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Your Mom… | The Resistance – Arma 3 Funny Moments

okay so the current standing of our of our resistance is a Portuguese man a Frenchman a Muslim a half Brit half asian and an American sounds like Battleford five all over again oh yeah can you vote for me you say aye commander fuck you what so what for me all I will call your mom game where do I get planes I want the plane no we don’t start with ray I want to plane oh my I want you to show to fly anyway ray what the fuck do you have a bayonet ray give me a plane we need to fight for planes ok we need to get to a fucking that’s it but a plane is a human right no you can’t do this it’s against the Geneva Convention keep walking it plane your mom doesn’t like you fuck you save me bitch I said your mom doesn’t like you oh fuck you say to me oh no no no no no no no no no this is bad nope show you once – why is the AI not shooting [Music] oh fuck oh fuck oh my god I see rainbows this is bad undead yeah you can join me I’ll be like a man there no I’m the comment or give me a comment oh no I want to be the command don’t know how to command right because you do shut the fuck up you’re gonna be like a little distant you need to inspire confidence give me comment oh I’m kicking you otherwise you can’t imagine admin is he has admin perms so do i all join in full minutes I’m sorry commander it helped with the radio I’d never want to be commander in your way you’re gonna switch into the back of the truck if somebody was sitting there he’ll be very happy right now he was trying to see it oh it’s a car CV okay it looked like a German car like an officer vehicle okay in first person the first person the mo is gone but in third person is on the correct position what’s very nice wait we’re going towards the castle right yeah ready your fucking friends one oh they’re so far away dude right fuck you motherfucker fuck you oh my god there’s a lot of paratroopers guys oh you have any thought squad dropping up on us be said shit Oh what the fuck to kill the priest oh there’s a guy that’s still alive oh that’s terrible I can’t believe people were doing that either Kahn oh yeah I read it with it we did what are you doing oh my god that is not oh my I think you I think you killed them are you guys both dead both ah okay hop in don’t mind the blood yeah I’m okay drive are you okay to walk as a normal person I have Terry clips for my oh there’s somebody behind us we’re being followed I can’t see shit oh she’s trying to take cover no fuck you bitch no fuck off fuck oh no no he’s still right oh oh where’d he go he’s there oh my god Oh Gilly let’s get the fuck out of here get in get in oh my god it’s not dead let’s kill him he’s gonna complete the authorities oh you’ve been reported or spotted by the enemy I fucking knew it where is he where is he where is he don’t kill him I was about to put him in the trunk shut the fuck up let’s go this is who get in I was lucky calm down calm down I fucking die here come to spy flights oh my god oh shit oh my god fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck library live nano I’m alive I’m killing them wait did you say you died yeah I think they look got him fuck you Ray what the fuck did I just say pretty name it for Delta stock yet I’m doing it she’s still on the road although yes follow that car fuck don’t forget him I think I got him yeah I got oh shit dude oh my god stop the call he just he’s just going in circles get us out of the circle okay go now go go get it out of the circle think we lost wheels she lost the wheels Oh I think was talking in the circle of death forever oh no it stopped okay but which one is the target like they give is nothing to describe them he looks like an officer ah okay let me get your friend up there oh I see two guys we mp44 I see the officer officer dead fuck these guys are stupid oh you just unconscious he’s getting away fuck Oh since the in conscious thing is oh my god I got him I got him dude fuck yes where is that German halt halt way to be motherfucking acting so suspicious because you almost just kill me and you you’re not on the world you knock down the board oh my god you just sent a crate flying into the middle of the ocean Wow holy shit teach me I could flame throw them but I’m pretty little a backlash would kill Nana at the same time probably oh my god I got shot again I know you fucking took that bullet for me like a champ oh my god okay carry on I still get shot literally fucking who’s Nano is a meat shield it’s amazing here’s my dilemma we have a peel W but he has um he has shit I want including raw cashews or a okay Wow but it’s a pure W right oh it was empty no it’s not my guy so fat I’m fat easy he satisfies you IRL oh then he’s very lean and muscular okay where’s the tank oh I see it fuck they’re using tiger its music towards this movie towards this I know it’s moving towards you what you think of fucking shit on that Oh Oh My gods oh I’m gonna have a party guys come on don’t distract me I’m driving for fuck sake Oh outside thinking fired shit that’s your sweet oh oh shit shit shit fucking empty you could have wiped this out if he wasn’t so slow oh nice truck I hold up I’m mounting up my dudes there’s a lot of dead people here why what the fuck happened I don’t know maybe we got bomb – shit now impossible did you sense it do you sense squats yeah for them first time I actually see you do something you thought you fucking retarded yeah that’s a German just two Germans oh my god what the fuck the saliva drive drive oh my god I saw blood shit I’m here oh what the fuck I oh shit the boom oh shit shit shit shit our motherfucker thank Google oh my god what’s four inches 6.31 three to the minus five miles what the fuck centimeters I mean I’m sure she’s right but I just needed centimeters okay yeah what [Music]

100 thoughts on “Your Mom… | The Resistance – Arma 3 Funny Moments

  1. Seriously it would be bad enough dropping into a combat zone. Imagine some fucking nut case firing a flame thrower at you from a roof while you are doing it

  2. Wow Ray is basicly one of those discord admin pricks just by hearing his voice where he must have all control.

  3. The mirrors in those vehicles drive me insane. When's the last time you saw yourself in your own rear view mirror? And who the hell would set up their side mirrors to look into their own back seat? NOBODY THAT'S WHO

  4. this is what arma always was, is, and will ever be – SNAFU and FUBAR.
    Download 100gb of mods just to play any server with players, do 40min of nothing, and game crashes. Nothing but technical problems, server restarts and frustrations.

  5. Nano, the tinnitus is part of the "ace" mod. You can disable the tinnitus effect of you are wearing earplugs or change the addon options.

  6. For reference, 10db is roughly twice as loud, because the decibel scale is logarithmic.

    If your game gives people potential hearing loss out of the box, you fucked up. A lot.

  7. Hey! The main mod we used was Antistasi – Armia Krajowa . It's a lot of fun with a few friends!

  8. Dear developers of games: I don't know what kind of alternate fucked up world your from, but cars moving under five miles an hour don't instantly obliterate all your bones when they tap you. This is becoming a frequent issue in a lot of milsim games these days and it can/will destroy your fun, especially if you play "solo".

  9. Arma 3 sucks. and trying to make it more like dayz and arma 2 makes it worse. just go play arma 2 dayz ? you will get more views. im not wAtching trash arma 3 videos.

  10. Lol it's bad when u say "hey Google" and u don't got headphones on. He actually triggered me Google assistant. I was dying of laughter

  11. You're so right about the tinnitus. A lot of people already play games at too high volumes to hear footsteps, they don't realize how damaging it can be over time. Those kinds of noises just makes it worse.

  12. don´t ask your phone girl for anything you can use in math. thats the problem with a smart girl, she won´t give the most simple answer without putting it in a math calculation XD

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