Laughter is the Best Medicine

YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #33

– Oh. (laughs)
It’s so little. – You can’t give me a Flex Tape ad.
Those are hilarious! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) It’s time
for a laugh challenge. – (both) Ooh!
– These are tough. – This is a special
laugh challenge episode, because we are filming at VidCon.
– I love VidCon. I’ve been here two years in a row.
This is a good community reunion. That’s how I see it.
– (FBE) So, here are the rules. – Okay.
– (FBE) If you laugh or smile during a video or in between videos,
you’ll get a point. And to win the game,
you wanna get the least number of points possible.
– Cool. I guess I’m gonna have to look very serious today.
– Sometimes I laugh at things that aren’t even funny,
’cause I get nervous. So, I just laugh all the time.
– I’m gonna win. I feel it.
When you’re told not to laugh… – And you’re with
somebody else next to you, this is gonna make it harder.
– ♪ Oh my god ♪ ♪ Look at that face ♪
– Phil Swift here… – (bursts out laughing)
(buzzer) – ♪ Oh my god ♪
♪ Look at that face ♪ – Phil Swift here for Flex Tape.
– (laughs) I love Taylor Swift. She’s my favorite!
(buzzer) – ♪ Oh my god ♪
♪ Look at that face ♪ – Phil Swift here for Flex Tape.
– (chuckles) Okay. Yeah, I lost right away.
(buzzer) – ♪ Look at that face ♪
– Phil Swift here for Flex Tape. – (giggling)
(buzzer) – Phil Swift here for Flex Tape.
– Okay. – (FBE) You smiled.
– I know! I thought I wasn’t gonna smile.
Gosh dang it. (buzzer)
– Phil Swift here for Flex Tape. – (both laugh)
(buzzer) – Phil Swift here for Flex Tape. – (chuckles softly) Yeah! I got a point.
(buzzer) – ♪ Look at that face ♪ – Phil Swift here for Flex Tape.
– (laughs) What the?! Come on! You can’t
give me a Flex Tape ad. Those are hilarious!
(buzzer) – I found to be funny.
(chuckles) Oh, [bleep].
No, that was– ah, dammit.
(buzzer) – It was very clever.
Like, it was very– And I love the Phil Swift meme.
It’s just a classic. ♪ (“Moonlight Sonata”) ♪ – (chuckles)
(buzzer) – (both laugh)
– Okay. (buzzer) – (snickers) I just–
I don’t know why. I’m in a laughing mood.
(buzzer) – Oh. (laughs)
It’s so little. (buzzer)
– (chuckles) I’m not doing it.
– (FBE) Yes, you are. – I’m crying. This is a sad song.
(buzzer) ♪ (“Moonlight Sonata”) ♪
– Crap. I’m so bad at this. (buzzer)
– Once I get in a giggly mood, it’s hard for me
to get out of it, you know? So, I might just fail
at all of these. (buzzer) – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna
turn it around right now and not laugh a single other time
for this entire challenge. – I think I got this.
I’m calm now. Deep breath in.
(deep inhale) (big exhale)
Deep breath out. – (people yelling in Korean) – I wonder what they’re saying. (plate shatters) (plate shatters)
– I’m not laughing. – Oh my gosh.
That looked like it hurt. Honestly, I think that’s
more sad than funny. (chuckles) (buzzer)
– (gasps) That was sad!
(laughs) Oh! (buzzer)
– (gasps) Oh my god. I really
don’t wanna laugh at this. (exhales shakily)
(laughs) (buzzer)
– I did an O face. – (FBE) That was close,
but you’re safe. – I was worried for his safety.
– I almost laughed at that one. That was close. But it was
also kind of messed up, so I felt bad for the camera guy. – (gasps) There are so many. – Oh my god.
The whole neighborhood was there? What?
(buzzer) – Oh. Creepy. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – Whoa. I would run.
(chuckles) I would run. I would get out of there.
Was that a laugh? Oh, no! COME ON! (buzzer) – Oh my god.
That’s terrifying. What the heck?
No! I didn’t! No! (buzzer)
– Yo, he’s gonna get messed up. (chuckles)
Dammit! (buzzer)
– I did not expect to see so many little raccoon eyes
staring back at me. – That was scary, by the way.
Can we just all agree that that was scary?
– (man) Stand here. – (voice-over) The force is with you.
– He’s at Disneyland. (buzzer)
– I’ve done this before at Disney World
when I was 11. – The force is with you.
(light sabers buzzing) – Oh, god.
– Oh, did he hit the kid? Oh! Oh, no. (laughs)
(buzzer) – (woman) Activate.
(light sabers buzzing) – Aww.
Poor guy. – That’s just sad.
– This has happened often. You’d think they would learn! Okay, sorry.
I just can’t. I can’t do this.
(buzzer) – (man) Activate!
– (laughs) (buzzer)
– It’s not funny. It’s not funny.
I don’t laugh ever. (buzzer)
– Star Wars. Come on!
– Ooh. Happens to lots
of guys, Darth Vader. – Oh.
– (kid off-screen) AHH, DARTH VADER! – Darth Vader needs to work
on his saber skills. – They make billions of dollars,
and yet they cannot afford a proper light saber.
I’m disappointed. – This time, going forward,
I need to just laugh on the inside, so I can enjoy it
and then just stay winning. – (man) Yay! Oh yeah– oh, yeah!
– (laughs) I don’t know what this is. (buzzer) – (man) Yay. Oh– yes, yes, yeah!
– (laughs) (buzzer)
– (man) Yeah. Oh– yeah! No, n– yay! – I didn’t smile.
(buzzer) – (man) Yeah. Yes.
Ah, [bleep]. Uh… – (laughs) Why you gotta
do that? That was good. (buzzer)
– (man) Dammit. Uh, yeah! No. Mm.
– Yeah, that’s pretty much me. – (man) So, you’re gonna take
a long ti– oh, yo! – (chuckles) Okay.
I laughed at the end. (buzzer)
– I can definitely relate to this with uploading
YouTube videos, but I just don’t… (laughs)
(buzzer) – I could feel it, you know.
Just imagining you’re uploading a video, it just goes
back down to nothing. – It just goes to show you
that technology just never goes our way.
That kind of stuff always happens to us.
– (man) No, no. No! No! Oh, [bleep]!
♪ (Windows shutdown jingle) ♪ – (laughs) No way!
(buzzer) – (man) Oh, [bleep]!
♪ (Windows shutdown jingle) ♪ – (chuckles) Oh. Oh.
(buzzer) – (man) Oh, [bleep]!
♪ (Windows shutdown jingle) ♪ – (snickers)
(buzzer) – (man) Oh, [bleep]!
♪ (Windows shutdown jingle) ♪ – (laughs)
(buzzer) – I’m trying not to laugh,
because it’s kind of horrible what’s happening, right? Right?
– Aww, poor dude. Poor dude.
♪ (Windows startup jingle) ♪ – (laughs)
(buzzer) ♪ (Windows shutdown jingle) ♪
– Just trying to get something out of my teeth there.
♪ (Windows startup jingle) ♪ (chuckles)
(buzzer) – Wait. He’s awake again?
Oh my god. I feel so– wait. What the [bleep]?
(laughs) (buzzer)
– Nah. That’s a joke. – No way.
– That was a joke. – You expect when you pass out
in a scary situation to wake up and all your friends
are around you, and they’re like, “Don’t worry, man.
It’s over. You did it.” But in this case, he keeps waking up,
and he’s still in his nightmare. He’s still in his own little hell. ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪
– I’ve seen this. – (laughs) (buzzer) – (chuckles)
– (lizard screaming) – I can’t do it.
(buzzer) – (snorts and laughs)
(buzzer) – Aww. I feel bad, man.
(chuckles) I’m literally the worst.
(buzzer) – (lizard screaming)
– The scream was a nice tough that they added.
I like that. (chuckles) (buzzer)
– (lizard screaming) – Not with the scream.
That was a new element. It almost got me.
– (chuckles) I tell you, it had to be really stupid
for me to laugh. I love that video.
– (FBE) It’s time for the very last video.
– It’s gotta be the funniest one, right?
– Yup. Best for last. – I’m gonna try my best on this one.
This is my last chance. – Oh, no. I’ve seen
this before. (laughs) I love this video!
(buzzer) – (chuckles)
– (wheezing laughter) See, I wasn’t gonna laugh.
(buzzer) – (man wheezing)
– This is just making me uncomfortable. (buzzer)
– Nope. (laughs)
(buzzer) – (man wheezing loudly)
– (laugh) Stop it. (buzzer)
– My face hurts. Oh.
(buzzer) – (man wheezing loudly) – Is that a smile?
Oh, come on! (buzzer) – (laughs) Okay. (buzzer) – (man wheezing loudly) – (snickers)
(buzzer) – (both laugh)
– (sputtering) You wouldn’t stop.
(buzzer) – Jesus Christ.
He’s so out of breath. Oh my god.
That was a workout. Does that count?!
(buzzer) – Why did he get so out of breath?
He must’ve just been talking about furniture. I don’t know.
He just gets really excited about all of the furniture
in his furniture store. – Those were the kind of videos
that I used to watch back in the time.
And then I found the beauty community, and I stayed.
– I think I would’ve done better if I was by myself.
– Yes! – I have focus, you know,
like laser focus. But you just break my concentration.
– You would have zero points if I was not here.
– Yes. Chad, I would be winning. (laughs) I’m just kidding. – Heyy.
– I’m kidding! – Thanks for watching me
try not to laugh on the React Channel. – If you liked this video,
hit the Like button. – Subscribe for new shows every week.
– Bye! – Hey, guys! Vartuhi here from FBE.
A huge thank you to all the YouTubers that came out to shoot this episode
at VidCon with us. Make sure to support them
by checking out their channels. Links in the description below.
Bye, guys!

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