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YOU’RE THE WORST SCOTT!! | Reacting to Funny Fan Made Gachaverse Stories

Hey Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of a reading Gacha Stories But this is a super special one because we’re reading your guys Gacha stories with Scott Hello it me I’m back So Scott is back because the last Gacha video I did with him like blew up and all those of me Yes, because of him and you guys made so many freakin Gacha stories called. You’re the worst We were saying that there if there was aGacha story called you’re the worst it would be better for our relationship So people actually made our relationship in Gacha I’m ready to see the toxicity that people think we actually have as a Relationship. Yeah, I’m interested to see that. I mean just to see if anybody tries to like ship us I’m just very nervous I have no idea what any of these are so I’m ready to dive on in. So I Skimmed a couple of them because there was literally so many and guys I will go through and watch as many as I possibly can And like comments and stuff But I’ve tried to pick the ones that I thought were the most suitable to be in a video and not get me demonetised All right. I’m gonna be me Wow, okay, you could be thrown me off I was getting my Lauren your wig impersonation. Ready Oh next time. Hello. I’m Lauren. Yay I look so cute. And this is Scott Oh Look at l your little Streek I don’t why would just go you’re like a little teal skunk. Wow. Thanks. He’s the worst Let’s continue who is Maddi Idon’t know who the heck is Maddi who is Keith. Why are you cheating on Bobby? I . This is Keith. Why are you cheating on Bobby? I Don’t know. I’ve I heard you like him. So so I heard you like Keith Sure. Uh, no, I don’t like Keith. Oh god, it’s you. What did I? Really, whatever you see. Why am I on the floor? Hey Lauren. Hey, Scott. Yeah, Keith has a girlfriend. I Just heard that and then I just like became I don’t know traumatized Oh Keith has a girlfriend No, I need to leave Scott it I’m sure I Dated Heath. I wish he boo. What if his girlfriend is just even awake I hope so. Why you need to borrow my phone what how did you know? Just let me borrow it? Oh you’re texting me Hey, Scott. Hey, Maddie. What’s up? Oh, I just had a question. So who is Keith’s? Girlfriends it’s this girl named Kaia. She’s had a crush on him for a while. So I just helped them get together. Oh It is cheerful then I mean, I don’t know. Why did you do that? I? Got you together Yeah, I guess I’m flips here Cupid as we can see here Lorne is running at speeds unknown demands just be having it up You’re very pretty shed are about to break in and kill you. Oh, there she is. Are you floating? so levity Crystallize. Oh Boy I feel better. Oh my god, I’m the worst in this story You guys are supposed to be writing stories where I’m the hero? No Larne. They’ve got it, right They know this is it. This is real life. You’re the worst leave my house That’s all I say Wait a minute. Bobby’s texting me now, whatever – Keith just meet me at the park and ten minutes But it’s like 12 p.m. That’s like new which is actually meant I was fine. Hi, Lauren. Hi, Daddy I wanted to tell you something. Go ahead Bobby buried Happens okay now present time. It’s not done. Here’s your gift open your eyes Bobby would hate you giving him a fetch a spinner. What the Freck is this? Well, thank you for making it badi but what the heck what happened what just happened This video is dedicated to Lauren’s friendship with Scott Oh Hope is a musical means gotta have a love-hate relationship Why do you how tell you why do you have a bloody knife because I’m going to kill you You’re the best friend I could ever have Wow, I have a really low threshold for friendship, yep, I know You’re the worst. Okay, this is me talking to you on the computer. You’re the worst. What up, Cory? just take a moment to look at your Okay, just for the viewers Oh a too early pimmy fullscreen and then get rid of the crop that you’ve done This is what my room looks like Much cuter. No anomie girls. Okay. Now you can like bring it back in. Thank you in the end We still hate each other and that will never change So parent we just hate each other. I have no idea what’s going on. She made a friendship photo album in gotcha for us Okay, so this is when we put really cheesy montage music over to ya go Oh, it’s me you it’s me questioning my life choices by being your friend. Hello. Darkness my old friend Oh My god, oh my god, you look fabulous I know if I’m electric is on point is all me be really angry that you’re so fabulous I know you’re like why is my lipstick never that good? What the heck? Oh, I think I did It just slowly zooms into your face for 15 minutes Sounds about right You’re the worst number like three or four or five or six one of the above I hate mornings Look at my star leggings. This outfit is missing something a French braid. You are known for your friends Pradesh Wait, what the hell? Hey Lauren, I like your hair old school. Are you family ready to go? Wow? Oh my god Wow, it’s okay. Did you guys hear there’s a new guy joining today? It’s all everyone is talking about OMG is that him? It’s gonna be Bobby, isn’t it? I’m drew. You’re both drooling and I have hard eyes and make adwin a hot boy. Oh God yes brain may have melted. Yep later. Oh my god. It’s cute boy cute boys. Talk to me. Hey Hi, I’m Bobby it is Bobby Oh, no This makes the whole situation weirder Because I’m gonna actually flirt with you and apparently yeah me is also watching Bobby as well back off bitch Yeah, yeah back off. There’s yes Hey Lauren Oh my god I knew it. I knew somebody was gonna do something but also just to say why would this help my case? Never I’ve just played him into Yami’s hands. That’s what I’ve done. Oh, no, he’s gonna end up with him now Please like this video to save me it’s for a good cause You’re the worst. It was all part of me And yeah me still love it his brain is still broken she’s touching him Stroking his face. I’m out. Hey, can we talk only if you promise not to kiss me again, I promise ready, just like I’d only fight you I’m just sorry lord, please. Don’t be my friend. Get up. You’re the worst yet. I continue to be the best Get out of my house. I’ll see you at the beach tomorrow. Yeah, let’s go to the beach each. Let’s go get away Hey, hey, hey, hey Bobby I didn’t know you would be here. Did you come with me bitch? Yeah, Scott invited me after he cast you don’t remind me. Oh god, the memories are brainwash fuck. They’re burned into my brain Come on, let’s go swimming Oh God, okay, he’s chasing after you happy. Now. Look what you got Oh god, no as in the beach great Yes But I would have preferred camping and hunting for Slenderman last time we did that Lorne you die in Reverence and then I died wait. Well if that’s how this is gonna end Yami’s here as well last time we were all together She murdered us both. Oh, no, I’m going in is this how I always talk at the beach like everybody I’m going in the water now to see your where I’m going. Oh, that’s bad the war. Forget it talking to buddy. Oh I don’t know what that was, but he’s fixing my hair here. Yeah Just say that you’re fine. You’re not really fun. What is your face? You know murder you I know I’m very nervous about yeah be whispers to me So you whispered at yeah me and now you’re both staring at us really creep. Yeah, I think she’s gonna kiss you He can slightly little kissy murder on Yami’s face like she’s wanting to marvel she’s got like the smile that’s like so happy Years later at Scott’s house Oh Oh God. This is a creepy room to have in your house Scott Oh God, Oh reveals weddings Oh God reveals ears Maybe okay now what’s happening? Are you hunting Oh Oh what Scott what you just summoned her and that’s all she has to say shut up and hold still This will be over soon. Oh god, I Ate so much. I were just at the beach Why is he I mean the same Beach outfit that girl is getting years later change get some new clothes Let’s click play. I want to see my murderer Yep She did know I can use your blood to meet Bobby fall in love with me Why did you try to get us together then would that I I wanted to hurt you hides ears and wings So evil poor yeah me guys every life saves. Yeah me every no she’s gone. No, she’s gone Oh my God, we’re with our alien dog. Yay. And you’re about to ruin it. Learn quick. Yami is dead. Oh, man What an actor this is a take she sent me Oh No Let’s go. I have been kidnapped come find me a back end at cheese Hall I should be there next island get a hall time, but look at the yeah BAC hate beach Night again, I’m getting flashbacks to oh, yeah Yeah, well it was like John at middle age high space I think your diet from her husband in police Context story ever. I don’t know what this could mean but I know who will by the pirate of Jane no No, Jane, no No Oh It’s heads come find me at the beach I should be there at night. Oh my god. You’re a genius Jen. I know Right, I’m gonna go find her tonight fuckin with me. I watch Scott back now. Oh, My god, here we go, Wow. So did you figure it out? Always changes here. Oh, I totally just missed her. My plan is going perfectly Oh, no person who killed? Yeah me. Why am I just assuming? Yeah. Yeah you’re dead You’re also just going to looking for a murderer look with that. Oh god, it’s Jen It’s Jen Oh, who are you I’m just too good but look away evil. Grin But why Because I’ve always loved Bobby Oh Reveals ears is fine. If you want to play dirty by the power of the watcher Oh God, what’s going on? I don’t know Oh, I’m transforming. Oh the watcher I was the dad. Oh There’s so many past video references reveals wings, I also have wings haha, let’s fight. Oh, yeah epic battle Oh, I killed you already. Wait. I have no real powers Wow. I was able to teleport. Yeah me earlier Oh, yeah, I’m so sorry. You can have Bobby and I’ll bring ya me back to life wait. Yes. Yes, you will Oh my god, I dabbed Doing your bun to life you just dove to start with years later at the seaside wedding Yeah, this is exactly how it went down. Oh, we’re all dancing. Yay. I have a little dizzy What was punching you in the eyes? Yeah, what is happening? I know you’re a bit tipsy, but there’s no need for that large Get-together garlic. I like how we’re all just friends again after you murdered me murdered one day to try to kill me Well, it’s like yeah, no big deal. Yeah the worst It’s fine. I just stop you know, I Know oh my god That was both the bass. I’m the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Hi, I’m Lauren. I hate Scott This is why hey Scott, let’s make a video together. No, how about a chat story one. They do the best while Lauren’s other whoa No, well your beautiful unicorn Scott and thank you that’s right. All right guys Well, that’s gonna be it for a fan-made got two stories called hear the worst about being Scott. How did you like them a dutiful light is the word of accuse they were Interesting and I will not forget them anytime soon. That’s all that matters my face hurts from laughing so much So, oh no a good experience Yep. It happened as always guys If you made it this far in the video and you want to save Lauren in that one video Oh and to save ya me from death, even though she got saved anyway, but leave like before you go also Make sure to go check out Scott’s channel and he will be linked in the description below He’s also done a gaucho a story on his channel before so go check that out. Oh and we’re doing a death swap That was the only thing we did so go check it out too subscribe If you’re new to the channel, I put out new videos almost every single day. And as always I will see you guys soon Ye Ye

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