Laughter is the Best Medicine

YOU SMILE ►YOU LOSE !😊 (Michael Jackson Laughing & Smiling Compilation)

haha can we try it just one more time she’s a
funky little sister I do a lot of it well know what and I like to thank everybody thank you you get a couple after what you’ve been through don’t say anything on the back I’m not
doing I’m gonna sorry I know in the video wait a minute at
this age you’re twenty four thirty Eddie pull it up leg not just look at but I always knew you would but be sexy
do you guys think I’m always in the spotlight but I’m shy of the spotlight been seeing French crazy our industry is sadly reflected in the
enormous quantity of music which is seven from you by pirates piracy is the lesser keep the time to
the music and that’s part of us just I say no
house haven’t heard I always just hang out New York yeah oh
god you get any part of what you of what you men do you get an allowance Michael
how much do you get how much around Albany so no he said what are you
talking about and she said oh nothing like that so that was that story and
there’s a couple other ones but I don’t you know say too much

100 thoughts on “YOU SMILE ►YOU LOSE !😊 (Michael Jackson Laughing & Smiling Compilation)

  1. Lost when I saw the thumbnail

    Edit:I even altered my laught to be more gigilly like Michael I still laugh like normal at things but mostly giggling

  2. I loose… I keep on smiling and laughing..
    He's so damn cute…
    Miss you king of pop.. 😍❤️❤️

  3. I lost because he is sooo fucking adorable we miss you Michael ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. See the thing is I was literally shaking sobbing before I watched this and I’m much better now it’s like a miracle drug

  5. When the video absolutely started, I already just started smiling even though I already know I was gonna loose. 😆

  6. it’s impossible to don’t smile 😂😂😂😂 i mean come on it’s MJ the most beautiful smile in the world

  7. As soon as the video started I lost😭😭😭 I wasn't paying attention!! I got lost in in his contagious laugh!! He's fucking hilarious!! I fucking hate it!! I love him so much❤❤❤😭😭😭

  8. It made me fell so good to understand him laugh non-stop during 10 minute because he suffered a lot during 50 years
    I love you so so much Michael .No i just think i fall in love with your smile

  9. Really many times i saw this video but everytime he laugh and smile im smile & laughed too,,and i never tired watching again and again,,that smile and his voice id miss so much on him,,how i wish to heard that voice again on his birthday this coming august 29 until august31 coz thats my birthday too,,of course were the same month were virgo zign,,thats why i call him mr,virgo man,,thats why i miss him so much,,

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