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YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning 2

(Finebros) So this series of videos
we’re gonna show you has a rule: You’re not allowed to smile
or laugh while watching, or you lose. Wow…okay. I’m gonna win this one! I’m pretty sure that I can do that
’cause I’m emotionless, I’m an emotionless man. Really? Another one of these? I’m gonna [bleep] ace it. (snickering) (Finebros) Five seconds, Laina! Seen it before. It’s an old one.
It’s not amusing me. (whispering) Damn it. Damn it! (laughs) When you play it over…
you can’t play it over! (laughs) You cheated the clip!
I know the original clip. You cheated by replaying it over! (laughing) Oh, animals get me every time. (laughs) That is one of my favorite
all-time clips on the Internet. (laughing) Okay, Phil, looks like you’re out! – I’m sorry.
– I laughed ’cause you laughed! – I’m sorry!
– Stop dragging me down with you. (laughing) (Finebros) You’re done! Wait, wait…let me try it again.
Let me try it again. Holding strong.
Let’s do it, let’s do it. Hit me. (geese squawk) Look at all those chickens! (laughs) (speaking foriegn language) (bleating) – (bleating)
– Hmm. Oh my gosh. (bleating) (bleating) (speaking foreign language) I was trying so hard
not to laugh at that one. (bleating) Still not funny at all.
I’m not laughing. – (bleating)
– (snickers) A fricking goat, it got me! Go! (girl groans) Go! (girl groans) Go! (girl groans) Go! – (girl groans)
– How can someone laugh at that? That’s a little girl getting
hit in the face by concrete. (singing) Oh no…this is not gonna end well. No! (singing) Baby, we can’t see… I love how she’s probably got the camera
on a bunch of books or something. Predictable. Who edited–did you guys edit this?
It’s so immature. – (Finebros) You won!
– YES! Yes! Feels great to defend my title. People are gonna think
I have no sense of humor. (Finebros) So, to start us off,
tell us what got you and why. Uh…the very beginning,
just the dog running. I was trying to zone out
on a spot on the screen and not think about what was happening. The first dog.
That’s pretty sad. Anything repeated twice is hilarious to me. You replayed the video
over and over again! That’s not fair. I think it was because one of those things
where I thought that was the funny thing– – Yeah.
– That it was running in its sleep. – You’re like, “Okay”–
– And then it goes up and slams– I can handle this part. The second he fell on his face. It sucks! I had seen that one before, too,
and I just…forgot what was coming. Camel/Llama thing? – (Finebros) Actually, it’s called an Ibex.
– Right. I’ve never heard of one of those. They’re just so human!
It was doing very human and very emotive things! (Finebros) Which video
almost got you the most? The animal ones. I knew what was coming
with the girl and the dog. I’d seen that before,
but it still manages to get me. I am human. (Finebros) Why is it so hard not to laugh
when you’re told not to laugh? ‘Cause I don’t like listening
to people. (laughing) I guess ’cause you know
something funny is about to happen. You feel pressure. You’re told not to laugh,
and I’m in a room of silence and you guys staring at me. I think that’s just a weird thing
about humans, where if you’re challenged
to not do something inappropriate, your body just does the exact opposite
of what you’re trying to do. – It does.
– You know what I mean? Don’t blink. – (laughing)
– (Finebros) Right away. You did it straight away! I’m sure it’s more psychological
once something’s in your mind. It’s like, “Don’t think of an elephant.” And now you’re thinking
of an elephant. It’s so difficult to not think
of something someone puts in your head. – That’s a good idea for a video!
– Yeah. (laughter) – (Finebros) I want to see it!
– (together) Yeah. We thought about that.
We did one on yawning, but now we we’re like,
“Can we do one on contagious laughter?” (Finebros) What is your technique
for not laughing? I was just thinking about the first time
I had an animal that died. Try and completely block out
what you’re looking at, and just imagine a horrible situation. I can flip a mood switch fairly easily
that allows me to just not give any outward expressions
in response to things. I mean, I sound like
a sociopath right now! (Finebros) So what do you want
to anyone who defeated you – and actually completed this challenge?
– I admire you. You’re the kind of person
that I wanna be. I have nothing to say to them. – That must’ve been really boring to watch.
– Yeah. You don’t have a soul, I don’t think.
You don’t have a soul! You have a terrible sense of humor
and you’re not a funny person. Congratulations. You have a stone cold heart. You do not understand emotion
and the way animals and people behave. I don’t want to be around you.
You are not fun people to be around. It’s always funny
when people hurt themselves. You’re too cool to laugh.
Or they just really wanted to win. Is there a prize? (Finebros) What do you want to say
to your fellow YouTubers who you defeated? See, I don’t know.
Is it a good thing that I defeated them, that I’m able to suppress emotions? Get wrecked. I beat you all.
You’ve been destroyed! To all of the YouTubers who lost,
and I didn’t, I think you guys should just send
me an e-mail with your username and password, and I should
take over your channel. Thank you for watching
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  1. I did it! Hardest part acc was to watch Caspar trying not to laugh :DDDDDDDD He's just so funny like i laugh at anything he does :DDDDDDDD

  2. stop scrolling. guys remember. dan started laughing because phil did. he found joy in phil's joy. okay continue scrolling through the comments.

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