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YUGIOH Pokemon Team – Pokemon Showdown Funny

Really? Perfect victory? With Exodia? Here we go! Hey guys, my name is Rodrigo and welcome to GeekUp! So today we’re gonna play again Pokemon showdown but with Yu-Gi-Oh team I was thinking about doing a super, you know overpowered team because it’s easy they have a lot of huge monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh but I ended up choosing Yugi’s team and this is gonna be awful! Awfully painful Jesus… so I will show the team to you guys… why we are into the game already? Its anything goes… Pokemon showdown Yugi’s team, let’s start this if you want I will post everything like including the specs of the team Just paste it in in the team builder of Pokemon showdown and *PLA* you can play alright Here we go. I don’t even know how to start Yes, so Exodia is Regigigas because it makes a lot of sense because like we have to kind of build up this stuff Collecting parts by parts. It’s not exactly parts, but we have to you know Like to stay with him for I think four, five rounds. I don’t know, till he actually becomes a Pokemon of course this Effect spore, it’s literally the most annoying thing I could ever think about Can I use toxic spikes? Oh, thanks Oh magic balls, right? I hate everything! That was awful, okay. You know what? What do you guys think? do you think he’s gonna run away? I think so… he didn’t 🙁 Okay, at least he knows that he can’t run away All right. All right It’s it was the worst revenge attempt that I ever had and here we go again vileplume Best Pokemon I think he’s gonna just change Pokemon, but since we don’t have many options here I did build I’m doing for Gaia The Fierce Knight This card. I don’t know. I just left because it was kind of crap card, but I just I’m going for a build of… yeah, like stab on him Just damaging, you know Not too many complications. Let’s… *PLOTEC* panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking Panicking panicking panicking panicking panicking. Did I did okay. Okay, let’s do it. Oh… That was bad He hit me first, oh Jesus Christ There he goes. He was one of my solution here. You know what? it’s time guys. Let’s do it I hate using this Pokemon so much. I just died because of the poison and it was my own poison Jesus all right The first battle came in the worst way. Maybe he’s gonna change posuuuu… It’s too late to apologize Okay, it’s fairy… that’s something… yes, I can do it don’t paralyze yeah, okay. Thanks. I forgot about that It’s okay All right, I think I can do it If i kill him in one attack, I think I can win Except from the Tauros, right but I don’t have any option. Let’s try What? Wha- Wha- Wha- … Why? she had a rocky helmet? WHAT THE F*** Sure, he’s gonna use the huge power strategy. Alright. Imma. Yeah, I already know Okay, berry and bla… bla… bla… ble… ble… Expected… it’s too much expected bitch. I think we can We can try to go for it. I mean this for damage is the problem but confuse ray and shockwave both of them Maybe can take care of him Focus, that’s good Lost focus… why my shockwave is doing that? what happened? Did I catch the wrong move? I want the move to paralyse… what? what is happening here? I’m confused. Okay, let’s go for the confusion one That’s kind of half horrible maybe we can do it… I will hope for the confusing percentage it’s 50%, right? I Survived already two rounds? I guess so… Two rounds and i need to survive how many? two more? three more? Okay, maybe luck is in our side this is a strategist it’s really helping you guys yes Come on… Just one more Okay, if I survive this attack this will really become Exodia That’s good, that’s good he needs to use debuff right? He’s gonna buff himself confuse… oh damn. okay. Okay. Yeah de-buff Did I get it? Yeah, that’s good. Come on. Come on. Come on. Yes! Guys. It’s time. It’s 690 damage. Alright, it’s alright… I will… WHAT THE HELL I cant stop… cant stop, it’s fun. Geez, why do I like to suffer so much? Okay. Okay last one. I promise Come on kuriboh let’s do We’re just better pass like this speed Let’s check. I usually I would go for the Exodia. So yeah, let’s try that’s right. Oh …That’s horrible Okay, my only hope is to make him kind of kill himself My fighting moves can’t… And it’s working! my Fighting moves can’t do anything to him, but he’s really hitting himself Jesus Christ guys, this is the time. This is the time nice. Let’s start it ended. I Think I can do it. I have two times the speed as well chansey, okay… that’s a normal pokémon. Does he? I will just confuse ray first… since I’m confused I will confuse her to… flamethrower. Yeah. I think he’s in panic Is this really a win? Wait, maybe I shouldn’t just straight up drain punch. I should farm a little damage, right? Yeah. Yeah, let’s yeah it was good idea Yes, slow start, oh my god Exodia actually won the battle. This is gonna be the thumbnail for this video. Oh, I forgot that he has confusion, too It’s not good Exodia I Have a thousand damage, I think I can recover everything, you know, I snapped out of confusion Its gg. It’s over Really? Perfect Victory? with Exodia? here we go against one, two, three, four legendaries Where did the confusion go? yeah yeah yes, that was Good question good question. Good. That’s it Exodia happend. Yeah, he’s just forfeited I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you subscribe to this channel Let’s have more videos about more animes here, suggest right now in the comments. This was a suggestion by Nyrest Thank you so much Nyrest for suggesting Yu-Gi-Oh’s deck. Please suggest any other anime. You can just say what you like about Anime I will manage to do it. There you go. Subscribe, like me and bye-bye! *Kiss* See you in a few days. See ya

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