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100 thoughts on “Zoe Special Interactions

  1. She looks like a twelve year old..
    She sounds like twelve year old..
    She acts like one..
    But she is over thousand years old..

    Yea this is pretty much the way anime industry saves theirselves by calling lolis hundred year olds.

  2. Has interactions only to Ezreal, Lux and Targornians
    Addictionally deeply loves Ezreal

    Let's ship her with Kayn (who also doesn't have any single interaction with Zoe)

  3. Zoe: Oh, i'm lux and all the boys like me… HOW YOU LIKE DEM SPARKLESSSSS?!!!?!

    She sounds like my friend when approaching her crush…..


  4. 3:49
    Stoned af becuz Everytime he enters the summoner's rift he gets totaly helpless When mele midlaners engage


  5. Zoe: *Fangirls over Ezreal* *mooning over Ezreal*
    Also Zoe: *completely unaware of the fact that she's the one who killed Ezreal*

    I may or may not be salty cause I ship Luxreal

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