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You Won’t Do It Dares – FUNNY! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– On your mark, get set, go! – Dad, wait! – You have no idea how much pain you’re about to be in right now. – [Cameraman] Oh, he’s gonna do it! – Is that even food? Oh, ew, gross! – No!
– You’re gonna eat it, no! – Oh, there’s people sitting on that– – [Girl In Tie Dye Shirt]
Can you take this cup off my head for me please? – Yeah, of course. – Thank you, thank you so– – [Family] Aaaah, gross! – Hi guys, and welcome back to– – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And we are the Adventurers! – And today, guys, were
playing you won’t do it with We Are The Davises! – [All] Yay! – Alrighty, if you didn’t know this, which, unless you followed
us for a really long time, We Are The Davises is our
very first YouTube friends and our first collab, so
we go way back with them. – [Jordan] We finally met them! – We finally met them!
– It’s been awesome! – We get to hang out with
them, were going to do some crazy dares today. So how this works is that
you challenge another person to do a dare by saying, you won’t do it. And if they do it, they stay in the game. If they don’t do it,
they’re out of the game. – Are you guys ready to play? – [All] Let’s go, yeah, yay! – Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe. (upbeat music) – [Katie] Okay, guys, so
Connie has our very first dare, the you won’t do it,
who are you challenging? – Jake. – It was me because I
was hiding behind my mom. – Yes, you got caught hiding, so Jake, you won’t go to
the drinking fountain, put water in your hand,
and drink from your hand. (bell ringing) – Can I have hand sani first? – Nope. Guys, this is crazy because you know what? Jake reached under the table and accidentally touched ABC gum, which is gum that’s already been
chewed and stuck under– – No, I did wash my hands after.
– Did you? – Yeah.
– Okay. I don’t know if you did, I didn’t see. Are you gonna do this?
– Oh man. – [Connie] You’re doing it! – [Katie] Oh, that’s
getting hard, look at it. – [Connie] The waters hardly coming out. – Oh!
– There it goes! – [All] Ew, ugh! (ding) – Dad. I bet you won’t finish a race with Ty and win. (bell ringing) – He has to win or he’s out?
– He has to win. – Oh!
– Oh, so I can— – [Katie] You have to keep
running until you win. – No way. – Ty’s the fastest in the family! Ty’s the fastest. – How about this, how
about all the way down to the end, to the exit sign, and back. – [Katie] Okay. – If I win, I’m still in the game, if I don’t win I’m out.
– Okay, okay, take the camera, take the camera. – Dad, you gotta line up right here. – [Katie] Audrey, Audrey, take the camera. – [Jake] Ty, go easy. – [Audrey] I have to run with him? – [Katie] No, you take the camera from him so he doesn’t have to hold it. – You want me to film on this? – You want to?
– I’ll try. – [Katie] You’re going to
try and race him and film? – Here, I’ll just use that one. – You ready?
– Hey, no no! – (laughs) You didn’t
say I couldn’t cheat! (laughing) Okay, I’m gonna race
team Short Stuff here. You ready? On your mark. Get set, go! – Dad, wait!
– Go go go go! – Look at him.
– Stay here! – [Katie] He’s so fast! – [All] Come on, you can do it, go! – [Shawn] Don’t trip! – Hold on, it’s a photo finish! – It’s a tie. – It was tied!
– That means you both win. – Guys, that was a tie! Do you know what that means,
when it’s a tie in our house? Ty wins!
– No! – That’s what happens! It was a tie, Ty always
wins, guys, Ty won. Sorry!
– I shouldn’t have slowed down to let him catch up. – [Katie] David, I’m sorry,
you’re out of this challenge. (sad trumpet noise) – Ty–
– That was a good one too. – [Katie] Aww, Ty gets to
choose our dare though. – I bet Shawn won’t go
into the closed doors and sing Let It Go. – [David] So he’s got to go all the way down there and sing. – As loud as I can? You have no idea how much pain you’re about to be in right now. – [David] Oh, he’s going to
do it, he’s going to do it! – Should I try running? Or is that, or I guess I should just walk. – [David] Alright. – [Connie] Those are closed doors, you shouldn’t be going in there. – I don’t know how the whole song goes? (laughing) – All right, all of you
guys that are at home, you can go ahead and sing along with him. Maybe it’d might make him sound better. – [All] Oh! – [David] Oh, the doors are open! – [Katie] Hey, there’s a
stage for you right there. There’s lights. – Haha! – [David] Kay. – Everybody sit down! ♪ Mi mi mi mi mi, let it go! ♪ ♪ Let it go, I can’t take this anymore? ♪ ♪ I don’t know, I don’t know the words ♪ ♪ To this song so can I go? ♪ (laughing) – Ah, good job, woooo!
(ding) – Did that count? ‘Cause I didn’t know it. – Alright, comment down below if you think Shawn should keep his day job. – I say it’s a pass.
– That was a pass? – It’s got to be unanimous. – Yep, I say its a pass, he did it. – [David] Kay, he did it, he walked into an unknown room and sang. – [David] Alright, Shawn, you
get to pick the next person. – All right, so I saw a
baby grand piano out there, I don’t know if that was
in the camera earlier, but, I dare Tyler to play the Shrek song. How does it go, Tyler? – Oh, the other Tyler, the Tyler from– – Yeah, Tyler D.
– Not this Tyler. – Tyler D, Tyler D. – [David] Where did he go? Oh, he’s hiding way down there. (laughing) – [David] Are you up for the challenge? – I bet you won’t play the Shrek song on the grand piano out there. – [David] Looks like he’s doing it! he’s heading down there! – [Shawn] Okay, Tyler you were also issued not just to play, but to sing. You ready? And go. ♪ Somebody once told me ♪ ♪ The world is gonna roll me– ♪ ♪ Nope, it’s, I aint the
sharpest tool in the shed. ♪ That’s all I know of the song. (cheering) – You go Ty! (clapping)
(ding) – All right, I think were making these a little too easy, we
need to step it up, guys. Let’s make it harder,
embarrassing, and crazy. – [Katie] He’s got the bear. – [David] You got the next one? Okay, Tyler, do you have a dare? – Yep, I dare Katie to eat that piece of stuff on the ground. – What?
– No way! – [David] What is that? – [Jordan] We don’t
even know what that is. – [Katie] Is that even food? – [All] Ah, ew, gross, no! (screaming) – [Connie] Oh no! – Want a bite, want a bite, want a bite? – [David] Here, let’s
get a close-up of it. What is it that you’re actually eating? Is that like a three day old– – It probably just fell off a plate. – [Audrey] No, you’re not. – Okay, guys, here it goes! – [Connie] What is in there? (laughing)
– Ah! – Okay, I cannot eat this or else I’ll get sick, so, I’m out, I won’t do it. (sad trumpet music)
– Oh, you’re out, no! – [David] Aw, you’re doing
your part by cleaning up. All right, let’s let you give your dare. You want to give your dare, even though you got knocked out? – Okay, I dare Kayla! Kayla needs to go and take a piece of food off of somebody’s plate at
the restaurant that’s eating, and eat it without saying anything. Just grab a piece of food and walk away. You won’t do it, you won’t do it. – [All] Do it, do it! – I’m going to try.
– Are you really going to do it? – [Shawn] Kayla’s going to do it! – [David] Kay, let’s go! – Do it!
– I’m scared! – They’re right there,
that’s where she needs to go. Right there, there’s some people eating. – [David] Kay, good luck. May the odds be ever in your favor. (techno music) – She did it, I can’t believe she did it! Woohoo! (ding)
– Good job! – [David] I think they’re coming! Run, run!
– Go! – Kay, so Kayla, awesome job.
– Yes. – [David] Ah, you’re much
braver, I would never have gone up to chase. – I was so nervous.
– These are the remaining– – You were so nervous?
(laughs) All right, so I guess it’s
my turn to pick a dare? – [David] It’s your turn,
you get to pick from any one of these four victims there. – So, I bet Jordan won’t
put this cup on her head and go up to a random person and ask them to take it off. – [David] What!? – Oh no, why do I always have to do some of the random people. Like, people are going to be so confused, and really concerned. Okay, wait, were doing it. – Oh, there’s people sitting on that– – Hi, could you please
get this cup off my head for me please?
– Yeah, of course. – Thank you so much!
– What? – [David] That was too
easy, you were too easy! (ding)
(cheering) – That was one of the staff workers so she’s probably going
to be super confused, but. She’s like, oh yeah, sure!
– She’s like, yeah, it’s no problem! I guess it a rare request.
– Yeah! – Yeah, I got that! (laughing) – Okay, so Ive been thinking of a dare, and I think, uh-oh. I think I’m gonna dare Ty. – Ty?
– Dun-dun-dun! – Ty, I have a dare for
you, I bet you will not climb in the trash can that’s
outside, full of garbage. – What?
– He’s going! What, he’s just going!
– What? – [Shawn] he’s like Oscar the Grouch. – It’s an everyday thing, now I can do it. – [Jordan] Wait, is he
actually, oh my goodness he’s gonna actually do it.
– Ty-Ty. – Oh wait, you meant this Ty.
– It’s actually full of trash. – Jordan, you mean this Tyler, right? – No, I’m joking. – What in the world, he’s
actually gonna do it. I thought he was not going to do that. – [All] Gross, show it! – Show, show! – [David] Seriously, dude? – [Ty & Jake] You’re gonna go in there? – [All] Ty, oh my gosh! – [Jordan] You don’t have
to, you don’t have to. – [David] Ty, you’re gonna be gross-y. – [All] Oh no, he’s doing it! – [David] He’s Technically–
(yelling) He’s technically in there. You’re technically in. – [Jordan] In a trash can! You complete it, you
complete it, you’re done! Good job Ty!
– I haven’t even touched the trash. – [Connie] You gonna
step down on us, or no? – Ready?
– Technically he’s in there. (ding)
– Ah, he’s in there. Ah, he did it! – [All] Ah, gross! – [David] Kay, good job Tyler! – Thank you.
– What a boss! – I cannot believe it.
– Ty! Like a boss. – [David] Yuck, yucky yucky. Kay, Ty, come up with your dare. And your next victim. – Audrey! – [All] Audrey! – [David] (laughs) All
right, what’s her dare? – So, you have to stand on, like the stairs or the stair, I think, this place and make a big announcement. – [All] Oh! – [David] Come here, Audrey, I gotta show ya. All right, there’s, like, this grand
staircase right here. (bell dinging) You gotta climb all the way to the top and do an announcement, from the top. – Everyone’s gonna stare at me! – [David] Everybody is gonna stare at you. – You should go, like,
I have an announcement! I am yelling! – I’m out, I can’t do it! Nope, not doing it. – [David] You won’t go
up the grand staircase and give an announcement to everybody? – Nope.
– Oh. (sad trumpet music) – Okay, my dare is to Connie! – Oh my gosh. – And the dare is, she has to
walk into the men’s restroom and stay there for five
seconds before coming out. – [All] Oh! – What!
– You can’t follow me in. – [David] Oh yeah. – Where is that? – [David] Do you wanna think about it? – You know, I’ve been in
there thousands of times, it’s not that big a deal. (laughing) – [David] Oh, oh. – I can do this!
– Doors already open! You don’t need to open the door.
– You found one? (gasp) She’s gonna do it!
– Are you ready? – [All] (gasping) Oh! – [David] Is she there? Oh, she’s technically in the room. – [All] Four, five. Oh, she’s still in! (laughing) – What, you passed, then.
(ding) Audrey, that was so embarrassing. How did that make you feel?
– Yes! Um? I don’t know, empowered. – [All] (cheering) Yeah! – All right guys, what we
want you guys to do now is comment down below who you think did the best dare, so was it David running all the way across, even
though I technically won. – He lost, because Ty won with the tie! – I let Ty win. I let him win, you guys saw how much I slowed down. Or, was it Ty, what was your dare? Doing in the garbage?
– Going in the garbage can. – Or Jordan?
– With a cup. – Kayla?
– I had to eat off someone else’s plate. – Jacob?
– Had to drink out of my hand. – Tyler?
– I played All Star. – Connie?
– I went in the men’s restroom. – [David] Oh my Shawn, how
do you feel about that? – Uh, if she’s cool with it, I am too. – [David] All right, or
Shawn, what did you do? – I sang the most awesome version of Let it Go, so.
– I would agree. – Everybody agrees, right? (laughing) – All right you guys, comment down below who you think pulled off the best dare. – Alrighty, guys, that’s it for you won’t do it dares
with We Are The Davises! (cheering) – So, well leave a link down
below the description box and in the comments,
where you can check out their channel, because
they do a lot of fun things on their channel as well! If you want to see more dares, go ahead and dare us,
down in the comments, what we should do.
– Ooh! – Maybe we’ll do a video of your dares! Thanks for watching, make sure to like, subscribe, and share, and– – Hit the bell! – And make the day an adventure! – Well see you guys next time, go play! – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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