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You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉

– We’re entering an era
in which our enemies can make it look like
anyone is saying anything at any point in time. Even if they would never say those things. So, for instance, they could
have me say things like, I don’t know, “Killmonger was right,” or “Ben Carson is in the sunken place,” or, how about this, simply, “President Trump is a total
and complete dipshit.” Now, you see, I would
never say these things. At least not in a public address. But, someone else would. Someone like Jordan Peel. This is a dangerous time. Moving forward, we need
to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet. It’s a time when we need to
rely on trusted news sources. May sound basic, but how we move forward, age of information is
gonna be the difference between whether we survive
or whether we become some kind of fucked up dystopia. Thank you, and stay woke bitches.

100 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉

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  2. Buzzfeed…. I believe that Saudi prince who wants to give me a million bucks if I give him my bank account details is more Legit.

  3. They are so scared!!
    It’s all coming out!!
    All their satanic pedophilia!
    I hope they burn in eternity for what they have done to children!

  4. I thought, why is Obama sounding like a punk?? Also, yet that CGI is pristine. I was like, what?? Obama never said, oh' SHOCK VALUE.

  5. Don't let your children use the internet unsupervised, EVER. The new parental control is you physically supervising everything they see and hear. If you can't do that then don't allow them online. stay woke, parents!

  6. I believe the general message of this video is good, but I think I would have recognized this as a fake simply by noting the artificial-looking movement of "Barak's" mouth. But, I am also certain as "deep-fake" technology improves, it will become more difficult to detect the fakes – and they may prove quite problematic.

    But, in my opinion, there is already a "deep fake" sort of communication already in place which has already done great damage: "trusted news sources." There are none who can so easily and completely deceive as those who are "trusted." But we are naive if we think there is any information source out there which can be "trusted" without question. While I have a rather strong political persuasion, I am no more trusting of the news sources that confirm my view than I am of those who oppose it. Sadly, it has gotten so bad, I hardly read or listen to any news except the local news which has little motivation to mislead me.

    While I do not like cynicism, it appears we live in an age when many not only no longer value truth but also question whether there is any such thing as objective truth. And if there is no objective truth, there can be no lie. And that removes whatever restraint conscience may put on the would-be liar. So, take ALL news, whether "trusted" or questionable, with a grain of salt. Believe nothing immediately. Time usually makes the truth rise to the top. And especially question those stories that confirm what you already believe, for we are most easily deceived by those who confirm what we already "know."

  7. Є українці тута? Хто таки знайшов відео після шоу Грати-Песик-Дужка-Гривня-?-долар-0?)

  8. Lol, hey buzzfeed, when you guys say "trusted news sources" are you talking about what you did with Tony Robbins? Gtfoh

  9. Trusted news sources…
    That phrase sounds like a creepy manipulation
    I get more truth from regular people with more talent then professional journalists
    on here then the Circus our news networks have turned into

  10. Great video until trusted news sources, not that trusted news sources are a bad place to get your information from but we both know who you're referring to when you say trusted news sources 😉

  11. Obama by-passed Congress and bombed Libya illegally and smugly defended his actions at a press conference by defiantly and wrongly claiming he didn't need approval due to the 'help' he was providing the citizens there. Thousands of civilian casualties, maimed children, and all has been forgotten by compliant libs with Hope bumperstickers affixed to their Priuses.
    This video was made because a lot of FACTS are going to be coming out about Obama, and the liberal machine is doing everything in their power to nullify the TRUTH.

  12. That's the Obama I know. If you really knew what he thought about this country, everyone who's sane would like to take him out back and whop his ass.

  13. Still think deepfakes are harmless? I’m a terrorist who has been living in Canada for the past year in hiding. I’ve been surviving in a igloo deepfaking monkey noises on leaders of certain countries. I’m living off old maple syrup that I steal from this specific shmuck every so often. It’s been tough but it’s worth all the deepfaking so watch out for this kinda stuff. Stay woke bitches.

  14. Everyone is alright with the part that involves trusting their own news source. The problem is that everybody trusts their own news source a little too much. We need to hold them accountable even when we may not like the truth at times.

  15. You should know Buzzfeed. You are the number one place holder for saying out garbage that no-one said ever and constantly trying to convince people that it's true, so true.

  16. Sub to me for me to be 2020 president again love you guys and oh also free tayk free bobby butttt??? Free donald from president am I right?

  17. Satan's is going to pull his finale lie soon and the whole almost is going to fall for it .Fall of Babylon the great…..

  18. It's crazy how much better deep fakes have gotten in a year. This looks obviously fake compared to today's deepfakes

  19. Trusted news source? None. Absolutely none. There is nothing anywhere you can trust. Keep calm, show empathy, don't dedicate your life to a myth, and carry on.

  20. Even if I were an imbecile I would not fall for this clumsy and cheesy looking animation. Is this suppose to be looking convincing or what? Seriously no one comments on the terrible quality of the image, unnatural movements and the Donald Duck voice???

  21. I know this is all fun and games but we need to start holding these news agencies accountable and take action towards these news agencies spreading racist one sided propaganda. I see law suites here in the near future! Freedom of the press and destructive propaganda are two seperate things in the United States!

  22. Heh, now get him to deport more immigrants than any other president, make the Bush tax cuts permanent, escalate 2 wars into 7, and perform the biggest transfer of wealth in history from the poor to the rich in the form of bank bailouts with no strings attached–oh wait, those actually happened. Well at least Obama was polite.

  23. But… I saw through this tho… admittedly, not all edits can be seen through so readily with the naked eye, but this… yes

  24. America's worse mistake in its hidtory was Obama. Hope and change.. But i forgot mention what i mean by change a radical liberal dictatorship folks.

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