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You’ve Been Meatballed – The Office US

Oh okay, Oh, what is this a meatball really? It’s always more fun to mess with the dwight with an audience that was usually Pam so now that she’s out I had to find someone else Turns out that Stanley is quite the comedy fan But not everything makes him laugh, he has very specific tastes Through a painstaking process of trial and error I found out what he likes And it’s really weird. Jim come on so juvenile. What the you’ve been meatballed Are you ready for some meatball This is not very clever, Jim I know Really Jim really Very funny Okay goodnight What’s the haul 32 meatballs good day That idiots been feeding us for a week. We’ll never have to buy meatballs again

100 thoughts on “You’ve Been Meatballed – The Office US

  1. The 1st shot should have told you! Dwight, the ever-ready wannabe warriror, cannot not notice the obvious meatball on his chair before sitting down. He did it on purpose.

  2. When Jim retires and has no money.

    Jim's child: Dad, what happened to all your savings?
    Jim: flashback to all the money spent picking on dwight I uhh, spent it.

  3. All this makes me wonder if Stanley genuinely found it funny. Because that would make it even better; getting a laugh while also earning meatballs

  4. “We’ll never have to buy meatballs again!”

    Why would you buy meatballs in the first place? You make them out of leftover bits of beef/pork/breading/etc. after everything that can be considered a worthwhile steak, cut, rib, or round has been used for better purposes……

  5. I like thay jom probably never knows about it but it wpild also be funny to see his face at yhe window seeing stanley and dwight and realised what was going on

  6. Honestly couldn’t tell who’s coming out on top here. I personally wouldn’t be crazy about eating a meatball I sat on.

  7. It’s nice seeing Dwight own a situation….. Jim can sometimes be a slacking, immature, time wasting bully who just wants attention and wants other people to laugh at the misery he causes Dwight….. funny yes but not cool sometimes.

    Team Dwight all the way on this one! Whose with me?

  8. I just love it when Jim gets back-fucked by Dwight! Not that I don't love the pranks on Dwight, but those rare moments where Jim gets outwited are just plain gold.

  9. When Dwight gets Jim, it’s like watching Tom and Jerry. Jerry always gets Tom but sometime Tom gets Jerry and it is way more hilarious.

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