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YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #19

– Oh no, it’s another
animal one. – Is that all you got?
No, okay. I’m not challenging you, please. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) All right, today we’ve
got another fun challenge for you. – Okay.
I like fun. – (FBE) We’re gonna see
if you can make it through a try not to smile or laugh
challenge. – No, I’m always so bad at this. – I’m pretty bad at these.
I pretty much laugh immediately. I’m laughing right now. – All right, I gotta
prepare my jaw. I smile a lot. – I’m scared, look.
Should I get all my smiling out? – (FBE) These videos were chosen
by our fans and they hope that they will get you
to break. – Oh, that’s so cool.
I’m excited. – I laugh at things easily,
so they are probably going to make me laugh. – If you’re watching this video
and you don’t laugh, you get one thumbs up,
but if you do laugh, you get two, ’cause that means
you had fun. – I’m up for the challenge.
Let’s see what they got. – ♪ (steel drums) ♪ – I love this movie. – ♪ Under the sea ♪ ♪ Under the sea ♪ ♪ Under the sea ♪ – That one was very, very funny. – Oh cool, he was under…
(laughs) – I’m good for now. – “Me after watching
Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” I’m laughing because I was
looking at myself. – ♪ (hip hop music) ♪ – Tens across the board. – That’s the fanciest way
to get into a cab ever. – I would do this. – This is dope.
Oh. Yo, that was dope. – Is that all you got?
No, okay. I’m not challenging you.
Please don’t make me– please don’t make a funny face. – ♪ (horn and chair squeaking) ♪ – I’m not laughing.
He’s just scooting. – (laughs) – That was just creative. – I enjoyed the effort put in
and I’m sure that they had a really fun time
collaborating on that. – (Carlin) Here’s a little cheer.
A lot of people like it. It goes like this. ♪ Rat [bleep], bat [bleep]
dirty old [bleep] ♪ ♪ Rat [bleep], bat [bleep]
dirty old [bleep] ♪ – The tapping foot.
The little tapping foot. – ♪ 69 [bleep] tied in a knot
hooray, lizard [bleep], [bleep] ♪ ♪ Rat [bleep], bat [bleep]
dirty old [bleep] ♪ ♪ 69 [bleep] tied in a knot ♪
– What? – ♪ Hooray, lizard [bleep]
[Bleep] ♪ – This reminds me of
my father. – No.
It got me on the repeat. – That man has a mouth on him.
Wow. – Oh, it’s a little kitty.
Aw. Got me right away.
I don’t even think I lasted a second. – Help me, anyone. – Oh, he just can’t.
He can’t. – So sweet.
I wanna be best friends with this freaking cat. – He mad you judging.
Oh, he trying to get up. He can’t even get up
in the morning. – Oh no, it’s another
animal video and I love animals
and it’s a pug. Oh, he thinks… – I love pugs.
What a sweet– I’m already freaking out
I’m hyperventilating. It’s so cute. – Oh my God, I’ve seen this one.
This one’s so cute. – That’s a dumb dog.
Dumb dogs make me laugh. – That’s good. – Dogs are just the best.
We don’t deserve dogs. – I don’t blame him.
I think God gave us dogs and we should really
appreciate them. – Oh no, it’s another
animal one. – (dog snoring) – Wow.
Just enough to warm my heart. – What? – I’ve seen that one before.
That one’s really great. – My dog does that, too
and it makes me giggle. Dogs are so wonderful. – (dog snoring) – (dog snoring) – No. – (dog snoring) – That dog, man. – I’ve been in this situation
before in a Netflix and chill. – “Me trying to get
through life.” – (cameraman) What happened?
– (kid) He got stuck. – How did he get
stuck like that? – (cameraman) So you
climbing a fence and you got stuck?
– How did this happen? – This just makes me sad.
It’s a bummer. This kid is trying to thrive. – Why he doing it again? – Oh my God. – He’s trying to climb the fence
and really got stuck. – Oh, he’s gonna go back
and do it again. – Maybe that’s how he wanted
to be dressed anyway. – What is he doing?
He think he’s– that got me. – (cameraman laughing) – He’s just struggling.
That girl is being very sweet. I like that she is helping
him out. Oh no, it happened again. – This is so sad.
He really got stuck on the fence. – What is that? – (adults laughing) – That just looks stressful
to me. – Oh my gosh. – That baby look terrified.
Ah, this is smiling. Aw man. – Wow, that is the most
frightening thing that child has ever seen. – (cameraman) So here we are.
It’s Henry. And here we are at the Thames
and then all of a sudden– oh, hold on a minute.
What’s going on here? – He’s taking–
oh. – (cameraman) There’s
two blokes gonna go in– (cameraman laughing) – There’s just no way to win. – The other guy’s like,
“Nope, I’m out.” – He’s returning to the ocean.
He’s a mermaid. – Spiderman would have been
highly disappointed. – (FBE) All right, you lost.
– Yes. There is no surprise
that I failed this challenge. I don’t do very well
at laugh challenges, but I like to try. – This is the great thing
about this game. If you win, you won.
If you didn’t, you laughed. It’s great. – You guys did a great job
fans, picking those videos. Keep them coming. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React Channel. – Submit a video
in the comments that you want featured
on the show. – Deuces. – What’s up, everyone?
Alyssa here, a producer from
the React Channel. We love making you laugh
and if you wanna laugh more, you can head on over
to FBE2 to check out some community team vlogs,
podcasts, behind the scenes. They have so much content
going on over there. You don’t wanna miss out.

100 thoughts on “YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #19

  1. SMH… the number of people who clearly didn’t recognize George Carlin… what is this world coming to… King Bach too! You’re a comedian sir! You need to get yo life!

  2. 7:08 is she litterally fkn crying over that hilarius video, stop being so sensitive and laugh at other peoples missery. Its not like he got really hurt or something.

  3. is a funny bird laughing as he sneaks in!
    If you like this, please put it for the YouTubers to watch at and try not to laugh or grin!

  4. One of the best complications in a LONGGGGG time! The last 4 or so got me good; especially the dog and kid getting stuck. 😂

    It's just epic, lightsaber tuba fighting

  6. I respect the fact rosanna pansino laughed at almost all of them, she is a very nice person and sweeter than any candy.

  7. The first half I was mostly laughing at their reactions. The second half I was crying of laughter at the videos!

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  9. why do i always come to your channel when i am drinking? xD haha, and you have animals in this 1, ok, lets see how i do 😀

  10. Dang, real talk, I was having a hard day, and this just made my night. I didn’t even try not to laugh bc it was all hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

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