled

  25. I am given that which i think , by WHO ???? If you paid for this crap your a fool. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" is used by con men to get your money. ( buying all the books and videos) the IMAGINATION that Einstein was using was in fact …. " INSIGHT" which is part of the spiritual , your imagination is a FANTASY of the MIND , you wont get anywhere you stupid sheeple. This con game is as old as mankind itself, like " think and grow rich" now buy my books and GIVE ME THE MONEY you godam fuking asholes. My GOD you people are so desperate and stupid , this is called STROKING , is makes you feel like you can do and have anything in the universe you godam stupit fuking simple minded retarded asholes.( and even now the antichrists are among us) I.E. those who move on the direction of the EGO and NOT in the direction of Spiritual Evolution.

  26. I think Morgan Freeman unfortunately took his role in Bruce Almighty too seriously,there will be a greater punishment for those who have influence over others and cause them to stumble,but in short this is Faith and they're saying the truth and I'm sure it can work in this world without having the relationship and salvation with the source and creator it comes from,(Jesus) so he said "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul"

  27. I didn't realize that Joel Osteen was a contributor in this,who I know is someone that leads people to Jesus,in my previous comment I implied that this was misleading,still think so it does not give reference to Jesus who gets taken advantage of by doing the things in this video and not having a relationship with Him,wanted to apologize to Morgan and Wayne though for making judgmental comments,I've just never heard from them proclaiming or leading people to Jesus.

  28. They're trying to say something that is not really truth, what is being said without the words being spoken, is that if you have faith and endure, you can achieve. This is what scripture says, it's not about imagination. It's about fulfilling your purpose. Look at every successful person, all go through struggle and has to overcome in order to become their new identity. A once was and who you are now is all up to you. Don't get it twisted neither be confused, you can only do what the Creator allows you to do and I know this from experience.

  29. Time is relative, we all know that. This video also says that our imagination is infinite, not limited as knowledge. At the first place that is true, (but according to our human capacity of course)… in reality everything in the universe is LIMITED and IMPERFECT! We, the earth in which we live, our solar system, even the galaxy in which billions of stars are located, is just a dust particle in the immense universe, which itself is also limited! You see, even reality … a fact.. surpasses our imagination! Honestly; This video and all they want.. is to fool you and tell you is some bu**s**t!

    Some statements are logical and true, but mixed with lies or falsehood. Facts mixed with personal philosophy that in reality cannot be pursued by everyone, for example. Every individual lives his or her life as it is intended and the same individual only has a meaningless free will which he or she can determine life as they wish. And even then I believe there is a higher power that actually controls everything and everyone!

    Morgan Freeman is an intelligent person, I do not deny that, but he does not have the right knowledge and is not a recognized authority to tell us what life means and how we should live it and so on, and this certainly applies to the others people who have spoken in this video! They themselves should think carefully about the purpose of their life whether it is right or wrong!

    The truth?! Believe as people believe! But then in a religious aspect of course. And do not be someone who follows someone else's corrupt, false materialistic beliefs, and then to be dragged into the same abyss!

    This human philosophical reasoning will ultimately only result in loss. Human life is very short and certainly does not end with death. Death is only a transition phase that will be weighed down according to your and my actions. And it will be seen whether you have a pure heart or are corrupt, only filled with worldly affairs or not!

    Conclusion; This video is, (like so many on the internet, only to mislead you and keep you from getting closer to God Almighty)! Atheistic .. materialistic philosophy that has many people in their grasp. DO NOT!

    I can write about this for a long time, but I think I have more or less discussed the most important points.

    Last but not least; Hey YOU! Yeah I'm talking to YOU! Yeah, you know what YOU are ?! Do ya !? Well do ya !? I'll tell you what YOU are! YOU are one of the most miserable person if you believe in this crap!

    But most people do not know…!

    Peace be with you all.

  30. @Bebop The Wanderer

    Ow..than we are all Gods.. we can control our life, if we wish to be rich we will, if we want to have some wings to fly we can do that, we can become whatever we want; hear y talking dude! Consider, and think carefully, before y talk and believe what they say and at the end what you telling us. Because for sure m8.. it is just there maginiation. Maybe y have it good right now, but do you know what tomorrow will bring upon you? You don't know! And they don't know either.

    Wealth, for example, will not last. It comes and goes. Most people are poor. Those who want to tell you this nonsense are very rich themselves!

    You have more than 1500 likes, why?! (good for you, but…) Only because most people believe those nonsense, without thinking about it carefully. They are ignorant. THIS IS A FACT, YOU AND NO ONE CAN DENY!

    Think about it, and that includes also all those who believe this atheistic, materialistic philosophy of rich people who think that this life is a game in which everyone will just be better off just to listen to their nonsense!

    Don't get me wrong, this is ultimately my thought about this, but it is based on facts, logic (reasoning ability), (ultimate) knowledge, and common sense! And of course the worldview (today)!

    peace… 🙂

  31. there are some REALLY BEAUTIFUL comments here. i shall return asap to read more. meanwhile, THANK YOU ALL FOR SUCH EMPOWERING WORDS!!!! (i especially LOVED the "thou art that" and "the fish" cooments!!!!!)

  32. This all sounds great and the words are good until Oprah Winfrey spoke.   She is a part of and has supported Espteins pedophilia Luciferian Cult.

  33. Last Thursdayism? sure, why not..could be true what he says, I always wanted above all things to be considered a great father by my children, and now they are adults they think the sun shines out of my arse and they love me, priceless.. so my wish came true, and though I have nothing but that, no wealth, no standing, I am happy..A simple wish pursued produced great happiness that required no wealth or material possessions, go figure..

  34. Follow Jesus and the calling he has over your life. He created you with a purpose, find out what it is and you will live the life you were designed for.

  35. I hope everyone who watches this video reads this comment of mine, as it is absolutely vital. The video alludes to it but doesn't really say it explicitly. And I will now reveal to you the key component to the Law of Attraction :
    ALL YOUR WORDS, ALL YOUR BELIEFS, ALL YOUR SELF-AFFIRMATIONS AREN"T GOING WORK!!! UNLESS, AND ONLY IF, YOU ACT AS THOUGH IT IS ALREADY YOUR REALITY. Action, action, action is the key. Beliefs, thoughts, and words are only the foundation. Manifestation in your physical reality can only be activated by ACTION. For, if you believe that you're rich, and affirm that you're rich, but then go the grocery store and deliberate over purchasing one brand of detergent over another due to a price difference of a dollar, then you're not ACTING rich. Thus, you never will be.

  36. GREAT video and Food For Thought.!!! My belief is if you can Dream It, there's no reason why you can't do it. And keep negative thoughts and people out of your life.!!!

  37. Thank you… It's energetic…. I do believe I am manifesting my desire.. My dream.. My wish…I am getting all positive signs…Thank you so much to the universe.. To the devine power.. Thank you.. 🙏

  38. His last name is Freeman, but acts like a slave. Rofl. This cat looks and acts like Chicken George. Damn shame, go drive Mrs. Daisy, boy.

  39. We are NOT THE CREATOR! THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF THE FIRMAMENT IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS ABOVE THE EARTH, And that is in space. And the Bible was written a long time before we can ever even look out there so how did they know there was water out there? We just discovered it barely. Which proves there is My GOD who Created it all.

  40. Why does the second name say Wayne Dyer if it's really Joel Olsen. Deceivers and liars just like your god jesus aka yeshua.

  41. ETERNITY, As there is NO such thing as DEATH..CHAZAK Basete,,, To think you cannot change FAIT is an ACT OF surrender…

  42. This for the arrogant selfish people,,it suggest not listen to anybody and just do what you want as what your emotion and beliefs dictates you and never mind the others. i was like that before,,doing anything whatever i want when i have money back then, but when i become empty,,i realize they are true. we cannot solve problem by your own to consult somebody is the best way.

  43. how are you the creator of something while the information being processed n obtained for your creation is fabricated and unnatural. you might be inheriting instruction on how to increase your chances at creating a better life in an unnatural circumstance,but most of the time your just creating more of a mess

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