Laughter is the Best Medicine


[Laughter] the American scene joke number 11 Burt and Harry one into a diner that looked as though it had seen better days as they slid into a booth worked wiped some crumbs from the seat then he took a napkin and wiped some moisture from the table the waitress came and asked if they wanted menus no thanks Harry said I'll just have a cup of black coffee I'll have black coffee too Burt said and please make sure the cup is clean the waitress shot him a nasty look she turned and marched into the kitchen two minutes later she was back two cups of black coffee she announced which one of you wanted the cleaned up the American scene job number 12 the man sitting in the therapists office was complaining about an obsession that was ruining his life it's baseball doctor he said please help me baseball is destroying me I can't even get away from it in my sleep as soon as I close my eyes I'm out there chasing a fly ball or running around the bases when I wake up I'm more tired than I was when I went to bed what am I going to do the therapist said that and folded her hands first of all she said you have to make a conscious effort not to dream about baseball for example when you close your eyes try to imagine that you're at a party at which someone is about to give you several million dollars are you crazy doctor the patient shouted I'd miss my turn at bat hi guys if you are new to this channel please don't forget to Like subscribe and share thank you for watching

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