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You Need To Go BIGGER

(upbeat music) – Gosh, you seem happy today. – That’s ’cause I love potato chips. – Okay, cut. (bell rings) Lily, you’re doing great. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Grant, small note. Can we try this next one
just a little bit bigger? – A little bigger? – Yeah, it’s playing a
little subdued right now. So like let’s really see that emotion. Go big. You know, swing for the fences. – Oh sure, yeah. – [Cameraman] Camera set. – And action. – Gosh, you seem happy today. – Oh (crunching). – Really happy. – Oh yeah (chuckles). Oh Lily. Oh that’s ’cause I love potato chips. (groaning) – Okay, okay. Cut. (bell rings) Lily, loved the improv. That was fantastic. Grant buddy– – Too big. – No, no, I was goonna say, I don’t think you took the note before. And like, let’s just go a
little bigger this time. – Really? – Yeah, yeah, just a little bit bigger. – I won’t lie, that felt crazy. – I’m sure it feels weird,
when you’re out there and all the cameras are aimed at you and you can’t really
see what it looks like. But trust me, like on the monitor, it’s looking really good, I
just think we need to push it. – Okay so, bigger.
– Bigger, yeah. Just go big. – All right. – Got your back.
– Got your back. – Camera set.
– And action. – Gosh, you seem happy today. (laughing) – Lily! (loud laughter) That’s because I love potato chips! (loud laughter) Oh, oh yeah! (excited groaning) Oh god I love these! They’re so good! They’re so good! They’re so good! These are good chips! These are good chips! – [Director] Okay, okay. (roars) Okay, cut. (bell rings) – Ah Grant. (chuckles) Wow. – Too big? – Ah no, it was a lot of ignoring me. Is what that was. I want you to go big, okay. Big. Big, big, big, big, big. Go big Grant. – Is this a prank? – What? No, it’s not a prank Grant. This is the end of the sketch. Right this is the big
moment, it’s gotta be huge. Otherwise what was the whole
sketch leading towards? You know? – Do you have any notes for me? – Lily, honestly you’re perfect. Don’t change a thing. – Stop. – It’s a dream to come
in and work with you. – Maybe I’m not understanding. – Okay. – What exactly do you mean
when you say go bigger? – Just bigger, okay. Go bigger. If that last take was a six, let me see an 11. – That was a six? – If you go too far,
I’ll bring you back okay. – I’m already too far. – It’s looking great on monitor. – Can I see? – No play back on set. – Camera set.
– Okay, action. – Gosh, you seem happy. – Lily, that’s because I– – Bigger. – Love potato chips! – Keep going, keep going. Tear down those walls Grant. Let’s go big. – I love potato chips! I love them! – You can go bigger than that. Bigger, let’s go a
little bit bigger, okay. (roaring) More.
– I love potato chips! – [Director] Go for it. – Look at this, gonna reach out of here. – [Director] Keep going Grant. – I love potato chips! I love potato chips! – Grant, can you make a decision? Make a decision okay. – I love potato chips! – I need you to believe
what you’re doing all right. – I love potato chips! – Grant! Grant, can you just push yourself okay? I need you to push yourself for one take. All right.
– I love potato! – If we get this one take, we’ll be done. – I love– – Go a little bit bigger. A little bit bigger, okay Grant. – [Lily] You seem happy. – [Director] Grant, come on. – I love potato chips! – [Director] I’ll put you
in the moment all right. Remember being born. Grant, you’re being born okay. You’re a child, you’re being
born for the first time. (sobbing) – Its a brand new, a world full of wonder. (loud crying) And curiosity and magic. And the first thing
you see is your mother. – Mommy! – And your mother, that feeling you feel. – Mommy! – As a child, that love you feel. That’s the love of a potato chip. That’s what I want from you. – You’re so happy. – Thank you Lily. Grant, you’re getting older. – Mommy look at me! Mommy look at me! – Grant. – Why don’t you look,
why don’t you just look! – Stop holding back! Go big, go big okay! Grant could you go bigger, okay? Grant we are trying to make art here! – I am a man and I am a woman! – And you’re killing the crap– – I love potato chips! I love potato chips! Ahhh! (loud screaming) (dramatic music) (crying) – [Director] Okay, cut. (bell rings) Grant. (tense music) – No. (tense music) – A little bigger. (yelling) – You wanna see bigger? – [Director] No, no, no, no, no. (loud slap) – I’ll show you bigger. (loud slapping) – Oh, what’s happening? – [Lily] Grant wasn’t big enough. – Oh, how big is Grant anyways? (clanging music) – Hey, it’s Mike Trapp. If you like College Humor
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100 thoughts on “You Need To Go BIGGER

  1. WOW!

    I've just browsed the comments. A LOT of people seem to think this was a rip-off of WKUK, which sucks cause WKUK was totally ALSO ripping off Home Movies.

    Man, Brendon Small is so underappreciated… pisses me off.

  2. I thought this was gonna be a good one because it's Grant and Lily but I wasn't feeling it. Everything was in place but Grant felt kinda small in this one. He should come out of his shell more and not be afraid to lean into the performance.

  3. Hilarious….and sometimes in real life, when you work as an actor with certain directors, something similar happens. Not so BIG, but similar.

  4. …I train search and rescue dogs. I need to insanely hype them up before work, so they're frothing, intense furry bunches of crazy. They pop out of my truck ready to find anything and everything, and you'd best not get in our path.

    I, uh, maybe I should be a director.

  5. Think I might watch all of the old Hardly Working videos tomorrow. With Sarah and Streeter and all them. You know, before CH sucked stinky balls.

  6. 2:36 Lilly is barely holding it together
    Also, did they use a mannequin when they changed frames for the hair pulling bit? That seemed way too kinky for HR to allow

  7. This was by far one of the dumbest skits I've ever seen. You guys are usually at least somewhat witty, this was just lazy and stupid

  8. Is this a result of the popularity of "How Big is Grant" along with some regular shooting problems blown out of proportion in CH?

  9. I miss when college humor was humorous, maybe time to switch up the writers your like SNL the past couple years, y'all just have not been that funny… Like at all

  10. I'm a theatre student & I can 100 percent confirm that this is what acting workshops with directors feel like

  11. For everyone who can’t relate, when Trapp was like “You are a baby, you are a baby, you are being born, everything is exciting,” that’s exactly what college acting courses are like.

  12. Anyone ever see "Happier with your mouth open" by Whitest Kids You Know? To be honest, I am a big CH fan, but I felt like this was just a more modern version of that sketch… Still made me laugh, though.

  13. Why do you guys keep shoving dropout at us? Just stop it. And stop blocking my copy paste comment on every video. Im gonna keep saying it till that stupid dropout thing is dropped.

  14. Yo I love you guys but this is very similar to a key and peele sketch: playing a thug this was good but I would be careful because it might get dicey

  15. A perfect example of bad directing : ranking actors performance out of 10, giving only vague feedback. No surpise that Grant went crazy.

  16. Every time a director tells me to go "bigger" during a script read, I always wonder what would happen if I just kept getting bigger and bigger.

    …guess this is what happens

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