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Z-ro Crack - Lonely

I used to be a sucker for love but I'm all right now ain't nothing talk to me it's you're poking over ice not used to be a one-woman man but I can't see myself with a wife now fuck trying to please a motherfucker that can't be please I'm living my life now taking time out to tell the Roses giving life one day at a time an ungrateful bitch to make a brother you know weep I was about to lose my mind silly me I was looking forever the bitch was thinking about right now chair but I never been a trick bitch by the line you can't get shit bitch cheating my baby mama tripping bitch go ahead and follow me I really don't give a fuck just as long as my child know me supposed to do but I know we need to be closer to you damn right I've been sippin I'm a Princeton but I ain't even like a Christian my time with it like women waiting like every time I'm in prison no women forth against me shall prosper keep going to make it a popular my grandmother told me the pillows don't love your bag but so I never took one of my ribs or maybe a woman I'm a concentrate on my stay I feel we got me still singing I hate you these hoes woman's push but they know 80 just get rusty got no time to play no games I'll be damned if I make another beast drive me insane why should I stress myself what I know I need to be alone what have you done for me lately then why got the right to go through my falling too many years I paid the price but my day don't you think it a goddamn dime from me man I'm the man I'm the boss I'm the brother that cage the calls are fitted to kill for damn about Joseph if you're not don't get out what the book is afraid everybody I see is 14 baby and I'm a road and standard a bird I've been calling shots the toughest key and baby what I feel like kicking I'm a rapper on another field around my team even though I got a lifetime supply baggy hitch head problems for my niggas a prince of a million dollar player this hard carry my every Rod's I feel we got me still singing I hate you I don't wanna die percent of these hoes just booklet zero tryna get me a woman's touch but they know eight you just can't Rusty's got no time to play no games I'll be damned if I let another beast drive me insane

37 thoughts on “Z-ro Crack – Lonely

  1. You can give some women the sun ,moon and stars and she gone ask for fucking Mars..Bitch gtfoh!!!

  2. Z-ro laid the fucking law down on this bitch !!! 2019 still banging !!!! I played this bitch on repeat with my wife in the car..

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