Laughter is the Best Medicine

YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #6

– How could you casually get
your milk products next to this dancing cow? – What the [bleep]? – I can’t. I can’t.
I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna
show you a series of videos but the challenge is you can’t smile
or laugh while watching. – No! No, you’re kidding. – That’s, like, how I am in life. You’re taking– oh my god. – I’m the most laughy,
hyper, smiley person ever. This is gonna be so hard. – I’ve done one of these before,
and I break very easily. Let’s see what happens this time. – I can turn myself off.
– You could do it. I can’t. – I think I’m gonna do well. If I don’t, my parents
will be very displeased. This is what my ancestors
have trained me for. – I probably did that
before my hands passed my face. I’m really bad at doing that. – (FBE) All these videos
were submitted by viewers who think they’re gonna
make you lose this challenge. – I think it will be a challenge,
but I’ll see if I can be an actress and not laugh. – You’re gonna win, definitely,
but I’m gonna try. It’s gonna be a hard battle. – I can do it, dude. I can do it. I can really put on a mean face. – You picked a fight
that you can’t win. I ain’t smiling today.
Not to– (clearing throat) Not smilin’. Not laughin’. Thinkin’ about sad puppies. There you go. ♪ (romantic music) ♪
– (announcer) Kiss Cam! – Get a room, you two. – Damn, they’re going in. – Why is the girl
stuffing her face with pizza? – That’s me. – ♪ (romantic music ending) ♪ – Dude, I mean, honestly,
more than kissing, I would much rather
double fist slices of pizza. – (camerawoman laughing)
– I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. (giggling)
(buzzer) – (camerawoman laughing) – What did she think
was gonna happen? – (camerawoman laughing)
– I’ve done that before. It hurts a lot. – (piano player singing lowly)
♪ Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do ♪ (piano player clearing throat) (singing a little higher)
♪ Do, re, mi, fa, so… ♪ – I have no idea
what’s gonna happen. ♪ …la, ti, do ♪ (singing higher) ♪ Do, re, mi… ♪
– I’m afraid. – (beginning to screech)
♪ …fa, so, la… ♪ – What the [bleep]? – (screeching loudly) ♪ …do ♪
– Keep it going, dude. Don’t stop. I want to hear more. – (screeching off-ley)
♪ Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do ♪ – (giggling) No!
I’m terrible at this game. I can’t do it.
(buzzer) – (screeching) ♪ …fa, so… ♪
– Jesus Christ. – (screeching unintelligibly) – Ow, my ears. – (screeching squeakily)
– I hate this. I hated that a lot.
– (giggling briefly) – (FBE) Gaby, you laughed.
– Why? Come on! I sighed. It was a sigh. – That was a laugh.
(buzzer) – Oh god, having these on headphones
is not a good idea for this one. – (screeching squeakily)
– No Mariah there. – ♪ [Bleep] the police ♪ ♪ [Bleep] the police ♪ – I hate hoverboards. – Whoa! That
was the perfect storm. – That had a good twist.
– That was good. – (cameraman) Back up, back up. Back up, Tim.
Put it in reverse, Tim! – What is my grandfather
doing in this video? – (cameraman yelping) – Wait, poor guy, yo.
(buzzer) – Oh, no, that’s so dangerous.
Get him out of there. – I like how they’re
not helping him. – He’s so unbothered. Wow. – (cameraman yelling) – The guy behind the phone
makes this good. (firecrackers popping) – (cameraman crowing) – I can’t laugh. He could have
had his hand blown off. Fireworks are very dangerous. ♪ (techno music) ♪ – Okay, this is one
of my favorite videos. – This, I’m into, though. – Whoa. This is dope. ♪ (poppy techno music) ♪ – That was pretty impressive. – This is incredible.
– Yeah, that’s really good. – How could you casually get
your milk products next to this dancing cow? – ♪ (upbeat techno music) ♪ – I don’t know whether to call 911
or to send this cow to Dancing With the Stars. – (giggling) – (laughing softly)
– It’s too good. This is right in your wheelhouse. This is 100%– – (giggling) The tail spun.
(buzzer) – You can’t tell,
but I’m beaming inside. – I like how no
one is even caring. There’s, like, two people watching. – Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous. – I would never laugh
at such talent. I can only be enamored
by such talent. – Honestly, though, this person’s
well below their pay grade. They should be dancing
in the Super Bowl or something. – (anchor) One person
is dead after a shooting… – Come on. No news bloopers. – News bloopers are always great. (newsroom: silence) – (anchor) Apparently,
we don’t have that story. But right now, astronomers are–
– Oh, awkward. – (reporter)
…in Southwest Albuquerque. – If someone’s dead, I can’t laugh. – (reporter speaking in slow-mo)
…in Southwest Albuquerque. – That’s really funny
they cut back to that guy. – (reporter speaking in slow-mo)
…in Southwest Albuquerque. – He’s over it. (ding)
– (FBE) You won! – That’s it? You almost got me
with the dancing cow. – Yeah! Take that. Wait, who else was in this episode? Take that, CaptainSparklez–
you’re probably in this. He probably won too, didn’t he? – I made it. Woo! You need to learn
to suppress all your emotions, or maybe I just
don’t have any to begin with. – I feel a little bit let down
that I didn’t laugh. I also am questioning
my life right now, because if I didn’t laugh at that,
I’m just a worthless shell of a human. – Life is all about enjoyment. I might take the L,
but my heart takes the W. – The videos were really good.
I loved them all. You guys, you guys are mean, because you just want
to make me lose. – If you happened to be the person
who was inside that cow suit, I salute you.
– Call us. We want to work with you. – Thanks for watching, everyone. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – See you later. Bye, guys. – What’s up, guys? Alyssa here, a producer
from the React channel. Hope you enjoyed
this laugh challenge. What was your favorite video?
Let us know in the comments. Bye!

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  2. I actually laughed so hard I wheezed at that cow I was literally Eugene thought the whole thing except the cow OMG (>﹏<)

  3. i usually lost this challenge.. but all the videos in this episode aren't funny. sorry. i'm not even holding any laugh. i win but i feel empty

  4. Mind: Meh, Im not gonna watch this. Theres no good youtubers in here.
    sees mi papi Eugene
    Mind: Never mind… never f*cking mind.

  5. I'm watching this while watching Game Theory's newest (and scariest) episode. Someone commented that it helps if you watch another video on a different tab. I think I chose well. 😀

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