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100 thoughts on “‘You don’t need a lawyer like me’: Modi jokes as he is asked about Putin interfering in elections

  1. FYI: Putin said: Ask Dodon (Moldovan President) he knows….We have added a subtitle into the video as well…Thanks for watching

  2. en el video anterior acen cara de dos personas que vienen del baño de meterse una rralla de coca!! putin con la mano en la nariz y con cara de amargor de garganta y bueno el resto de los gestos hablan no quiere decir que lo han echo pero quizas en el futuro jajaj

  3. Ya you can not trick a hindu as our religion, philosophy,vedic science and technology,yog, medicine, maths and mathalogy is so powerful and ancient …but you can trick them and divide the easily on the basis of caste, aryan- dravidiyan theory, on the basis of language and so one… that's how Mughal and British ruled on Hindus.

  4. he praises hindus but still agrees on banning geeta in russia on the call of the christian orthodox
    but now though the ban has been removed

  5. We won't leave Russia,they helped us when we really wanted it…once you help an Indian,we r ready for a world war for our friend Russia…

  6. Russia did try to interfere in American elections. I tried to interfere in American elections by convincing my American cousin to vote for Dems,. But we all know what the US does. It just bombs countries if it doesn't like its leaders.

  7. Pappu would've replied like – "Dekho bhaiya putin , I didn't like this question. But I can gift you a machine!!!! A magical machine which can convert potato into gold. And I would like to invite you on my Bangkok trip"

  8. Индийцы любят русский народ и мы сделаем все, чтобы защитить матушку Россию🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  9. It was infact u dont need a simple small mans advice or answer to decide what goes on with these big nations modi handled russia without breaking realation with amrica smart

  10. An amazing leader and a person Indians lacked from a long time. M not from India but as I see some people really disrespects this guy . I mean ,yeh he's not a degree holder but what does a college degree mean ? You can do good without a degree is well .

  11. A friend in NEED is a friend INDEED. We love Soviet Union and Russia. Russia helped us when no one did and we Indians will forever be in debt to Russia .
    Lots Of Love from India.

  12. Agar Rahul Gandhi hota toh

    Dekhiye bhaiya … Sorry bhenji …. AAB MAIN AAPKA SAWAL BHOL GAYA 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Putin does not understand hinglish & Modi does not even know Russian language exists. He simply laughs as if he understood. Putin knows that Modi is a drama king.

  14. Putin and modi are reasonable and intelligent leaders. They're enjoying themselves having dealt with the orange bafoon and his nasty gang.

  15. Pm Modi videso me bhi sirf Hindi hi bolty hai or yaha India me hi angrez banty ja rahe jahilo ko sharam ati hai hindi bolny me .

  16. 😄😄😄 you cant trick a Hindu… We are simple people …we say what we think… 😄😄😄😄
    Just imagine how these two countries stayed best friend since last 70 years……they know about each other so well hehehehhehe

  17. India was a Soviet Union slave and now they beg the West for aid, technology and jobs, they still lick Russia’s boots!

  18. Even Putin knows how smart a Hindu mind is except some delusional hindus living in India. They are still slaves of the British yeah I'm talking about the congress party and liberandus.. they always work to project Hindus in a bad light even though the rest of the world welcomes Hindus with open arms. Such useless people should be grounded.

  19. Though I am not a Modi fan and always doubted how he will be in big stages like this one, but this clip clears it all… Best response to that question..

  20. For anyone that does not get or Modi’s reply went over there head, what he meant by he doesn’t need a lawyer like me is he doesn’t need someone like me to defend him.

  21. India loves Russia… bcz it is the only country who helped us in past…we r in your debt Russia… love u with full heart…💓💓💓

  22. 🇮🇳India will always stand with its Brother Russia🇷🇺💕
    Thank you president🙏. Russia Historically helped India, Today also Russia our Brother stood with India regarding Dilution of 370 & kashmir……. WE Will be brothers forever🇮🇳🤗🇷🇺

  23. Modi ji and Putin sir are two great leaders. Also I saw Putin name first time when i was 14 years in my social studies textbook. more love and respect to great Russia.

  24. Had there been Imrandi khan
    Randi: I support the USA until we receive more 💰 and Su57 at discounted price from you

  25. Whenever I hear Russia, My Heart says , Its Our 2nd Home. Long Live Russia+ India..🇮🇳🇮🇳🇷🇺🇷🇺🇳🇵🇳🇵

  26. Respect to all elders in Russia and love to all my Russian brothers and Sisters. Your heart is really really big and pure. May God keep you like this, lots of love to you all.
    Take care.

  27. Agar by chance kahi Imran Khan Aise Global Conference Summitt mein Putin ke saath rehta. toh Pakistani media issko 1 yrs tak repeat kr kr ke chalata. "dekho endiaa hum Superpower bun gye. "😄😄😄

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