Laughter is the Best Medicine

32 thoughts on “YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #32

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  2. Im halfblind creator and i love both of your channels u are the reason i start youtube i love u all keep up the good work also if u like make a video with youtibers with disabilities like me so ppl can see we can offer also thx u and see u in next video

  3. Girl: I’m Meghan and you’re watching Disney channel. Then gets hit in the face with beer.

    Those stupid people: oH sHe DeSerVeD tHaT

  4. I was incredibly impressed by the first video, she threw the avian carcass over he should, smashed the bowl into the ground, and the carcass just land in the bowl again. BRILLIANT!

  5. Damn it Anthony! (Oh and Sam for breaking Liam at the end there) i wanted the Crit Role guys to win.

    Also, how have FBE not reacted to Critical Role yet? I guess the sessions are a bit too long to react to but there's the history making kickstarter.

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