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YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #17

– Funnier than I was at that age
and funnier than I am now. – You’ve never been funnier,
which doesn’t say a lot, does it? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) All right, so we’ve got
a challenge for you. – A challenge?
I love a challenge. – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
a series of videos and the challenge is
you can’t smile or laugh while watching. – Oh, this is off to a bad start
because we’ve already been making each other laugh prior.
– I’ve been making Cib laugh. – Oh, I think I’ve been
making myself laugh. – I’m already laughing. It’s a black screen
and I’m laughing, but okay. – (FBE) So all of these videos
have been sent in by our viewers, trying to get you to lose.
What do you have to say to them? – Challenge accepted! – I like to laugh and smile,
so hopefully– I don’t know. Thank you. (laughing) Thank you for sending them in. – (FBE) All right,
so if you laugh, you’ll be out for that round,
but we’ll bring you back for the next one to keep score
of how many times you get out. – Okay, we’re just gonna start
off on a clean slate I think, right?
– We’re gonna do a bunch of breathing. – You think you’re funnier than me? You think you can make me laugh?
It’s not gonna happen. I don’t laugh for you.
– Good luck. – Thanks. I was really trying to bolster myself. I don’t believe anything I said.
– (snorting) ♪ (faint party music) ♪ (chick chirping) – Oh, [bleep]!
Does that count? Oh my god.
(buzzer) (chick chirping) – Mmm, very cute.
Don’t step on it. – (man) …maximum overdrive. Hi-yah! ♪ (music blaring) ♪
– (giggling) (buzzer) ♪ (music blaring) ♪ (chick chirping) – If he falls into a drain,
I’m gonna laugh. – Okay, I’m good.
I think I– Oh, wait, I’m smiling now.
Does that count? (laughing) Dang it!
(buzzer) – Cute! – I can just say right now
this one’s trying too hard. – The little ducky thought
that that man with the ugly sneakers was his momma. – (cameraman) Show the camera
how much you’re drinking. – (Tyler) I regret everything.
– (cameraman) Down it. Tyler doesn’t drink much.
– (vomiting) – (cameraman) Oh! (laughing) – (scandalized laugh)
(buzzer) – (Tyler) I regret everything.
– (cameraman) Down it. – (laughing)
– (cameraman) Tyler doesn’t drink much. Oh!
– (in disgust) Oh! – I don’t know why that made me laugh.
(buzzer) – (cameraman) Down it. Tyler doesn’t drink much.
– (vomiting) – (cameraman) Oh!
(laughing) Down it. Tyler doesn’t drink much.
– (vomiting) – (cameraman) Oh!
(laughing) – I know those feels.
That’s tequila for me. – (girl) Hey, kids.
That was a sweet turn. Well, you know
what isn’t sweet? Heroin. – (snorting) (laughing) Dang it!
(buzzer) – This is gonna be dangerous.
– (girl) Hey, kids. That was a sweet turn.
– Oh, okay. I thought she was gonna eat it. – (girl) You know what
isn’t sweet? Heroin. Well, you know what isn’t sweet? Heroin.
– (breathing deeply) – Didn’t quite [inaudible]. – She’s funnier than I was at that age
and funnier than I am now. – You’ve never been funnier,
which doesn’t say a lot, does it? – (girl) Well, you know
what isn’t sweet? Heroin.
– Oh. I mean, I agree. That is absolutely
nothing to laugh at. – ♪ She say, “Do you love me?” ♪ ♪ I tell her… ♪ – (singing along) ♪ …only partly ♪ ♪ I only love my bed and my mama ♪ – (Kirby) Nani?! ♪ (chiptune) ♪ ♪ (deafening bass) ♪ – (giggling)
(buzzer) ♪ (deafening bass) ♪
(buzzer) – This is frightening me.
– It’s very loud. – Yeah, it’s a little disturbing.
Hey, I laughed! – What was that? (laughing)
(buzzer) ♪ (deafening bass) ♪
– Jeez! – That’s very loud. – (voice-over) How it feels
to chew 5 Gum. – (man groaning sensually) – What the [bleep]?
(buzzer) – (man groaning sensually) – (stifled laugh)
– (man continues groaning) – Okay, goddamn it!
What the [bleep] is that?! (buzzer) – (man groaning sensually) – This is weird. Not funny.
– (agreeing) Mm-mm. Mm-mm. – It looks kind of fun actually. – (man groaning loudly) – (voice-over) Stimulate your senses. – (giggling)
(buzzer) – (man groaning sensually) – And this is what you find funny?
– (snickering) – (laughing)
(buzzer) – I wouldn’t say that one
was accurate either. That’s not how it feels to eat gum,
but, you know, to each his own. – (director) The line is
“baked in a buttery, flaky crust.” – I love this video!
Holy [bleep]. – Wait, I’ve never seen it. – Damn you! – (actor) Baked in
a buttery, fragrant crust. (tone) – This is so hard not to laugh to. – (actor) …flavored crust.
Uh, crust– yeah. (tone)
– (spluttering) – Oh, you spit on me!
– Sorry! (buzzer) – (actress) Jack, “flaky.”
– (Jack) I thought I said “flaky.” – You definitely didn’t say “flaky.”
– (giggling) (buzzer) – (Jack) Baked on a buttery–
– (actress) Flaky. – (Jack) Flaky crust.
– (laughing) (buzzer) – (actress) Baked in a ba– oops!
– (both laughing) (buzzer) – (actress) Baked in a ba– oops!
– (Jack laughing) – I had a brief smile.
(buzzer) – (actress) Baked
in a buttery, crispy flake. – I hate you! I love this video so much.
(buzzer) – (Jack cackling)
– That was fun. I lost.
– Told you can’t get me! – (FBE) All right, that
was the last video. – I think I did terribly. (laughing) – Great job, team, submitting
new internet stuff. – Give us more new internet stuff. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – If you liked this episode,
then hit that Like button. – Bye, guys, love ya.
Mwah! – What’s up, guys? Alyssa here,
a producer from the React channel. Thanks so much for laughing
with our YouTubers today. If you haven’t checked out FBE2 yet,
they have amazing vlogs over there. Go check it out.
You don’t want to miss it.

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  2. No laugh to the Sticky Buddy Dub by Jaboody Dubs. Anyone who doesn't at least grin at that has no soul.

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