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Your Comedy Ideas Are Terrible | Kingpin Katie

(intense music) (buzzing) – Yes, Katie! Thank God you’re here. The funniest thing just happened to me and you’ve gotta put it
in one of your skits. – Wait, is that why you
called this emergency meeting? – Yes, your family’s totally fine. So, yesterday I was, you
know, doing my thing, writing parking tickets,
and I had just had the greatest bagel of my life. So I’m writing this ticket, I look down, I wrote it for a bagel violation rather than a parking violation! (laughs) Oh my God, can you imagine! That’s a perfect skit! – Yeah, it’s pretty funny. – I got a lotta good material for you. – I’m actually good. I have a lot of sketches, um, on my own– – I don’t need the credit or anything. People love, like cop humor. Here’s one, is a cop
keeps scratching her… little car on poles… and garbage cans. They worry she has a drinking problem, but she just has, I think early glaucoma. – I, I guess I just don’t
really see how that’s a sketch. – I got another one! How about this cop who
used to be a horse cop? Cop goes flying off the horse, bashes her head in, and then
has strokes every now and then. (laughs)
– Cheryl, first of all, I know that that’s just your story, but I just don’t really
see how this is a sketch. – Okay! Hey, we can just
brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Hey guys, why don’t you
come down to Cindy’s and we will have a skit brainstorm! – Don’t waste their time with this. – Oh my god, I didn’t push the button. How about a skit about
a cop who always forgets to push the button on her walkie-talkie so she can never get backup? – If you think that’s funny, that’s great. You write it.
– I mean, I have other ideas that aren’t necessarily cop stuff. What about a woman who has to
meet her mom’s new boyfriend and she keeps calling
him by the wrong name? And for a while, it was innocent, but then towards the end of the dinner, it was kind of out of malice
– Okay… – because she was like, “I miss my dad.” – I just can’t really see it on paper. You know?
– Well don’t you worry because I put it on paper, yeah! 22 pages– – That’s too many. – Of pure comedy gold. Heightens to space. – Not to be mean, I don’t
like any of your ideas. – They’re not dumb! It’s not like I’m having you your pants at the end of a skit. – That’s funny, I… Yeah, it does sound dumb,
but I bet that could be done in like a really, like artistic way? And there are actually a lot
of theories about comedy. And, um, some people think that the using the most lowbrow joke is often a way to, to height–
– Oh, my god. – What? – You’ve done that! I have to see
– No! Don’t, hey, c’mon, I– – Uh!
– Just believe me! (murmuring on screen) – Oh Katie! Ew! That looks like real poop. – [Katie] It was! – Was it yours? – Yes! – [Cheryl] Oh my god! – [Katie] Stop it! – [Cheryl] Ew!
– [Katie] It was funny! You don’t understand comedy, okay? This is, I do comedy so I would know what’s funny, right? You don’t understand it. That’s why you don’t get it. – Ew. – Thanks for watching that
promo of “Kingpin Katie”. If you liked it, I’m gonna blow your mind. There’s full episodes you can
watch right now on Dropout. They’re action-packed
and they’re super funny and I am saying that and I don’t know why. I normally am not proud
of the things I’m in. Go to Dropout.TV and start
your free trial today. – (from walkie-talkie) 10540, Code Red. A convicted serial killer
has escaped from prison. – Woah! – Yeah, I usually put
this thing in the trunk. It goes off all the time.

100 thoughts on “Your Comedy Ideas Are Terrible | Kingpin Katie

  1. Is it me, or is this lady the female version of Chris Farley? She's great! It's nice to see Katie as the sane one.

  2. That episode she showed was actually when I stopped thinking this channel was funny, it's a bit better now though.

  3. It's hard to find this sketch funny when you know far too many people like the cop. At that point all you can do is sigh and say "Accurate".

  4. What about a cop who watches alot of youtube and solves all the conspiracies by commenting and butterfly effect alone?

  5. It seems like they're only trying to promote dropout nowadays. actual sketches are getting rarer and rarer.

  6. Break the mirrored ceiling. Come hang with Katie in our DISCORD. Sign up for DROPOUT:

    Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

  7. guys I'm not a big advocate for giving youtubers patreon money etc or anything but in all seriousness I've signed up for dropout and it's awesome watching the full episodes it is actually seriously worth it they are hilarious!!!

  8. I see you've decided to take the "Kingpin Katie" label out of the title. I can only assume this is to help trick people into clicking on this garbage, the same way I did.

  9. I wonder how many times in real life Katie has to defend the "I poop my pants" sketches (and the fact there is more than one).

  10. You guys lost me a while ago.. unsubscribing this time..that's a few episodes in a row that were mora awkward and cringy then funny. Sorry but I have to let you go.

  11. I love cops face when she’s explaining the artistry of shitting ones pants. It’s like the face spongebob makes when he finds out squidward likes crabby patties

  12. I’m not used to Katie not being the weird over the top on in a skit I don’t know what to feel! Where am I? What’s going on?!

  13. Now, you schould name this: mini series "Kingpin Katie in restaurant" or "every restaurant Kingpin Katie day when they just talk and notching happening".

  14. I see a video by college humor with the thumbnail that says "Your not funny" well at least they are coming to terms with it, first step is admiring you are shit…. Or something like that

  15. Maybe Cheryl should pitch about this little piece of equipment, that normally you'd find in a lab, and it's used to see things but really close up, and then the scientist zooms out or takes his head out and it turns out that he's been examining Katie's poop

  16. Katie as the straight man is a waste her interactions with Samson where a lot funnier and had a lot more potential.

  17. I feel like this video was only made for Katie to call herself out on that flirt video.
    That being said, I could actually see a story revolving around the the cop not pressing the button. But more of that being the "twist" at the end.

  18. I thought the other person was also supposed to be joking and funny? What happened?

    Like: “Everyone’s into me”, and the other fun stories

  19. I made it to the 0:39 mark and I seriously can’t watch the rest of it this causes me physical pain

  20. This is like the skit where Katie just pitches depressing skits about herself to the other writers and they just say no.

  21. How many cops does it take to screw in a lightbulb the whole precinct because they would just beat the room for being black

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