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100 thoughts on “YOU’RE A CUNT – Dan Pena on London Real

  1. Jesus he seems like an unhappy old cunt !!!
    Maybe if his dad didn't beat the fuck out of him he wouldn't feel the need to be so power hungry , I guess that's why he likes Henry Kissinger , thatcher , trump , and hitler , FFS the most horrible humans to walk the earth ,

    Why didn't Brian say when dan said to him ' in the scheme of the cosmos you ain't shit "
    'Neither are you "

    But he changed it to ' no one is "

  2. Why are people offended by the word cunt? It's the female equivalent of the word cock. Both have the same Latin roots.
    Nobody is offended by cock, but I guess since cunts are flowery and all pretty and sparkly we have to refrain from saying it.

  3. If you studied Dan Pena, you'd know his standard of excellence is VERY high. And to measure with his perspective, you would realize you may not be giving your all. Not being all you can be. That's what he teaches at a High level. Thank you for sharing

  4. Success or not just because I'm not putting 100% into my life doesn't mean I'm not worth shit! Happiness is the true meaning of life not success, fame or money! I just hope Dan is truely happy cos he sounds more angry and loud than anything! Interesting dude tho

  5. This man is one of the biggest fakes I've ever seen. Just shallow. After all the REALLY smart people you've met, Brian, I don't understand what is keeping your interest in this man. His methods are so primitive. He don't believe most of the things he SHOUTS himself.

  6. There's two sides of the coin to this. Understanding both will help come to a conclusion. One side is Dan is an asshole, a cunt, jealous of Brian's subjective success and feels the need to put a word in his head so that a seed can grow and have Brian say Dan has impacted his life and made London real what it is. In reality you don't need anyone for your subjective success. And that's exactly what it is subjective. Elliott hulse's success is not the same as dans.Then the other side shows dans old ways of being the alpha male and using people, coming to power by having high standards of yourself and never being satisfied is the way to go. Both mentalities will give you a form of success, but neither is wrong or right. All that matters is that Brian realizes with or without Dan he has accomplished and will continue to accomplish a lot. But who am I right? Just some YouTuber who wants to get his opinion out there who has low standards. Or maybe I care just as much as Dan does about Brian? Who gives a fuck

  7. You want to make money, then follow "Penya path". If you want to do "spiritual" stuff do the ayawaska thing.
    If you choose the Pena path you will have the choice to do both on your own terms. Good luck drifting in life surviving and not thriving.

  8. The one thing to learn from Dan Peña is that it's a waste of time to take offence at what someone says. The real victory is to take what is important from what is said and use it or trash it.

  9. I love the silver British bull dog in the back, looks great symbol of England's common man. However they must WAKE UP from their spiritual slumber to become the Judeo/Christian lion if they want to reinvigorate their commonwealth after they drop kick the EU. This Pena is so shocking with his commonsense he may be useful in doing this, but he needs to be more strategic with his swearing as it distracts from what he is trying to say. Get a grip on your demons of swearing Pena, force them to come under your foot, you can let slip one or two for emphasis but that's it.

  10. This guy needs to come back to America and be Trumps VP. You can kill Trump, but then will get Pena….I predict no one will dare touch Trump.

  11. i have to disagree with this 'method'. Iv met a lot of successful minds and there are far better people to learn from online.

    People like to jump on the band wagon and say wow what a guy because he is aggressively saying 'you should be achieving more with conviction' unfortunately if you haven't come to the realization of that yourself yet in your life no one is going to be able to tell you it or convince you of it, self belief comes internally.

    This is basically another form of brainwashing, fall in line solider! earn money! be the best! This is a incredibly ineffective way of actually getting anyone to do anything only a small percentage of people will grab any sort of inspiration from this (mainly emotionally damaged people)

    Sure you can fall in line and follow someone else, thats 99% of peoples problem. Educate yourself, surround yourself with positive people not this negativity, i do feel sorry for this guy as he is incredibly emotionally damaged and also a psychopath (psychopaths are extremely successful in business and extremely manipulative) i would suggest that people educate themselves on psychopathy and other poisonous genetic and mental disorders and avoid them like the plague.

    The thing that struck me the most in this interview was the very end, how he said his daughter being priminster would just be enough. I feel very sorry for his children.

  12. Gosh wish I could listen to more of Dan Pena, but can't handle the over the top "man talk." My four sons know, no "man talk" around their mama. They took their licks with my horse batt.

  13. in the end of the day there is no template for a fulfilled life. everybody has got to customize the template him/herself.

  14. I'll tell you this, the first 31 seconds of this vid are so intense, I cannot stop rewatching them. It's the right kick in the butt I need.

  15. Dan Pena is a man who demands respect and gets it regardless of who hes talking to this man has massive self awareness and confidence in himself

  16. Say what you want, the man's speaking the truth. You know it whenever you push yourself to the limit and people look at you like you're crazy (and hey, maybe they're right, but who gives a fuck).

  17. Can Dan Pena adopt me ?? LOL I mean I would be proud to call this man my Father. He can see society for the way it is and not the BS way that unsuccessful people or people with low standard what you to see it.

  18. He got extremely lucky in a business deal and now everything he says is gold. Pull the trigger he says, well ya if you can afford to lose 9 times out of 10. Don't listen to people like this. It's dangerous.

  19. I would like to this old fart cunt Dan what would have been for him if was an orphan,a sexually abused kid,a beaten up boy by an alcoholic father with pstd,a sick person with some rare disease…and so on….this little fart is just a grain with billions in the dust of ignorant opressive rich speculator fucks out there …..
    the season behind all his behaviour its the environment he's grown up. too opressive and abused ….now he reflects it out…. and not talk about women and how to be a real man them….he is a diasater….an error

  20. he hasn't read a damn book or went to an art exposition in his life….he is a complete ignorant…a farse….a prick at the right time to speculate and
    and make money….like soros

  21. I got mr. Pena’s message: He wanted to show you the host, that he’s spotted an inner strength in you and wants you to bring it out. In my opinion though, he could have stopped swearing after he had pointed it so clearly to you mr. London Real.


  23. Hes 100% spot on. We are nothing in the the grand scheme of the cosmos, but somehow that gives me everything I need. Go work that one out

  24. Lol. You can see, Dan Peña is aware of the game he, himself, is playing. Bravo! Savage AF and he's having a great time! Brian understands the game too. It's commendable. 😂🔥😂

  25. Dan Pena 50billion dollar man my ass, why is he such a fake, he sounds like a man too angry and about to have a nervous breakdown! Take it easy old feller I don’t care how rich you are! What have you done that is productive like Steve jobs or bill gates?

  26. yeah well try calling the border agents at the tsa that and see how far into the country you get…….even if you believe your helping them find themselves…

  27. Pena is no better than some two-bit bum on the street. In 100 years they'll both be dead and no one will remember or care that either existed. His delusion is that he thinks he's more important than that two-bit bum, well not to nature he isn't.

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